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Topics for Trivia – Making the Music Round Better with Name That Tune

Topics for Trivia – Making the Music Round Better  with Name That Tune


“Tips, hints and ideas on making the Music Round Better to keep places interested and ensure your quiz doesn’t get stale”



Welcome back to the blog and thanks for the continued kind comments and suggestions for topics. As we face the start of another week I have a great series of ideas and blogs planned for you this week so make sure to keep on reading.


Today, I am going to embark on the second post of my series of how you can take standard quiz rounds and give you ideas on how to spice them up to make them more enjoyable. Sticking to the same format, in the same style, every single week will only result in your players becoming bored. You need to keep them on the edge of their toes, not knowing what is coming next and the best quizzes, and the most attended quizzes, are always those which have the most variety.


The problem with the music round is it easily becomes stale if all you do is pick at least ten different songs every week and get your players to identify the artists and track titles. It will soon become dull and won’t hold an interest for players who don’t’ excel at this. What you, as a trivia host paid to entertain, must do is find that balance that keeps everyone happy. I am today going to give you a few ideas on how to make your music round better….


Topics for Trivia – Making the Music Round Better – Give them an option!


If all you are going to do is play ten random songs and you are determined to stick to this, then try my idea here. The one problem with music rounds is pleasing all the players. When you have a wide range of players and age ranges in your audience then what you need to be doing is reflecting that in the music round. One idea I have used is to have two separate rounds…..One round you play 10 songs from say 1985 to present, and then 10 songs from pre 1985. The players can play each round but only the highest score counts….works well.



Topics for Trivia – Making the Music Round Better – Intros


You can easily download intro only pieces without vocals from online sites. It just adds some variety and mixes things up rather than just having the normal song.  There are many songs identifiable by just the first few notes in the song.  These are great song intros to utilize.



Topics for Trivia – Making the Music Round Better – Backwards Songs


You can download some nifty apps from online stores that will actually reverse your songs. To do this you need a good clear speaker system in your trivia venue and have the ability for all the hear (so no Sports on TV or rowdy crowds). I wouldn’t do every single song backwards but one or two a week will mix things up.

Now then, let us look at something else. Why not ditch the audio aspect altogether? Or perhaps vary it up so that perhaps only 1 in 4 or so of your music rounds are based on an audio round. I tend to do something similar in a quiz I have where Week 1 is audio and then following this Weeks 2,3 and 4 are some of the variations listed below….



Topics for Trivia – Making the Music Round Better – Alternatives to straight up Audio


Just to make it clear what I am talking about here are alternatives to straight up “guess the artists and guess the track rounds” –


Featured Artist Round – Every 4th Week I pick a popular artists, someone people will know at least a few songs by, and then play ten songs by that artist. All the players have to do is guess the title. Bit of a mix and I you play it right it will open up the enjoyment to players who may be fans of that band. It also creates the anticipation of “which artist is next”.


Guess the Year – I also dod a Guess the Year round where I will play a song that has been number 1. The players simply have to guess the year it was out. Because this can get a little repetitive what I usually do is select only five of these on the round and then have 5 different ideas to make up the round.


Lyrics Round – There are two ways a few ways to this. One way is to read out some lyrics and get players to identify the artist and/or song. This can work in a few ways and can even be worked as a table quiz where you give them printed lyrics (maybe instead of a picture round?). it can also be a case of playing the song and stopping it and asking the players to identify what comes next….this really works.



There are literally dozens of other ways in which you can spice up the music round and I am sure you all have your own ideas that have been tried and tested so please continue to share you thoughts. The music round is something that people will enjoy but they will enjoy more if you can really jazz it up and make it as effective as it can be. The variety will keep people coming back and keep people not wanting to miss out on the new ideas.


Thanks for reading today and I hope you are enjoying this series of posts on topics for trivia and ideas on how to jazz them up. I am going to look in the next week at a few more areas including making the picture round as good as it can be, giving advice on how to compose a sports round that people will really like and general hints and tips on formats as well as the usual array of posts on all maters of trivia hosting. Until next time then, happy trivia hosting and I look forward to hearing from you.


Keep your eye on the blog all week for another flurry of updates!


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