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Example Quiz #2

You may remember last week that in a post dealing with formats and was in which you can run the actual quiz, I posted up an actual quiz I have written to give you an idea of how it flows. I have had a lot of questions and praise since, and a request for a further set just so people can really see the format working with different questions.

Click here for Example Quiz #1 (for UK hosts)

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So, your trivia request is indeed my privilege and I present to you another example of my tried and tested format.



Pop Music


  1. Which Scottish pop band has had to date 17 Top 40 hit singles between 1987 and 1994, including Dignity, Real Gone Kid and I’ll Never Fall in Love Again?


Deacon Blue


  1. “That’s why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit” is a line from which Queen song?


Don’t Stop Me Now


  1. Harry Judd who won Strictly Come Dancing in 2011 was a member of which pop group, still going today but as part of a combined act with another famous group?


McFly (combined with McBusted)


  1. Which band, originally formed on the Isle of Wight, had UK hit singles including Something About You, Lessons In Love and Running In The Family?


Level 42


  1. In 2013, and originally featuring in a famous 1939 film, what was the title of the first song with a running time of less than a minute to reach the Top Ten of the UK singles charts?


Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead (from The Wizard Of Oz; charting soon after the death of Margaret Thatcher)




  1. In football, who was the first non-European to win the English Premier League as a manager?


Manuel Pellegrini (from Chile, winning with Manchester City)


  1. In 1997, who became the first Canadian to win the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship?


Jacques Villeneuve


  1. Which international sporting competition, first held in 1900, has been won 32 times by the USA and 28 times by Australia?


The Davis Cup


  1. In 2015, Peter Prevc from Slovenia set a new world record when he became the first person in history to break the 250 metre barrier in which sport?


Ski jumping


  1. What one word can mean a type of punch in boxing, a type of curved delivery in ten-pin bowling and a type of misplaced golf shot?




TV & Cinema


  1. How many Von Trapp children are there in the film and musical The Sound Of Music?




  1. What make of car did the late actor John Thaw drive as Inspector Morse on television?




  1. Which 1987 Robin Williams film concerns the experiences of disc jockey Adrian Cronauer?


Good Morning, Vietnam


  1. What was the first name of the television detective Bergerac, played on television by the actor John Nettles?




  1. Name either film star who took a title role in the 1979 film Kramer versus Kramer?


Dustin Hoffman or Meryl Streep




  1. Which Nescafe product featured in a series of television adverts in the 1980’s and 1990’s that began with Sharon Maughan telling Anthony Head that she’d just moved in next door and had run out of coffee?


Gold Blend


  1. What have there been more of; James Bond or Carry On films?


Carry On films (31 v 24, or 26 if counting non-official James Bond films)


  1. Which famous newsreader was a guest star on the 1976 Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special where she emerged from behind a BBC news desk to perform a high-kicking dance routine?


Angela Rippon


  1. Which 1987 film was advertised with a poster that featured a helmet with the words “Born To Kill” written on it?


Full Metal Jacket


  1. First broadcast on television in 2008, The Number One Ladies’ Detective Agency was set in which African country?




Pot Luck


  1. Referring to the building’s shape, what item of food is used as the nickname for the headquarters of GCHQ?


The Doughnut


  1. If you flew due south from London, would you be over land or over sea when you reached the equator?


Over sea


  1. On a menu in Italy what are pomodori?




  1. What phrase, meaning “a false or insincere display of grief”, derives from an ancient belief of something a particular type of animal does when consuming prey?


Crocodile Tears




  1. Who was the Chancellor of the Exchequer who, in early 1990, presented the first Budget to be televised live?


John Major


  1. What type of food do competitors chase down Cooper’s Hill near Gloucester in a famous annual event?


Cheese – the event is called the “Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake”


  1. What word from the NATO phonetic alphabet is used as a prefix to mean “thousand”?




  1. What French word for “cake” is sometimes used to refer to a rich, decorated cake, especially one with cream in it?




  1. In dating adverts, when the abbreviation LTR is used, for what do the letters “LTR” stand?


Long Term Relationship


  1. Which of the following cities is furthest east; Glasgow, Carlisle or Bristol?






  1. Which 1980’s hit single by Carly Simon opens with the line “Baby sneezes, mommy pleases, daddy breezes in”?


Coming Around Again


  1. Released in 1994, the first Ace Ventura film was called Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. What phrase followed Ace Ventura in its 1995 sequel?


When Nature Calls


  1. What alternative name for a violin can also be a verb meaning “to falsify” or “to meddle or tamper”?




  1. What unit of measurement is equal to four inches and is commonly used to measure the height of horses?


The hand


  1. The connection is the word “second”; second coming, second nature, second fiddle and second hand.


Current Affairs


  1. Which High Street retailer filed for administration on Monday, threatening almost 11,000 jobs?




  1. Which 28 year old London actress has been named as the new Doctor Who companion alongside Peter Capaldi’s Time Lord in the Tardis?


Pearl Mackie


  1. What has the US state of Utah declared a public health risk; pornography, vaping or skateboarding?


Pornography – The bill, signed by the state’s Republican governor, calls for greater efforts to prevent “pornography exposure and addiction” but does not ban it, and does not suggest how changes should be implemented. A 2009 study said that Utah was the state with the highest percentage of online porn subscribers in the US


  1. Film star couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard made an apology on video for bringing their dogs into Australia illegally. What are the dogs’ names?


Pistol and Boo


  1. The comedian and writer Victoria Wood died this week at the age of 62. Which TV talent show did she win at the beginning of her career?


New Faces – Victoria Wood won the contest in 1974 (other winners from the era included Lenny Henry and Jim Davidson). Among her best-remembered shows were Victoria Wood: As Seen On TV and Dinner Ladies. She also won a best actress Bafta for the play Housewife, 49


  1. Which famous artist and his painting The Fighting Temeraire will feature on the new design of the Bank of England’s £20 note to enter circulation in 2020?


JMW Turner


Wipeout Round


A         Which building society, demutualised in 1997 and acquired by Santander in 2008, was once advertised by Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie using a slogan claiming to attract to ‘a smarter investor’?


Alliance & Leicester


B         In which European capital city can you see the original statue of the Venus de Milo?




C         Although courted by his political opponent, Stephen Douglas, Mary Todd chose to marry which future American president?


Abraham Lincoln


D         Which ventriloquist do you associate with Orville the Duck and Cuddles the Monkey?


Keith Harris


E          Which is the third most populous city in Wales after Cardiff and Swansea?




F          Tirich Mir is the highest peak in which mountain range of central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan, which is considered a sub-range of the Himalayas and one of the Greater Ranges of Asia?


Hindu Kush


G         How many strings are there on a classical guitar?




H         Which English engineer (1910-1999) is usually credited with inventing the hovercraft?


Sir Christopher Cockerell


I           ‘Solidarity’, ‘Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher’ and ‘Born to Boogie’ are numbers from which musical, currently playing at the Victoria Palace Theatre?


Billy Elliot, The Musical


J           In 2012 a two pound coin was minted with an inscription round its edge which reads ‘SOMETHING WILL TURN UP’ to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of which author?


Charles Dickens









  1. Christopher Lee
  2. Alison Steadman
  3. Bruce Springsteen
  4. Martina Hingis
  5. Stephen Fry
  6. Susannah Reid
  7. Andy Serkis
  8. Jane Seymour
  9. Ed Sheeran
  10. Charlotte Edwards


1st Tie:                         In 2012, Trent Grimsey set a new record time for swimming across the English Channel. In minutes, how long did it take him?


415 minutes


2nd Tie:                       In what year did the Channel Tunnel first open for business to fee-paying passengers?




3rd Tie:                        In 2014, Yohann Diniz set a new world record for the men’s 50 kilometres walk. In hours, minutes and seconds, what was his time?


                                    3 hours, 32 minutes and 33 seconds


4th Tie:                       How many times did Ryan Giggs play for Manchester United in the English Premier League?




5th Tie:                        In what year was the famous toy shop Hamley’s founded?




6th Tie:                        In what year did the famous French Impressionist Claude Monet produce the work Wild Poppies, Near Argenteuill?




7th Tie:                        In which year was the 999 Emergency Calling system introduced in the United Kingdom?






Snowball Questions:


  • Whose book ‘The Luminaries’ won the Man Booker Prize of 2013?



Eleanor Catton


  • The British and Irish Lions’ only ever series victory in New Zealand was in 1971. Name either the Welshman who coached that side?



Carwyn James


  • Hamilcar Barca was the father of which famous historical figure?





  • What is the capital of former USSR republic of Kyrgystan?





  • Who composed a fourth symphony in 1916, which he entitled ‘The Inextinguishable’?


Carl Nielsen


Click here for Example Quiz #1 (for UK hosts)

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