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Bible Trivia – Hints, tips and advice

“A range of hints, tips and ideas on how to tap into the lucrative world of Bible Trivia Quizzing and where and how to use it”


Welcome back to the blog. As we approach the end of another week I hope it has been a good one for you and plenty of trivia hosting has taken place. The blog has been updated several times this week with posts covering a range of key areas so make sure if you get time over the weekend to have a little flick back over the pages and see what we have came up with for your information.


Today though I am going to look at something that on the surface seems a little more specialist but on the whole is a profitable area, and one in which work is easy to come by and that is Bible Trivia. For those of you outside of the US, this may seem like a strange area and indeed it was for me when I was first getting into trivia writing. I had no idea just how big the market was the potential to make large sums of profit. So I am going to guide you through some basics and hopefully get you thinking about launching yourself into this profitable area.



Bible Trivia game for fundraiser


Bible Trivia – Hints, tips and advice – The Market

Firstly, to back up my point…go and type the words Bible Trivia into Google, YouTube or any app store and you will see the huge range of products and the huge market available for this line of work. The possibilities are endless….but what you will looking at as a host is the events. If you see bible trivia on Youtube there are dedicated contests, trivia nights and events all focused on Bible Trivia and you want to be trying to get in on this action.





Bible Trivia – Hints, tips and advice – Where to do it?

As I said above, the first thing you really need to do is find out who organizes these large Bible Trivia events that happen regularly and inquire about the setting and whether they can use your services as a trivia host. I wouldn’t go as far as saying organize your own event just yet but that’s also a future option. However, talk with your church administrator that you regularly go to and see if there is room for a public fundraising effort, or youth class you can be involved in. There are also several Bible Camps who hire in outside entertainers to keep the kids entertained and to do fundraisers.  There are vast amounts of Church and Sunday Schools who have cash set aside to hire people for such events. Bible quiz game shows are a huge business and anything related to the Church will be keen to hear from you.




Bible Trivia – Hints, tips and advice – Making it unique

This section could apply to any sort of trivia but especially so in Bible Trivia as it is just as competitive and you need to make things stand out. If a summer camp, for example, is hiring you to entertain the kids one night then they aren’t going to be happy shelling out money if all that you are going to do is stand there and get the kids to write answers. You need to use everything I have told you on this blog from the variety of questions to the glitz and glamour all the way down to the quality of the questions. But more importantly, I would suggest a good initial investment in technology. If you are looking for bible quizzing equipment or already have items from DigiGames like the Gameshow systems then great.  These products can easily be adapted and added to your Bible Trivia sales pitch.  But if you haven’t, then maybe look into it. A nice big display screen, banners and all sorts of technology based bible quiz software games (including key pads) is going to go down very well with the audience you have.


Bible Trivia – Hints, tips and advice – Hiring an expert

The final major point I want to make is based on the quality of the questions and the simple fact is that when composing Bible Trivia you need to be ensuring that the quality is high. If a summer camp of church school hires you for big money and you come in and present a set of bible trivia that is basically just bog standard questions, factually incorrect or just plain dull then you will only find one thing happening… more gigs. This is a very tricky area especially since different religions have different views on certain matters.  Going from novice to Bible Trivia expert in a few weeks is very difficult…it takes time to get the skill to write Bible Trivia so I would also suggest that what you need to be doing is do some research first, or even hire somebody in to help you out. You can pick up questions, good quality questions too, for cheap online so hunt down a good reliable trivia source so that it saves you the hassle and pressure of coming up with something yourself.

The key to remember is to use questions that are not variables based on the religion.  For example, if you ask “What happens when we die?” then you are putting yourself in a world of hurt, because different religions have different interpretation of the scriptures.  However, if you ask, “What was the name of Adam’s wife?” then all religions (Christian) will know that the answer is “Eve”.  You get the point.  Stick to questions like that.  DigiGames can help you in this regard so don’t be afraid to ask them.


Bible Trivia – Hints, tips and advice – Why donate your time

Ok, right…….what is that word?  Donate?  That is a word that trivia hosts cringe to hear.  Likely you get called from many organizations asking for donated entertainment services.  I am certainly not suggesting that you do this.  It is almost NEVER that a donation of your time results in some kind of profit for you at a future time.  Donating your time to retirement homes has its own rewards, and entertainers who do this will tell you that it is the best part of their business operation, even though no money is exchanged.  Now, when it comes to donating your time towards a religious institution, like a church, I would highly recommend that this donation of time be restricted to the church you already attend.  This, I have found, is where the only chance for a return on investment can take place.  How so?  The people attending your same church already know you.  Then they see you perform your trivia skills for some youth training situation or fundraiser.  Those people who already know you are now impressed.  They tell their boss about your awesome service and before you know it you are doing their company annual party for $1,500.  Would you say that was worth your donated time?  For sure it was!


So there we have it….not a subject I imagine many of you were thinking about when you logged into the blog today but I would guess that you are now stroking your chin imagining the possibilities, mainly financial, of investing time in this area. Like I said above, this is more than a normal quiz and you have to assess whether you have the time that this demanding area would require. But if you want to add an extra string to your bow and really enter a new world, then this may be the best place to look!


Thanks for reading today and as I said, probably not the blog you were expecting. Bible Trivia is big business. Thanks for the continued feedback and suggestions and many of the subjects coming up on trivia in the next few weeks are based around ideas we have gained from your feedback and posts. Coming up in the next few days I am going to look at jazzing up your TV and film round and making sure its unique as well as taking a look at how to put together a promotional video and what to include in it. We are here for your advice, help and to make sure your trivia business is as strong as it can be so until next time….happy trivia hosting.

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