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Choosing the right trivia wireless buzzer product

Choosing the Right Wireless Buzzer Product

“Technology is essential to your trivia business and here we present a rough guide on how to choose equipment that will ease, and not hinder, your hosting experience”


Welcome back to the DigiGames blog. I hope you are having a good week and are enjoying the new range of topics we have been launching on the blog. Today we are heading back to a subject, or a wide theme, that we have touched on several times across the blog and went into some detail about……technology. We have stressed time and time again the need to ensure that as a trivia host, you are not left behind in the shuffle, and invest in technology. DigiGames has been around for over 16 years as a market leader in the trivia industry and it is well worth saying right from the off that there would be no wiser choice than investing in the DigiGames brand.

Choosing the best wireless buzzer products for your trivia shows may seem difficult. Which one is the best, most reliable, most popular, most fun, most profitable, most versatile and easiest to learn?


Choosing the Right Wireless Buzzer Product – Why Products are important

If you are a long term reader of the blog you will know how many times I have stressed this issue… is leading the market and if you continue down your route of pen and paper quizzes there is only one outcome….you will be left behind in the shuffle. If you haven’t already looked into technology and how it can aid you in trivia hosting you are already being left behind! Catch up now, invest in the trusted supplies from DigiGames and you will never look back.

Ask yourself these very important questions:

  • Do I want a system that does ‘fast finger’, ‘audience polling with multiple choice answers’ or both?
  • Do I want actual buzzers, keypads or do I want to use virtual buzzers, like with a cellphone.
  • Do I want small and affordable? or do I want a large gaming system with all the bells and whistles?
  • Where is my focus going to be?  Bar trivia, weddings, school events?
  • Do I want a stand-alone system (works independent of a computer), or computer controlled for use with software games?
  • If computer controlled is your desire, then which games do you envision using?  The options are many, like Jeopardy, Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and much more.  Or do you picture yourself doing a mix of games?
  • Do I want to use a tablet to control the wireless buzzers?
  • Do I want to invent my own game and have software that supports whatever game format I come up with?


Only DigiGames has solutions for all the above.  However, it is best you stop and think for a moment and have a clear vision in your mind of what you plan to do moving forward in this business of trivia.


Choosing the Right Wireless Buzzer Product – Choosing the right company to buy from

The first step in choosing the right products concerns the company you choose to buy it from. You need a reliable company, with a proven track record and help available if you need it. You get all this and more from DigiGames who have been leading the market for 16 years. You know that investing in DigiGames products will lead to customer satisfaction and with lifetime updates you will never get left behind!


Choosing the Right Wireless Buzzer Product – Trivia Game Systems

Now you are aware of the need to ensure you are using technology….the not so small matter of choosing the right product to use comes into play. One of the many products available from DigiGames are the trivia game system that replicate the kind of shows and formats you see on television and this has many benefits which we have discussed in various posts over the weeks on the blog! The customization options in any DigiGames product can enlighten you and provide inspiration for you to come up with the finest of games. There is really no limit to this as the options mean that whatever your trivia style, whatever it is that the audience in front of you that day want you will be able to provide!



Choosing the Right Wireless Buzzer Product – Buzzers

Adding a buzzer to your quiz is one option you should consider, whether it be the standard buzzers such as the Trivia Pads (click picture above) or the more advanced bar trivia game systems adding a buzzer will increase excitement, add professionalism and create a unique feel to your quiz. But what you need is reliable and trustworthy products that are easy to set up and run. DigiGames are the company to trust when it comes to this!




Choosing the Right Product – Cell Phone Trivia

Or how about taking advantage of the growing market for cell phone trivia….this is where the cell phone acts as the trivia and customers use this to answer questions. The software available from DigiGames is easy to install, simple to use and will provide the reliability you are looking for. There is nothing worse than attending a cell phone quiz in which everything keeps crashing and the software breaks down, with DigiGames you are not going to have that problem and you will find yourself impressed the ease, simplicity and enjoyment that comes with these device.  Click the image above to read more about DigiGames QandAtime.


Choosing the Right Product – Representational Devices

In addition to using a trusted supplier to ensure you have the finest devices in terms of buzzers and other such items, then may want to browse what can be offered in terms of devices to really boost the presentation of your quiz. Ensure that you are looking good and that the quiz looks great in terms of banners, signs and lighting. Technology and products is not just all about buzzers and other such devices, it can also be about the little things and these little things can really make a difference between success and failure.  Be sure to read this article about trivia prop accessories.  bout


So there we have it… can see that there is a lot more thought needs to be put into investing in your trivia product than you previously will have imagined. The initial decision to invest in wireless buzzer technology products is a no-brainer, the market and the customer base demands it. If you don’t invest you will be left behind and watch as your trivia hosting rivals increase their business and profits ten-fold whilst you still remain very much at the start line!


The best thing for you to do know is take a few moments to browse through the DigiGames website, take a look at the catalog and the items available and start making a list of what you desire. The best thing to do is just jump straight in there, as mentioned the products are easy to use, simple to play and user friendly and with the support available on hand from DigiGames then you would be best served to get the site in use. And there is always of course the help and advice available for this blog….



That is all for today and I hope you enjoyed the blog. If you are still in the dark ages and have not yet took the plunge and went all in with the technology then there is no time like the present. We will be back tomorrow with more updates, posts, hints, tips and guides on the wide world of trivia. Until next time, happy trivia hosting….