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Example of a Quiz Format – UK

For the last few weeks I have had several requests from readers for me to show them a quiz format I use. I talk about little subjects all the time and little odds-and-ends but I thought, and the readers clearly think, its a good idea to make sure that they can see a full format of a quiz style. This will be good for new and experienced trivia hosts as they can see how a quiz is put together. I have added some notes to explain little bits. I personally used this quiz at a busy city center bar on a Thursday evening…..

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Artist/Track (I kick off the quiz with 5 pieces of music, range of decades, artists and track needed for one point each)







Pop Music


  1. The Miracles was the backing group for which famous singer?


Smokey Robinson


  1. A Head Full Of Dreams is a current UK album at No.5 in the UK album charts for which British band?




  1. Vocalist, guitarist and harmonica player Guy Garvey is with which group?




  1. On 11th January 1986 Dire Straits reached No.2 in the UK singles charts with which track?


Walk Of Life


  1. The French-Canadian vocalist Celine Dion has had two UK No.1 hit singles; My Heart Will Go On was one of them, name the other?


Think Twice




  1. Which English sportswear manufacturer supplied the kits worn by the England football team when they won the 1966 World Cup?




  1. All of the five Irish classic horse races are staged at which race course?


The Curragh



  1. Which county cricket side has three swords on their team badge?




  1. Who was the only Swede to win the men’s singles tennis title at Wimbledon in the 1990’s?


Stefan Edberg


  1. Which piece of sporting equipment has to have black and red surfaces?


Table tennis bats


TV & Cinema


  1. Actors Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston currently star in which BBC television drama series based on a book by the author John Le Carre, on Sunday evenings at 9pm?


The Night Manager


  1. Currently showing in UK cinemas, which 2016 film begins with the assassination of Justin Bieber?


Zoolander 2


  1. On January 22nd 2016, it was announced that Chris Chibnall would become the full-time show runner of which long-running television programme? His first series will air in Spring 2018.


Doctor Who


  1. What type of creature is the character Indiana Jones particularly afraid of?




  1. Which actor on television played Bernard Woolley in Yes Minister and Oscar Blaketon in Heartbeat?


Derek Fowlds


  1. In March 2015, it was confirmed that director Rian Johnson would write and direct which movie in a famous franchise, to be released in December 2017?


Star Wars: Episode VIII




  1. In 2011, producer Brian True-May was suspended by his production company after saying the reason for what television crime drama series not having any non-white characters was because it was a “bastion of Englishness”?


Midsomer Murders


  1. Which 2004 film, starred Dennis Quaid as Jack Hall, Jake Gyllenhaal as Sam Hall and Emmy Rossum as Laura Chapman?


Day After Tomorrow


  1. On television, which steam train operated on the railway line for the Merioneth and Llantissily Rail Traction Company?


Ivor The Engine


  1. Name the character played by Joe Pesci in the Lethal Weapon films?


Leo Getz


Pot Luck


  1. According to Greek and Roman mythology, which creature can only be tamed by a virgin?




  • Which river flows from northern Moscow to the Caspian Sea?



River Volga


  1. L’Air du Temps, Farouche and Caprice are all fragrances from which perfume house?


Nina Ricci


  1. In which English county is Henley, of regatta fame?




  1. By what name is a herring that has been split, salted and smoked commonly known?




  1. Which of the following fast food chains sells Pepsi rather than Coca-Cola; McDonalds, Burger King or KFC?




  1. According to legend, which liqueur was named after a maid who helped a young Spanish girl flee war in Jamaica and saved a small jewelry box containing a manuscript with the liqueurs recipe?


Tia Maria


  1. In 2013, which 77-year-old released her autobiography, called Recipe For Life?


Mary Berry


  1. What type of nut would you find in the middle of a Ferrero Rocher chocolate?




  1. ‘Moon starer’ is an apt anagram for what 10 – letter word?






  1. Which 1988 American comedy-drama film the story of an abrasive and selfish yuppie, Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise), who discovers that his estranged father has died and bequeathed all of his multimillion-dollar estate to his other son, Raymond (Dustin Hoffman), an autistic savant, of whose existence Charlie was unaware?


Rain Man


  1. In the medical world, what does DVT stand for?


Deep Vein Thrombosis


  1. Which Scottish football team play home matches at Tynecastle?


Heart of Midlothian


  1. In a popular children’s story published by Ladybird, what type of vegetable was “enormous”?




  1. The connection is “Purple”; Purple Rain, Deep Purple, Purple Heart and Purple Turnip



Current Affairs


  1. Which popular High Street chain is to close three of its 12 bakeries in the UK, including one in Scotland?


Greggs – the closures in Edinburgh, Twickenham in London and Sleaford in Lincolnshire are likely to lead to the loss of 355 jobs


  1. A radar survey into whose grave and an excavation his house are among research projects marking the 400th anniversary of their death?


William Shakespeare – Shakespeare’s grave in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford upon Avon has never been excavated, but a scan has been carried out to search below ground


  1. Beijing has just overtaken New York as the city with most – what; billionaires, burger bars or high-rise buildings?


Beijing has overtaken New York as the city with the highest number of billionaires for the first time, according to a new report by China-based firm Hurun. A total of 100 billionaires are now living in the Chinese capital, compared with 95 in New York


  1. Which former Labour leader has issued a stark warning to Jeremy Corbyn that if he continues to oppose the renewal of the Trident missile system, Labour will lose the next election?


Neil Kinnock


  1. Which 91-year-old Hollywood star of Airplane!, as well as the Naked Gun movies, passed away recently?


George Kennedy


  1. A jihadist group in the Middle East has ridiculed their rivals in Islamic State by claiming that they fake their battle propaganda videos – with which drink standing in for “martyrs’ blood”; Irn Bru, Vimto or Cherry Cola?


Vimto. The claims came from Hidayah Media, a group associated with al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The fizzy drink Vimto – which originated in the north of England – is a very popular drink in the Middle East


Wipeout Round


A         Which planet in the solar system has a mass which is 318 times that of the earth?







B         Hippocampus hippocampus is the scientific name for the short-snouted what, a species of small marine fish?


Sea Horse


C         Who is the current question master on Radio 4’s Brain of Britain?


Russell Davies


D         Cristina Kirchner has been the President of which South American country since 2007?




E          In which town in Greater Manchester did Harold Shipman practice as a GP before murdering at least 15 of his patients?




F          What cereal in 2014 changed its name to Honey Monsters?


Sugar Puffs


G         Martin Baker are the leading manufacturer of which aircraft and military safety device?


Ejector seats


H         Which French region produces Camembert cheese, Benedictine and Calvados?




I           Which country is bordered by Cambodia and Laos to the west and China to the north?




J           What is a 40th wedding anniversary called?















  1. Alastair Campbell
  2. Victoria Wood
  3. Nick Park
  4. Scarlett Johansson
  5. Michael Crawford
  6. Kylie Minogue
  7. Neil Young
  8. Olivia Newton-John
  9. Lamine Koné
  10. Audrey Hepburn


1st Tie:                         In what year was the movie actor Scott Wilson born?




2nd Tie:                       In what year was the baseball player Micky Mantle born?




3rd Tie:                        In what year was the singer and pop star Harry Styles born?





4th Tie:                       In what year was the flight of Mohammed from Mecca to Madina?


                                    622 AD


5th Tie:                        In what year was the famous US actor James Earl Jones born?




6th Tie:                        In what year was the sea-route to India discovered by Vasco-de-Gama?




7th Tie:                        In which year was the SS Great Britain launched?









Snowball Questions:


  • Fantasie released in 2009 was the fourth studio album by which Scottish violinist?



Nicola Benedetti


  • Which city has been selected to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games?





  • Which Earldom was common to Simon de Montfort and Robert Dudley, the favourite of Elizabeth I?





  • Of what is hagiology the study?





  • Which present day capital city was previously called Pressburg?




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