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Game Show Trivia

Game Show Trivia

  • Are you looking for customizable, innovative and creative game show trivia software and technology that will set you apart from the rest of the competition?
  • Are you looking to boost your trivia business, secure customers and appeal to a wider trivia market?
  • Are pen-and-paper trivia games lacking the thrill and excitement found in fast paced TV Game Shows?


Then DigiGames is the place for you. With nearly 20 years experience in the trivia industry DigiGames provides you with expert advice, information and materials with the finest and most innovative technology and unrivaled customer service. If you are in the trivia business then DigiGames is your route to success!


game show trivia




DigiGames offers a wide range of fully customizable game show systems which can enhance any trivia occasions by using the formats customers know and love to produce a memorable trivia experience. If you are a TV producer looking for a new game show trivia system or a trivia host looking to inject some spark into your trivia occasions, DigiGames customer game show systems can work for you!

  • Utilize tried and tested game show format to boost your business.
  • Provide your customers with a memorable trivia experience in a format they will know from watching game shows on TV.
  • Stand out from your local competition by creating a game show feel to your event.
  • Impress local venue owners by displaying your unique systems.
  • Perform fast-action games that prevent players from cheating in a fun adrenaline pumping environment.
  • Up-sell your services to increase your bottom line and easily secure mid-week regular trivia accounts.
  • Create an educational experience for youths for school and religious events.
  • Turn any venue’s slowest night into their busiest night of the week by drawing a crowd.
  • Get more referrals and repeat business by offering TV-Style game show events.
  • Utilize technology in a changing world where technology is the expectation of trivia enthusiasts.
  • Generate more revenue for the venue.
  • Put more money in your pocket with sponsorship opportunities from local area businesses.
  • Get help and support for securing new accounts and getting fresh innovative ideas from a company whose combined experience exceeds 100 years.


wireless buzzers Jeopardy

Fast action games and wireless buzzers. Perfect for all ages.




As technology moves forward so does the game show trivia industry.  As such, using Wireless Buzzers for trivia events are increasing in popularity. Don’t be left behind in the wave of buzzers and jump on board with DigiGames who can help you create a unique, fun and creative buzzing experience to help keep you ahead of the competition.

Why choose DigiGames for your wireless buzzer needs?

  • Vast experience in delivering fun, innovative and appealing buzzer systems.
  • Customized to suit your needs and easy to set up.
  • Durable, long lasting and wide ranging suitable for any venue.
  • Vast options on buzzer styles, types and quantities.
  • One year warranty with a life time of support.
  • Proven track record of success on TV game shows and trivia events around the globe.




With ALL our unique buzzer systems comes a tool that is invaluable to a Trivia host – The Lockout Games System. Buzzer Quizzes involve speed and quick thinking and our creative lockout systems will ensure that the person who buzzes in first locks out the other players. This takes the strain off you as a trivia host and ensures your players have the best trivia experience possible.

  • Innovative technology to ensure the buzz is recorded instantly.
  • Solid buzzer systems meaning accurate and precise response.
  • A game show feel to make your trivia event the one people flock to attend!



Wireless Buzzers with Software Games



Coupled with the breakthrough trivia hardware DigiGames pride ourselves on producing effective, reliable and innovative quiz software to enhance the trivia experience. In-house software developers strive to achieve perfection and constantly emerge with new ideas to improve the trivia experience. With years of experience DigiGames have paved the way that others have followed and will continue to do so. If you truly want a unique and engaging Trivia experience that there is only one place to look – DigiGames!

  • We constantly strive for innovative and relevance and ensure our games stay current and up to date to keep YOU ahead of YOUR competition.
  • Updates come thick and fast and best of all are FREE meaning you always get the latest software ideas and innovations.
  • Our software is customizable with trivia hosts able to use the simple tools to create a unique, fun and profitable trivia experience.
  • Utilize your secondary monitor functions to enhance the entire trivia experience and make sure your night runs smoothly.



Audience Response ABCD Keypads




Getting your audience involved can be vital to success and DigiGames can help you achieve this with our innovative Audience Response pads via wireless buzzers. The extent to which your trivia event can become interactive is limitless and DigiGames are the market leaders in the field with the most appealing, innovative and exciting pads available.

  • Get the audience involved with easy to use pads.
  • Create innovative questions with simple options to get your audience thinking.
  • Accumulate points, stats and charts quickly and easily!

But we don’t stop there…Audience Polling is a crucial aspect in many fields and providing simple pads to an audience, no matter the occasions can yield results.

  • Gather opinions on ideas, marketing tools and plans.
  • Enhance teaching and learning.
  • Measure the difficulty of a question.
  • Recap on seminars and highlight learning at public education events.


Build Your Own Game Show System with DigiGames Technology




If you have bigger ambitions that DigiGames offers Game Show systems along the lines of the larger consoles you see on TV. They can provided a diverse and appealing trivia experience and help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Create the feel, look and format of leading TV Shows.
  • Visually stunning with bright vibrant colors, LCD displays and endless customizable options.
  • On-board sound effects and customizable scoring.
  • Portable and functional to ensure safe passage from venue to venue.
  • Innovative and current software options.
  • They stow away safely and securely for easy transport.
  • They can be ordered as table-top, full standing podium, or massive Feud booth style.


People in YOUR audience every single time you deliver Trivia are likely to be fans, viewers and admirers of TV Game Shows with a secret passion to compete. Why not make that passion a reality for YOUR customers and give them a game show trivia night to remember? Boost your business, raise your profile and embrace the Game Show Systems that await you.


Our Customer Service team will be on hand to guide you through any question, queries and answers you may get and ensure you get the perfect product for your needs. DigiGames wants you to succeed and we will strive to ensure that after using our Trivia services your events will never be the same again!