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Graduation Parties Trivia

Graduation Parties Trivia

“A range of ideas, suggestions, stories and information on producing trivia for graduation parties to entertain and make a memorable night”

Welcome back to the blog and I hope your weekend has started well. We have another busy weekend planned on the blog so whether you are spending time catching up on all the recent posts or you are eagerly awaiting this latest installment then we thank you for reading.


As you will have gathered by now, we have a string of themes going through the blog ranging for question ideas, business related posts, posts on advertising etc and one of those ongoing themes is looking into fresh areas to conduct trivia and different ways in which you can use the equipment and resources you have, as well as your experience and knowledge, to make extra money and really expand your repertoire.


We have looked prior to this thread at things like bridal trivia and birthday bashes but today we are going to look at a growing market that is concerned with Graduation parties. Now, this is something that probably has you scratching your chin and in all honesty you may only get 1-2 of these a year, as it’s a very narrow time frame you have to get bookings, but in terms of the income they earn it is well worth considering.


Graduation Parties Trivia – Its not all about you….its their night

If you manage to secure a booking for a Graduation night, and believe me this is the hardest part (get onto those schools, pester them for leaflets, target local message boards and keep your eyes open) then the one thing you have to bear in mind is that the night is about them. It is not a night for you to show off, crack jokes and produce some basic trivia contest, or a night for you to phone in a performance.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasions for the people involved so when planning it the emphasis as to be on fun and involvement. Get them up on stage, introduce rounds that have dance offs as tiebreakers, has plenty of interaction….they don’t just want to sitting at their desks writing…they have enough of that at school!

Your questions should only (or at least MOSTLY) be about the graduate.  Get details about the graduate from their Facebook page.  You should be able to get at least 50 questions from their page in a short amount of time.  Mostly everything is their – their likes, dislikes, favorite things, places they travel to, pets, academic/school accomplishments, relationships, school sports involvement, admired songs/bands, and so much more.  If they don’t have a social media account, or their isn’t much info contained on their page then just ask them questions.  Find out about their live.  Interview them.  You can gain a lot of knowledge about them in a 15 minute discussion.  That’s gold for you!  That’s information you can formulate into fun trivia questions that will keep the graduate and all attendees involved.


Graduation Parties Trivia – Get that serious hat off, time for fun

Other prime considerations to make when you are carrying out and planning your graduation party trivia is:

  • You need to take of your serious approach, forget this is a quiz at all and produce an interactive, fun and technology driven night. Get your hands on as much technology as you can from screens to banners to lights and get as many game show systems and unique concepts as possible.
  • The less time you are asking trivia questions the better.
  • Get a stage set up with lights and have plenty of time for the people to mingle. The first time I did I was mainly a DJ (see below) with trivia games every 30 minutes with prizes to win.
  • It might just be one question, or a random draw and someone plays Millionaire but the last thing people want to be doing is sitting down all night listening to you asking them what the capital of France is….


Graduation Parties Trivia – This is a time to go multi – op

This is the perfect night to up-sell your services and get your self booked for the whole night. The whole concept I would do is if you are hosting a 4 hour Graduation party then my idea would be 5 bits of trivia games 30 minutes apart and then DJ-ing the rest of the time. Use your judgement though, if people are moaning when you start the trivia cut it down and focus on the other entertainment, if people sigh when you say “this is the last trivia event of the night” then maybe throw extra rounds in.


Graduation Parties Trivia – Use technology, glitz and glamour

And finally, what you need to be doing is making this more than just you and a microphone. As I said the likelihood is that this will be a very well paid job so you need to show people they have got value for their money. Use lighting, a portable stage if the venue doesn’t have one, a presentation stand, and all kinds of equipment you can get your hands on just to make it look as professional as possible.


Graduation Parties Trivia – How to get the bookings

Likely the graduate’s parents simply use the phone book and start calling for pricing and availability.  Why not be proactive about it instead of waiting for someone to call you?

  • Get permission from the principle to meet with the student council, or at least the president of the student council.  From there, explain what sets you apart.  Ask them to spread the word.
  • Ask the journalism teacher if you can pay for an ad in the school newspaper featuring your service.
  • Place fliers at tux and dress shops where youths go to rent special clothes for their graduation night.
  • Talk to local party planner organizations.


So there we have it, another area in which you probably have not ever considered working but like all the posts in this series it is definitely something worth doing. Once you have invested time and also money in not only putting together the quiz but also in making sure you have the latest game show machines and top quality products from sites and providers such as DigiGames then you need to be getting as much use out them as possible and generating as much incomes, as with every business, you will hit bad times and when you have high paying gigs like Graduation parties open then you need to be taking as much advantage as possible. Don’t let fear or a lack of understanding of the market ruin you. I have done these parties before so please get in touch or leave a comment if you have any questions and I will help you out to be best of my ability.


Thanks for reading again today and I hope you are pleased with the content we are giving you on a daily, often more, basis. We have plenty coming up over the coming weeks so by all means make sure you stay tuned. The next few subjects we are going to looking at the issues of up-selling your services so that one gig can turn into much more, how to write interesting trivia on the subject of TV and films and the best ways in which to advertise yourself via a promotional video. So thanks for reading and until next time….

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