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Making Each Show Unique – Video Games Trivia

Making Each Show Unique – Games Trivia

“A range of hints, tips and advice on using trivia about online games in your trivia nights – when to use it, how to use it and what you should be doing”


Hello and a warm welcome back to the blog today. I do hope you are having a good profitable week and all is going well for you in the land of trivia. I have had some great feedback and suggestions based on the current posts, the themes we are running and the blog overall so I do hope you are enjoying it. Don’t forget to use the information I am telling you about in tandem with the wide range of products available from DigiGames to really boost your services. Taking a look at the equipment and products available you will see their professional nature and DigiGames have been doing this for over 15 years so why on earth look elsewhere!


Today’s post is the latest entry into your very popular series on how you can make each of your shows unique by adding different elements of trivia and the kind of questions you may have thought about before. Today we are going to do that by looking at how you can incorporate trivia based on various video games, the kind of questions to ask and when it should be included.  Face it, there are hundreds of popular video games available.  Each game has different characters and rules of game-play.  Technically, you cold build an entire trivia show just on questions about the many various video games available today and throughout the history of video games and the technology that supports them.


Without further a do….


Making Each Show Unique – Games Trivia – Consider the Audience

The first key point to make is that you have to consider your audience – the last thing you want to do is include trivia on video games just for the sake of doing so. As I have stressed time and time again on the blog the rule you have to think about first and foremost in your trivia hosting is the audience. If the audience is mainly older people who tend to thrive on your history and geography questions, then they probably wont much fancy a round on video games. Hence scrap it…

But if its mainly a younger audience or you are running trivia for teens, or in a university for examples, then it may work as Video Games will be something they are certainly interested in.


Making Each Show Unique – How much is too much?

But the key here is not to include too much….just because your younger audience may enjoy the video games content doesn’t mean they want a ton of it! If you’re having a themed round maybe only make it a once-a-month thing, if it’s a one-off quiz no more than 5 questions in the round. Overdoing it will ruin the quiz as it will if you happen to overdo any subject.


Making Each Show Unique – Games Trivia – Picture Rounds and Audio Rounds

A couple of good ideas about how you can incorporate the trivia on video games into your quiz could be in the picture and audio rounds. Now in other posts we have discussed at length about how you can really spice these rounds up by making them themed and that certainly applies here….the picture round you could use video game characters, consoles, cover art etc and get people to identify them. Even if you are not using a themed picture round as such then you can always make sure each week a popular character is added in the picture round to identify.

In terms of the audio round, then maybe if it suits the audience then something akin to a round of music from video games would work….but this is perhaps best served for the themed quiz (see below section).


Making Each Show Unique – Video Games Trivia – Questions to ask

In terms of asking trivia questions then if you are running a general trivia night then you need to make sure that the questions are at least things people have heard of. It is not much use to anyone if you are asking questions where only hard core gamers are going to get the answer correct. You need to have that fine balance between having a questions that will get people thinking but also need to make sure that when people hear the answer that they have actually heard of the game/character/issue you are asking about. So stick to the big popular games and avoid niche questions….


Making Each Show Unique – Video Games Trivia – A themed night?

Another idea, and I certainly have done this before, is if you think you have the audience and people for it, and that you could pull it off, then a trivia night based on video games could be a very profitable one indeed. I have ran several of these events in University Campuses and College sites and they work really well as you have an audience there you are there for the games trivia….use all your systems, your buzzer systems and your trivia hosting skills but the main thing about the themed night is that you have to make sure the questions are right. This may be where you need to hire in an outside setter or perhaps purchase a batch of questions.

Here are some great examples from QuizRocket which has a great Video Game Test:

  1. Who is the fastest of these video game characters?

  2. In the game HALO, what is the name of Master Chief’s AI sidekick?

  3. Which bad guy was introduced in Super Mario Brothers 2?

  4. What video game console has the highest number of video game console sales of all time?

  5. Which of these do you not do in We Love Katamari, the sequel to Katamari Damacy?

  6. Which of these bands is not featured in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock?

  7. Are men and women both knowledgeable about video games?


There are many other sources on the internet for finding suitable questions about video games.  Simply do a web search for “Video Games Trivia“.


Making Each Show Unique – Games Trivia – Conclusion

So in summary you can see that making each show unique by adding some games trivia depends on the audience. The market of video games is way too big to just ignore and you would be a fool for never asking questions on it. After all, everyone knows Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, but the trick as with all themes is using it in a way that appeals to all.


That’s all for today then folks and I hope you are enjoying this series on making trivia unique. We have plenty more planned for the blog this month including more advice on question writing, sales, getting booked and how to ensure that you are the most booked and most talked about trivia host in town. Keep the comments and suggestions coming in and until next time we speak….happy trivia hosting