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Making the Right Promo Video

Making the right Promo Video

“A range of hints, tips and advice on creating a promotional video that will help you stand out in the crowded trivia marketplace”

Welcome back to the blog! We have several ongoing series of blog posts running at any one time on the blog and I do this to try and mix it up so each day you have something new to read and that if you don’t like one post….the next may appeal. Today we are going down the theme of posts that have been focusing on the way in which you, as a trivia host, market yourself to potential customers. Customers being the people who are going to hire you to run a trivia event. We have looked at all sorts over the period on the blog from making cold calls, to approaching venues to using your social media to the highest possible effect.

In today’s post however we are going to look at something perhaps a little bit different and that is how and why you should be using a promotional video to help increase your business. There are a lot of issues to cover in this post today so without further a do let us get straight into how to make a promotional video.


Making the right Promo Video – Why have a promo video at all?

Firstly, upon starting this post you may be thinking what several other people have said to me when I broach this issue of Promotional videos – why on earth do I need a video? Well the simple fact is that as I have told you time and time and time again, the whole world of trivia hosting is very competitive, very hard to get into and hence it means all sorts of tricks and methods are tried by hosts to stand out from the crowd. If you look at your rivals many will be going to all lengths to ensure they have the cutting edge in the market ranging from videos to use of social media etc…..if you don’t react to the market you will get left behind so the time and the money you put into making the video will have rewards in the future.


Making the right Promo Video – Professional, spend if needs be!

That is of course if you put the time and effort into producing a video that is effective, professional and sells you in a positive manner. If you are going to rush together a video on PowerPoint or something else similar that looks like it took 5 minutes….then it is going to have the opposite affect. What you are aiming for is to impress the customers and make them think “wow, this guy is serious!” but the simple truth is that if you present a shabby video they will think the opposite!


Hence, what you need to do is spend time planning and preparing something so that you produce something you are proud of. Invest money if you can and if you head online you can get a video produced quite cheaply, or at least cheaper than the sum that is probably in your head right now……Even downloading some software can be cheap and you can make good quality videos, with little expertise in a matter of days.


But please, invest wisely and don’t rush….I know the idea is to get the video out there asap but in the long run this won’t be as effective as just taking your time.


Making the right Promo Video – Length

When making your video there are a few issues to look at it and we are going to take a look at three over the next period….Firstly, think about the length of the video. Anything over 30 seconds and you are running the very real risk of having your customers switch off before its even delivered your message. I would always aim for the 25-30 second length and as long as you are clever on what information to include, you will find that this suits the purposes you need very well. This video short is akin to small samples at a grocery store.  It works!  You don’t give them the whole plate of food or they won’t call you to ask more questions.

Check out this video explaining How to Make a Promotional Video and How To Make Your Videos Look More Professional.


Making the right Promo Video – What to include

In terms of what to include, then you need to make sure you are keeping things nice and basic. Simple bullet point messages, clips of audio that don’t babble and a rough idea of services you offer. More importantly, you need to be thinking about ensuring contact details are provided so people know how to get in touch….website links, twitter names, phone numbers…..

I have 17 seconds of information, 8 seconds of little customer comments and then 5 seconds of contact info. But the website etc is displayed on the bottom throughout and whatever format its on the links are very close.



Making the right Promo Video – Where to put it?

Now that the video is done, you are happy wish to start using it then what you must be doing is putting in the right place. The truth is that if you just stick your video on YouTube then you will attract no business….it has to be on the right places…..your website front page first and foremost, after all that’s the one main reason you are doing this, to appear more attractive to customers. Then make sure it is always visible on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Post it on social media forums, Facebook groups but always be careful not to spam. I always have mine playing in the hour or so before the quiz in any venue I am hosting in too if there are TV screens available .


So in summary, you need a short, sharp professional video that looks good and gets the message across. Thanks for reading the blog again today and as always if you have your own promotional videos why not post them up. If you are a video expert give us some hints and tips on what software is best to use.


We have a bumper week of blogs planned so keep your eye out and until next time, happy trivia hosting!

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