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Trivia Props Accessories

Trivia Props Accessories


We pride ourselves in offering high quality game show products and equipment, and we provide products that perfectly match the look and feel of the same game show equipment used by the professionals, capturing the magic and charm of TV’s greatest game shows!  Creating that professional game show presentation can be easily achieved with the proper trivia props accessories.

Game show system

Every seasoned game show host will tell you that it takes a lot of equipment to get the job done properly. In order to create a memorable, fun filled night, it takes commitment and dedication to even the smallest details, which is why a TV game show usually has an extensive crew. With our smart and innovative products, many functions can be controlled by a much smaller crew, or even one person.


Simply put, we have the knowledge, experience and skill to provide the same services and features seen on TV game shows, all while offering a great price and solid product design. The products we offer streamline many of the long and difficult processes that go along with hosting a game show, and all of our products are easy to use right out of the box, quickly transforming any venue into a well polished event that’s sure to turn heads.


Our game show props are meant to go with our primary equipment and products, which are sturdy, stylish and dependable. As such, our game show props meet the same high quality standard and elegant design, and they’ve been developed with ease of use in mind, working flawlessly with our systems and products. No compatibility issues, no fuss, just instant game show action!


The V-Station Removable Base is one of our most exciting and eye-catching products. These bases are used with our tabletop V-Stations, transforming a simple screen into a full on podium for contestants, just like on TV! Better yet, these stands match the color of the V-station, creating an immersive and professional atmosphere. These lightweight cubes are filled with powerful LED lights, creating a long lasting appeal that begs to be seen!


Any professional host needs a professional host podium, and we offer two excellent podiums that’ll help any host take their presentation to the next level. Our standard host podium, which houses a dedicated game show laptop, comes in an impressive black finish, complete with an illuminated front panel in your choice of color or colors. Our touchscreen podium is a sight to behold. Illuminated in your choice of color or colors, this podium has a versatile and timeless look, ensuring that it will be a perfect fit for any game show event!


Our jumbo wireless buzzers are an excellent choice for game developers and events that don’t require the use of a detailed pad or buzzer. These jumbo buttons are affordable, durable and available in a variety of colors. With a software included, these jumbo push buttons retain all the visual flair of our more sophisticated pads and buzzers, creating an engrossing, satisfying experience for the contestant!


Our Audience Response Keypads are innovative devices that allow an entire audience to participate in all the game show fun of TV! Many of the systems we offer allow one person to answer at any given point, but Trivia Pads allow an entire audience to answer, getting everyone involved in the fun and excitement of live game shows. This is a trivia game that everyone can play and enjoy, ensuring that no member of your audience feels disengaged with the action. Win or lose, everyone will contribute, and everyone can get points from every single question! What’s better than making everyone feel like a winner? That’s the advantage of DigiGames audience response keypads.



Our USB game cartridge is a popular choice for people who wish to host game shows as quickly as possible. This cartridge allows our games to run on nearly any Windows computer, which can help breathe life into older, previously useless computers that are gathering dust. This cartridge is a simple and easy way to carry our entire library right in your pocket, and the versatility can help any host make quick, on the spot technical adjustments that can keep the game going and get the contestants back on track!


Our computer controlled host remote can be a big aid to any host looking to stretch their legs. Being stuck behind a computer all night can make it difficult to fully engage the audience and contestants. With this wireless remote, you’ll be able to walk up to your contestants and audience, up to 500 feet from the system. Don’t be afraid to get out there and host!

Lighting-Controller-Computer Controlled

Our wireless lighting automation centers are sophisticated machines that capture an essential aspect of the presentation of game shows, the spotlight! We offer custom built lighting centers that can handle anywhere from two to eighty spotlights. These machines activate the spotlight of any player that buzzes in, working hand in hand with our buzzers and systems to draw all the attention in the room to the contestant that has the floor!

10 Wireless Game Show Trivia

Protect your valuable buzzers with our carrying cases.  Our cases are sleek and durable, ensuring that our products stay protected and pristine, even on the long journey between venues. Our padded cases can hold five, ten, and twenty player systems and are an excellent value at a competitive price. Internal cushion, rounded corners and weather resistance make this case easy to use, effective and stylish, matching our colorful and lively products perfectly!


We also offer preloaded laptops at a competitive price. These laptops are rebuilt with gaming in mind, meaning this is a dedicated game machine that won’t bog down. These laptops are only used for games, which come preloaded and ready to play. Since these machines have no system requirements to juggle and no messy compatibility issues, it’s never been easier to boot up and get the game going!


We carry nearly any game show accessory, from fancy podiums to simple buzzers. Our products are expertly designed and created to be as easy to use, effective and visually impressive as possible. Our accessories can be the difference between a decent outing and a magical event, and we work hard to ensure that every accessory, no matter how big or small, meets the same standard of reliability that our advanced buzzers and systems have been known for.


Why limit the power of your game show? Make the professional choice and try our accessories today. Your contestants won’t be disappointed!