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Quiz Game Software Reviews

Quiz Game Software Reviews

Quiz Game Software Reviews

What’s a game show without games? When it comes to TV game shows, the games played are highly developed and heavily researched, ensuring a fun and positive experience for any contestant or audience member. Now you can have that same level of professionalism and interaction for your very own game show events! Our trivia games are expertly crafted and perfectly balanced, and many are similar in nature to several of the most popular game shows on TV!  Understanding the history of game shows, what’s hot and what’s not, is what we use as a guide to focus on the right game formats for you to add entertainment and memorable humorous game show moments to your events.


To start of in quiz game software reviews, our Party Pack is one of our most impressive software packages available. This pack comes with four excellent games modeled after some of the most popular TV game shows of all time! With this pack, several popular TV game shows can be recreated, even custom versions of the classics!

Jeopardy Trivia Game

Trivia games for all ages.

The first game, Trivia Board Pro 4, is similar to Jeopardy, with different categories and tiers of questions available on the game board. This software even supports video, music and pictures, making this a versatile piece of any game show event! Animations, sound and scoring are all completely adjustable, meaning this software can fit any theme. Trivia Board Pro 4 brings the fun to nearly any event! From private parties to study group meetings, this software is a necessary piece of any game show!

Hollywood Squares Trivia Game

The second game, Trivia Squares, mimics the classic Hollywood Squares TV game show! Tic-Tac-Toe meets Trivia in this game, and two or three players can enjoy it on a 3×3 Board, a 4×4 Board or a 5×5 Board, making it useful software for several different venues. This software can be used with several popular games, such as Battle of the Sexes and Name That Tune! Questions, answers, video, music and pictures can all be added, so this game can fit any style imaginable. Easily set up beach themed events or classical music themed showdowns!

Family Feud Trivia Game

The third game in the party pack is Trivia Feud, which is similar to Family Feud. After three chances at guessing the results of the survey, the rival team can steal the board, making for one exciting event! This is a team based game featuring surveys, and our powerful survey editor lets you customize your own surveys! Be it a wedding, retirement party or a family reunion, Trivia Feud will make any event lively!

Wheel of Fortune game

The fourth and final game is Trivia Fortune, which was inspired by Wheel of Fortune. Contestants spin for points and guess letters to solve hidden phrases. The game-play is reminiscent of one of TVs most unique, entertaining and long running game shows, and custom phrases are supported, adding a personal touch to match any event! Host a comedy movie quote night at a local bar, start an alternative rock band game event at a rented venue or even put on a tailgate party for some pre-game entertainment, all themed to your favorite sport, team or player!


With the Party Pack, some of the most iconic TV shows in history are available to play with ease. Every game features customization options, which makes these four games completely versatile, adding longevity to your setup with no extra cost. Simply put, our Party Pack can handle nearly any game event you can throw at it. Think of it as a basic kit to jump start your entertainment venture.


With that being said, eventually, everyone wants a little variation. After you’ve built your kit up with the basics, why not add on some extra entertainment to truly entertain the crowd? If there’s one thing that people love about game shows, it’s their versatility and variety, which has helped establish this unique form of entertainment throughout the history of TV! Luckily, we offer a variety of additional games to help round out any collection!  Please continue to read our quiz game software reviews below.

Who wants to be a millionaire game

Trivia Ladder Pro is similar to Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and the atmosphere is just as tense and thrilling! This software works with multiple buzzer types and can support up to 50 players! The first player to make it all the way to the top is the victor! Like all of our games, you can customize this software with your own questions and answers. A trivia game that revolves around 19th century Architecture? Why not!

Extreme Bingo Music

Extreme Bingo is a game that makes for a truly extreme experience. Combining the timeless and simple fun of Bingo with the flair of Name that Tune, Extreme Bingo is perfect for hosts that want to provide their audience with something a little different. Even better, this software has 16 variations with included trivia, video, audio and pictures, making this one of the most versatile Bingo games available!

Deal or No Deal game

We also have Take it ‘er Leave it, which was inspired by Deal or No Deal. The game-play is easy for people of nearly any age, and the game can support one player or multiple players, adding to the tension and drama that the audience will feel! This game is a thrilling choice for any event, as contestants eliminate cases in the blind pursuit of picking the best prize.

Audience Polling Software

Audience Poll Pro allows the audience to be polled about various pieces of trivia. The audience uses a letter pad with four options, A, B, C, and D, and the results of the poll are displayed on the scoreboard. This software gets every audience member involved and listening, and it can also make for a phenomenal education tool!

Judging software

Talent Hunt turns your event into a full on Talent Show! Contestants showcase their best skills and judges rate the performance, similar to America’s Got Talent, or American Idol. This program will display pictures and text, and it’s easy to keep track of the overall ranking of the contestants, making for a competitive and immersive event. Anywhere from 2 to 50 judges are allowed, making sure that every audience member can be a judge!

QuizMaster - Invent your own game

If you’d rather forge your own path, QuizMaster is the software for you! This software allows you to create your own trivia games, granting a level of customization that can’t be found from adjusting a more specific game. This is one of our most useful games, since it could be used for nearly any event or theme. The only limit is your imagination!

Subscribe to weekly trivia

Sometimes, though, imagination is a little hard to come by. After creating your own games and add on packs, it can get difficult to come up with new material. At a certain point, you might just be tapped out, desperate to think of some interesting and tricky tidbit of information. Lucky for you, we provide a subscription based service that will send you custom trivia content every Tuesday! Whether you have used up your imagination or you just wish to be surprised, our fascinating nuggets of trivia will do the job.  You can read about and sign up for our trivia weekly subscriptions.


No matter if you are looking to emulate a classic TV game show or invent your own, we urge you to try our software from our Software Downloads page. We can assure you that the fun and versatility to be found in our games will make your event stand out amongst the crowd of competitors. Try our software today and thanks for reading our quiz game software reviews!