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Successful Trivia Shows with Adults

Successful Trivia Shows with Adults

“A range of hints, tips, advice and guidelines and creating a trivia show for adults that they will enjoy and that will keep you getting booked”


Welcome back to the blog and I hope you are doing well. Again, we have been very busy here at the DigiGames blog recently with a whole host of ongoing series of blog posts to get your head stuck into it that are running all at once. Today, I am launching the start of new series of posts that will look at what certain characters/age groups/types of people will look for in a quiz or trivia event and how you can make this successful with them in mind. Remember, the one thing I have always preached on this blog is that you have to devise, plan and present the quiz with the customers in mind… we are starting with one of the easiest quizzes to assemble and run and that is the quizzes you are presenting where your audience is adults.


This blog will largely focus on bar style trivia and how to keep the adult audience, which it will be, entertained but may drift into other areas. Anything related to trivia used as an educational tool or in other environments will be touched on in future posts.


So, without further a do….


Successful Trivia Shows with Adults – Be organized and prepared

The first adults will tend to notice more than kids and other audiences is how well you are prepared. There is nothing worse than turning up to a bar that has a trivia night planned only to find that the host has not prepared and the whole night runs as a shambles. So make sure that before you actually stand up and host a quiz where adult eyes will be on you that you have actually put the time in….they are putting time into you, so you should be putting time into them.


Successful Trivia Shows with Adults – Quality of the questions

Adults will also tend to appreciate the quality of the questions more than kids and will certainly notice much more so you need to take care and provide them with quality questions. At the end of the day the glitz and glamour will only get you so far in the trivia world and you need to ensure that the substance is there and in this case that substance is the quality of the questions….this is what will keep those people coming back so one vital key to adult trivia is quality questions.


Successful Trivia Shows with Adults – Know your Audience

Speaking of questions, when setting you have to respect that when presenting to an adult audience you will have people involved you may range in ages and what a 21 year old knows about and enjoys is not necessarily what a 77 year old will know and enjoy so you need to make sure you have a good balance. Without this you will alienate all your players and at the end of the day what you need to do is ensure all have fun. You cannot run a successful trivia show for adults without ensuring that you are catering for their needs on an age basis.  Do you have baby-boomer’s in the audience?  Then questions from the 60’s – 80’s will most appeal to them.  Is your audience mainly comprised of  “Millennials“?  Then their questions might be different than you would ask baby-boomers.  Again, this is where knowing your audience is essential.


Successful Trivia Shows with Adults – Use of technology

Pressing buzzer, lights flashing – It may all seem like something that would appeal to young people.  However, the opposite is only true.  Adults love pressing buzzers as much as any other age group.  We have advocated time and time on this log about the need to ensure that you are making use of the wide range of technology available to you as a trivia host to really put yourself ahead of the market. As I have said countless times on here, if you don’t take advantage of the market, it will end up passing you buy and you will find yourself struggling to compete. However, that said, to ensure adults can join in and to ensure you run a successful trivia show for them, what you need to be doing is making sure that the technology you use is not overbearing and is accessible to all. Stick to the cutting edge yet simple to use products from DigiGames and you will be fine!




Successful Trivia Shows with Adults – Use of game show style systems

Adults may also appreciate game show systems that replicate the likes of Jeopardy and other such game shows on TV. Again, the age group of your audience matters….if your crowd is all just students then you need to avoid relying on game-show systems that were on in the 1980’s. If you search the DigiGames archives you will see there is a lot available and we have talked in other posts about the benefits of using game show systems people are familiar with (no need to explain rules etc, recreating the game show feel)


Successful Trivia Shows with Adults – Cheating

Adults who are spending time and money to play in your quiz are not going to tolerate cheating….get it stamped out quick and early. Again, in other posts we have looked at controlling cheating but if cheats prosper the trivia won’t be successful so its your job to do whatever it takes to get it in hand.


So there we have it, the core rules of running a successful trivia event with adults does not, in all honesty, differ from the normal rules of trivia hosting and I know to some of you the points that I have sought to raise in this blog posts will be things you will have thought about and considered a long time ago but its always worth keeping things fresh and keeping the ideas at the forefront of the time.


As I said above this is the start in a new series of posts all about how to run successful trivia with different age groups and coming up next in the series we look at the tricky idea of running trivia with kids which brings with it a whole host of issues. We will also spend time looking at some of the other ongoing themes in the blog so keep on reading and until next time, happy trivia hosting….

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