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Successful Trivia Shows with Teens

Successful Trivia Shows with Teens

“Tips, hints and information of how run a successful trivia show with Teens…what to include, how to run it and general advice”

Welcome back to the blog and I hope you are doing well! Today we are going to launch into the second of our latest series of posts on how to successfully run trivia shows with different groups of people. Recently we looked at adult trivia shows which is perhaps a little easier than most and perhaps the most common type of trivia you will deal with. In this post however we are going to look at the slightly more difficult job of running trivia shows with teenagers. Because of all the things available to teens these days, like social media, apps, Xbox, Wii, Netflix, etc, teenagers are not necessarily prone to trivia events and the even you may be asked to run obviously won’t be bar trivia. It is going to be special events, social occasions for clubs and such like.


Without further a do let us start looking at some of the key points…


Successful Trivia Shows with Teens – Technology

One of the first things you need to think about is that you have to make this show as interactive and technology led as possible. Teenagers are very notorious for their short attention spans and they will soon switch off if you start boring them with a traditional pen and paper quiz or a “by the numbers” buzzer session. You need to make sure that you have cutting edge technology that has all the latest gadgets and gizmos. You have to keep it very relevant though, it is not good buying a trivia system that your audience are too young to remember as it will make them feel distant. And also, make sure the technology you are using isn’t dated as Teenagers will be used to the finest and most up to date gadgets.  This is where DigiGames wireless buzzers come in handy.




Successful Trivia Shows with Teens – “The Show”

As mentioned, teenagers will also appreciate the “show” element of your trivia occasions much more….remember those short attention spans…..they don’t want to be sat waiting between questions and sat twiddling their thumbs until something exciting happens. And of course, these occasions will not be in a bar so you need to keep them entertained throughout the event and don’t necessarily need drinks breaks or leave time for the players to be able to go to the bar. Get background music playing (make sure its up to date) and keep the flow going well…..with using technology and if you use things like the Trivia Pads you will see there will be little marking.

Get the lights going, the backdrops in place and really make an effort to make a “show” of the whole thing to impress your young audience.


Successful Trivia Shows with Teens – Question Subjects

It is also very important to think about the kind of trivia you are writing. It is very little use dipping into your archive and simply picking out a set of questions from there as they are likely not to suit your young audience. The teenagers want fun questions, questions they can guess out….they don’t want academic studies. Thing of questions about trendy TV shows etc….enlist some teenage help if you can as there is nothing worse than a quiz master trying to be cool and getting it so wrong.

Plenty of pictures, music rounds, visual rounds if you can and make a quiz that’s just interesting!


Successful Trivia Shows with Teens – Mixing it up

What you can also look to do at trivia events aimed at Teen’s is mixing up your services. So if you have the facilities to run a DJ service along with the trivia event then this is a time to start upselling yourself and really pushing all the varied services you can offer to potential customers. Don’t let your shyness get in the way and always remember to sell sell sell sell!


Successful Trivia Shows with Teens – Prizes to give

Obviously the prizes here matter to Teenagers. Money is not really appropriate and you may have a prize kitty of say $400…..its not really appropriate to hand over $400 to a 13 year old! I have suggested on other posts that beer is a good idea for a prize…..not in this case obviously. So when I am running events for teens I spend the prize money on things like vouchers, days out, tickets to theme parks, iTunes vouchers….something they will use and something which will appeal to them.


All in all, I must admit that when I was first running trivia for a teen based audience I did find it very hard to get the balance right and the first time was far from perfect and it took time and thought to get it right (hopefully the information I have given over to you in this post will help you!)….I certainly wish this kind of help was available to me when I was first starting out on this road.


So there we have it….if you remember and cater for your audience, which you should be doing in every quiz you run anyway, then you are not going to go far wrong. The teenagers are going to want to be entertained, you are going to need to devise a quiz that keeps their attention focused on you are you are going to need to really push the boat out to make an show that entertains.


All in all, you have seen how tricky this can be. Thanks for reading the blog today and I hope that you crack the teen market quicker than I did. It may be rare that you do teen trivia but if you contact local youth clubs and places were young teens get together then you will find its very productive. Fingers crossed and keep an eye on the blog for more updates this week including posts on choosing the right trivia products, ensuring the trivia caters for all, the benefits of doing a trivia podcast and a lot more. Until next time then….happy trivia hosting an see you soon!