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Wireless Game Buzzers

In the past 10-15 years as technology has leaped forward, trivia hosts and games have to. One of the most common innovations noticeable in the trivia world is the use of Wireless Game Buzzers which you can see being used in all manner of trivia events from local pub trivia to fundraisers to special events. Wireless Buzzers are appealing to customers, give your trivia night the extra edge and ensure you are giving a unique, fun experience to your players. If you are touting for business it is going to much more appealing to a bar owner or venue owner, or indeed anyone browsing your website, if you can offer the buzzer services. Buzzing technology has developed rapidly in the past few years and DigiGames is at the forefront of innovation. No longer are buzzers simple bells to press or one large button to hold for the duration. There are several buzzer games out there and several innovations meaning you can create a unique and un-wired buzzer experience.


Wireless Game Buzzers – Trivia Cubes


Trivia Cubes from DigiGames are a perfect example of how Wireless Buzzers have progressed. These cubes are appealing, professional and innovative. They create a game show feel in any environment and with LED displays, vibrant colors and pleasing aesthetics they give your trivia event that extra appeal. Players are much more likely to take part if they see devices like the Trivia cubes are being used rather than the standard one button buzzers. Even people who don’t particularly like Trivia will want to get involved! Wireless Buzzers will never be the same again after you have tried a Trivia cube. These are of course computer controlled devices with automatic lock out systems, LED lights and automatic recognition of who buzzed first. Easy to set up, durable and tough as well as being stylish these devices scream professionalism and will have players flocking to take part.


Wireless Game Buzzers – Trivia Pads

Audience Response Keypad

One other way to get people involved in your trivia night and enjoying the occasions is to perhaps use Audience Response keypads. Unsure what I am talking about? Think about the ever popular game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The audience have pads for the duration which they enter into the “Ask The Audience”. Imagine the possibilities of using these at your event? Everyone could get involved, new dynamics could be added to the game play and above all people will enjoy it. They allow audiences to participate and thus become more engaged with your Trivia product. In my view every TV game show should use them whether they are mentioned on screen or not! This will also help if you are hosting some sort of spectator or elimination event whereby players can still feel part of if they are no longer involved in the Trivia itself. DigiGames is the front runner in the market and can offer the best, most unique and most appealing pads for the needs of Audience Response keypad customers. With all the modern features, reliability and proven success there really is no other place to look.


But aside for the specifics you have to think what suits your market and whatever that may be…whether it be pub trivia, hosting events in school, serious academic trivia contests such as quizbowl….DigiGames has the diversity of stock and the knowledge to be able to help you. As with all DigiGames products there are a range of features you can adapt to suit your needs and couple it with the excellent Trivia provided by world class writers you are all set for your trivia night.  There is no need to hack a wireless buzzer!


Wireless Game Buzzers – Cellphone Trivia with an Attitude

Cellphone trivia game

DigiGames’ QandAtime Cellphone Trivia is ideal for getting large audiences of players to be able to participate in trivia sessions hosted by you, whether the players are in the same room as you or anywhere in the world.  QandAtime uses their own cellphone, tablet, PC, Mac, Laptop…..or anything that can access the internet.


DigiGames can be the difference between you succeeding at a Trivia Night and failing. If you want to keep the standard practice of pen and paper trivia then by all means keep up the good work but the industry is moving forward and bar owners are always on the look out for new products to make them stand out. Don’t get left behind, don’t let someone come along and steal your gig with wireless buzzer questions and above all else give your customers what they want which may well just be exciting, pacey and involving Wireless Buzzer Trivia Action!