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Choosing the right trivia wireless buzzer product

Choosing the Right Wireless Buzzer Product “Technology is essential to your trivia business and here we present a rough guide on how to choose equipment that will ease, and not hinder, your hosting experience”   Welcome back to the DigiGames blog. I hope you are having a good week and are enjoying the new range

Buzztime Home Trivia System

Game console 750 Trivia Concerns 2 wireless game controllers Plugs correct into your Television The Buzztime Home Trivia Method brings the excitement of the classic restaurant game directly into your living room. Regardless of whether you are playing with friends or going solo against the clock, the trivia action by no means stops. Do not

Wireless Controller for Home Trivia System, ORANGE by Buzztime

THIS Item IS YELLOW AND NOT ORANGE LIKE THE INCORRECT DESCRIPTION STATES. Expand your NTN Buzztime Residence Trivia Program with an added yellow wireless controller from Buzztime. The method supports up to eight total controllers, so you can get six a lot more for all your pals to play. For ages 10 years and up.

Buzztime Home Trivia System Wireless Controller in Pink

Buzztime House Trivia Program Wireless Controller Pink 8+ Buzztime House Trivia Method Wireless Controller in Pink goes with Buzztime Residence Trivia System for ages eight and up.

Buzztime Home Trivia System Wireless Controller in Purple

Buzztime Residence Trivia Method Wireless Controller in Purple …