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Why have a blog on your site? – Allows You to Showcase Yourself

ʺWhy have a blog on your site? – Allows You to Showcase Yourselfʺ

“Expanding on the previous ideas of using your blog on your website to really expand your business and provide a showcase of your skills and abilities”


Welcome back to the blog and after another hectic day of writing and trivia hosting, I am coming back to a popular issue on this blog…..and that is blogging itself. We spoke a few days ago about the importance of having a blog on your site, and indeed we have spoke of the importance of your internet presence full stop, but we emphasized a blog on your site can be a really huge addition to your range and make sure you get noticed in the competitive world of trivia hosting.


Now, the issue that I really want to expand on is the idea of how you can use a blog to showcase yourself, so sit tight get the pen ready and ensure you are getting that blog in line with what we are saying….


What I am going to do is throw together a few loosely connected themed under the various headings, so hopefully there will be something in there for everyone reading J


Why have a blog on your site? – Allows You to Showcase Yourself – Let your personality shine

Blogs in my view should not be too professional or too business like. If your blog reads as an extended sales pitch and just loads of content trying to get people to buy things it will have the opposite affect and people will switch off in their droves. If you play it right and make your blogs personal, funny and written as if they are from a friend then you will see the effect. That way you can sell things to people without them knowing if you so wish.


Why have a blog on your site? – Allows You to Showcase Yourself – Examples – Give people something to read for free!

The other benefit of the blog that it will create a good impression of you as you are giving people something for free essentially. Reading this blog doesn’t cost you money but gives you, hopefully, good content, on a daily basis at no cost (and hopefully you use the tips to make money). Hence if you do the same and give people something to read for free that’s regular and interesting then you are already giving your services and your business a good name. A little bit of effort is required of course but it is certainly worth it when you think of the long run!


Why have a blog on your site? – Allows You to Showcase Yourself – Examples

One thing that the blog is good for is it lets you really showcase trivia questions and examples of your work. It is the perfect medium for updating your quizzes. I am not saying upload every single quiz you ever do on the site for free but what you can do is add say one per week, a little feedback on the winning sores etc and encouraging people to come and play for real next week. I always cheat a little and make the uploaded quiz a little easier so people will see the winning score and think they have a chance. Sneaky but it works….


If you are one of those people who prefer to protect their work and make sure its not out there in the domain you probably wont like this idea but if you are sensible about it the little time it will take to copy an paste your quizzes will reap rewards.


Why have a blog on your site? – Allows You to Showcase Yourself – Videos

Blogging is a diverse and developing medium and don’t get yourself in the frame of mind that blogging has to just be about long articles and reems and reems of text, as it doesn’t. Videos are easily shot these days and easily updated. What kind of video should you have on your blog? Well, one good idea and one I have done before is to have my quiz filmed once every 6 months or so and have it on there as a showcase. I make sure I do this and make sure my film is me at my best.

I also film testimonials from my customers and add them on a regular basis in addition to little videos of my own where it is just me talking about trivia issues and encouraging people to come.

I also have more business related “promotional” videos in which its more text and information than anything else which is aimed at attracting business.

All in all, videos can be used in whatever way you like them but the odd video here and there on the blog will certainly make sure your readers come back and having your readers come back is what it is all about.



Hence, there we have it….another blog topic on here on the subject of blogging. Yes I can see how the very existence of such a thing may make the world implode but in truth, the very reason we do a blog here is because we know they are successful. Its to help you and its also to attract readers to the site. That is what you should be doing!

Key points –

  • Keep it updated and regular
  • Keep it professional
  • Always bear in mind the purpose
  • Don’t give up on it


Thanks for reading and as you can see the blog posts are coming thick and fast now with plenty to read each day. However you consume the blog, whether it be every single day or whether you decide to binge read at the end of the week you are always welcome and we are always grateful to have comments and feedback. Keep the suggestions coming and until next time….happy trivia hosting! (In a slight change to plans it will be the next blog that looks at the TV/Film questions and how to use them in your quiz to add variety!)

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