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Trivia Check List – Blog Highlights – Your Survival Kit

Trivia Check List Highlights – Your Survival Kit (Summary of Recent Posts)

“A summary of the articles and ideas posted over the past few weeks to remind you of the key hints and critical tips we have put forward”


Welcome back to the blog and I hope, as we come towards the end of another week, it has been both a useful and productive one for you. I have been on a little writing spree lately, filling in some requests and ensuring all bases are covered with regards to providing the most useful hints and tips possible! If you have been a regular reader you will know that one of the things I do every 25 posts or so is do a similar sort of recap to go over what we have talked about and highlight some key issues. So without further ado….


I looked initially at how to make sure all your players enjoy the trivia night and we looked at how you could do this by setting a nice range of questions, appealing to all age levels and interest groups and just making sure you didn’t take things overly seriously or too lightly. We have talked a lot this past month about making sure the balance is right between catering for your serious trivia players and your not so serious players.


In fact, we looked in a separate post and how to cater for a serious trivia event, the importance of making sure the questions were good and challenging and making a fair contest for all.


In the interests of fairness, we looked at how you could balance out the team sizes in order to not only make a fair quiz but to make sure everyone enjoys it. We looked at the perils of having a team of 12 dominate and how you would need to look at definitely capping the team size if the quiz was of a more serious nature.


I look on a serious of posts, which will continue into next month, and making trivia unique and how to ensure the trivia you present is not just a tried and overdone method from someone else. We looked specifically at the music rounds, how to make sure you carried out a jackpot that was enough to keep people interested and yet gave people a fair chance of winning and also how to incorporate subjects like Alcohol into your trivia.


One thing I have stressed all month is the vital importance of ensuring that the trivia you present is varied in terms of format and that you use different styles, even from week to week, to add diversity to the rounds. I have spoken time and time again and warned that if all you do is keep presenting the same style of questions, the same rounds and the same format over and over again people will get bored. We looked at how to avoid basic geography questions and how to vary it up with themed picture rounds, maps, where in the world and such like. I did the same for music and those two posts are certainly worth hunting down. (As of course they all are!).


We talked about the investment side of the business and how you should look to pay that little bit extra from a trusted source rather than go for the cheapest option on eBay. Customers will see how much time and effort you have put in and one thing they want is a hassle free, straight forward trivia occasion without the machinery and equipment breaking every five minutes. Companies who furnish wireless buzzer games like DigiGames, with a tried and trusted history of ensuring that customers get the quality products they deserve, are much more reliable than simply heading for a cheap option from an unknown seller.


I stressed the importance of having a blog and how having an updated blog not only looks very professional but shows to your audience that you are keen and that you are committee to the cause. It also allows you to cover more detail!


I talked about how you can spread the prizes out, award booby prizes and the best way to make sure even the weakest players in the quiz have a chance at going away with something but also stressed the importance of making the quiz worth winning.


I also looked at the use of Joker rounds which turned into to being more complicated than we first thought. How can you run a joker round….do you chose the subjects? Do you allow the players to choose? We advised the best ways to make use of a joker round to make the quiz a little closer and perhaps more fair!


I also gave some advice this month on the importance of creating a WOW factor with the use of lights and maybe a backdrop and making sure these are professional and in good condition. I also talked about how background music could and should be used in a trivia presentation….the answer being very minimally.


Another popular article this month was when I took a lot at how social media can be used to get more bookings and how social media can be used to encourage players to keep on attending your quiz night.


We also had a very quick look at things from a different point of view and that was for the people wanting to become better trivia players and how you could achieve this. I also gave you a full example of wipeout rounds to use in your quiz as well as a special treat at the end of the month with a full quiz in a format you can use however you like!


So, as you can see we have had quite a busy and diverse month or so on the blog and there is plenty more to come believe me. Remember to keep checking back on the blog as I will be back tomorrow and over the weekend with the next series of posts. As always your ideas are welcome and we appreciate any comments. I hope you enjoy reading the blog as much as I enjoy writing it and until next time, happy trivia hosting….

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