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Movie Trivia – Making Your Movie Rounds Better

“Continuing in our series of looking at how to make your trivia round more entertaining, we take a look at how to make sure the movie questions keep your customers happy”

The situation is always the same……you turn up to the trivia night and are told there is a movie round. You, being a fan of movies, quite look forward to it, see it as a chance to pick up some points….but it always ends up being a boring collection of questions on Oscar winners and the of real names of actors etc.


Welcome back to the blog and today we are going to look at how you can avoid this happening in the trivia event you run and really add some spice to the movie rounds. This is the latest in a series of posts on looking at some common themes in trivia events and how you can avoid making them mundane and give you some ideas on if you feel your quiz is growing stale.  Also be sure to see my previous blog on this matter Making Movie Trivia Unique.


If you are running any sort of trivia event, questions on entertainment tend to be popular as they are issues people know quite a lot about and makes your whole quiz more fun and accessible. But you can end up hurting yourself in the long run if you stick with the same format or just churn out the same topics time and time again.  This is why I have written previously a blog on this very topic that it is important to be creative with trivia game shows.

While there are many sources for movie trivia, let us then take a look at how to make your move rounds better….


Movie Trivia – Making Your Movie Rounds Better – Using Audio

The main thing I am going to be talking to you about in this post is that you need to think a little more outside of the box and not consign yourself to merely asking straight up questions. You can vary this and the only limit is your imagination. One of the first things I would suggest doing is using a movie theme in your audio round. I have done this many times with great success.  Although it does require time and effort to put together its worth it.  It also make your trivia show unique….. play themes from movies and guess the movie, play the voices of actors and guess the actors of play scenes from movie and get your players to guess the movie.  It is tougher to hear the voice of a famous actor and guessing who it is, instead of showing a video where the actor’s face is clearly seen.


Movie Trivia – Making Your Movie Rounds Better – Using Videos

You can also look to add video rounds and this is only really an option if you have the ability to use screens and such like. If you don’t then skip this section.  However, it is good to add a movie trivia video round if you can…an opening scene of a movie, a memorable scene, what line comes next, name the four actors in this clip….all works really well.


Movie Trivia – Making Your Movie Rounds Better – Picture Rounds

I have spoken on a previous blog post about how you can really make picture rounds better and ensure that the audience don’t see it as a chore.  One way to do that is that to have your picture rounds related to a subject. I rotate around the subjects of sport, movies, music, TV and history….then obviously if I am using the movies as my picture I don’t have a round of questions on movies, if that makes sense?

There is so much you can do…stills from films, famous movie posters with the title missing, tag lines, pictures of actors/actress and all sorts. The options are endless and it will certainly be more fun for you as a host putting it together and much better for your players giving it a try.


Movie Trivia – Making Your Movie Rounds Better – Theme it…..

If you are insistent that none of the above ideas of making your movie rounds better will, or can, work in your venue then you will be looking at using questions and answers as normal. But I would suggest ensuring that you create themes….so have a theme for each time you do a movie round…romantic comedies, Oscar Winners, 1980s movies, Movies with cities in their title…..the options really are endless when it comes to this and it just adds a little something different than 10 random questions.


Side note: Nothing beats a good list round when it comes to movies as everyone will be to contribute. The last ten films to win best picture at the Oscars, the highest grossing movies of all time, ten films starring Tom Hanks….you have to be careful here and get a good balance.  Only make sure you don’t ask questions where there aren’t 500+ possible answers which is why a list round is always great.


….and there we have it. As with all these posts I am using my own experience to give you hints and tips on the kind of things I have done before in trivia shows to spice up the movie round. I have stressed time and time again on the blog that the key factor is playing to your audience.  It is all about making sure you twist and turn the questions and adapt them so it is fun for your players. These are just general hints remember and what works for one wont work for all.


These posts on different themes are always popular and there will be one or two more coming this week with fresh ideas but of course, we would love to hear what you are doing as well. What are you doing to really make your movie questions stand out? How do you research your facts and have you had any ideas that have totally and utterly flopped? If so pop some comments in the box and we would love to hear your trivia stories.


We have more to come this week on popular topics for trivia including looking at the dreaded sports round and how to make it more lively and accessible. But until next time, I hope you found this usual and happy trivia hosting…….

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