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Choosing the right trivia wireless buzzer product

Choosing the Right Wireless Buzzer Product “Technology is essential to your trivia business and here we present a rough guide on how to choose equipment that will ease, and not hinder, your hosting experience”   Welcome back to the DigiGames blog. I hope you are having a good week and are enjoying the new range

Hiring Additional Entertainers – Going Multi Operational

Hiring Additional Entertainers/Going Multi Operational “A general article on the idea of hiring additional entertainers and quiz hosts to ensure your business grows and you rake in as much profit as is possible”   Welcome back to the blog and I hope you have been enjoying the recent posts. We have been back with much

Jeopardy Buzzers for 10 Players

  Jeopardy Buzzers for 10 Players Each and every lockout wireless cordless buzzer operates with our computer software games (Software GAMES Included!). First contestant who rings in locks out the other contestants. The Trivia Cubes light up to provide identification of who buzzed in 1st…..1,000 feet away! Trivia Cubes are multi-colored and have fantastic visual