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Jeopardy Buzzers for 10 Players

  Jeopardy Buzzers for 10 Players Each and every lockout wireless cordless buzzer operates with our computer software games (Software GAMES Included!). First contestant who rings in locks out the other contestants. The Trivia Cubes light up to provide identification of who buzzed in 1st…..1,000 feet away! Trivia Cubes are multi-colored and have fantastic visual

Learning Resources Recordable Answer Buzzers Set of 4

Record up to 7 seconds per buzzer Wonderful for the whole class or for engagement in tiny groups Includes 4 recordable buzzers in different colors and Activity Guide Calls for two AAA batteries, not integrated. Grades PreK+/Ages 3+ Come up with your personal entertaining buzzer sounds! Record silly messages, words, sounds or music-the possibilities are

Learning Resources Answer Buzzers Classpack

Get students actively engaged as you assess them! “Game show buzzers” turn any lesson into a game and liven up student response! Set of 12 in four different colors and entertaining sounds-horn honk, boxing bell, doorbell and boing! Get students actively engaged as you assess them! “Game show buzzers” turn any lesson into a game

Remote Possibilities Game

This Remote Possibilities Game is like getting a game show in your own residence, buzzers and all. The ‘host’ asks inquiries from a single of three categories (general knowledge, total the phrase and complete the word). The ‘contestants’ press on their individual wireless remote buzzer. If they don’t know the answer, ‘contestants’ can zap other

Learning Resources Lights and Sounds Buzzers

Great for encouraging participation in any game or group activity Sounds mimic true-globe objects which include a siren, a game-show buzzer, a laser and a “charge” sound Set of 4 light-up buzzers (red, blue, green, and orange) Increase student response for the duration of any class activity or game! Sounds mimic true-planet objects—a siren, a