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Hiring Additional Entertainers – Going Multi Operational

Hiring Additional Entertainers/Going Multi Operational

“A general article on the idea of hiring additional entertainers and quiz hosts to ensure your business grows and you rake in as much profit as is possible”


Welcome back to the blog and I hope you have been enjoying the recent posts. We have been back with much more regularity in recent weeks and providing you with all kinds of hints, tips, ideas and suggestions on the competitive and entertaining world of trivia hosting and I just hope you have enjoyed them and found some use.

After a few days of looking at various topics, today we are going to look at a topic that is mainly focused on long term hosts, with good reputations who are looking to boost their business or those of you looking for some special one-of events perhaps. If you are just looking to host your event or only host 1 a week at present then this is not perhaps the post for you. Come back in a few years to this post when you are ready to expand (but come back tomorrow to the blog as I have real treat in store).


Anyway, what we are looking at today is two fold really. Hiring additional entertainers to aid your events as well as going multi operational so all your quizzes are being held in different venues at the same time. We are talking big business here, big investment is needed.


So before we even start you have to consider if you are in any kind of position to be able to launch this with the financial backing and dedication needed to making sure it works. If you are going to be running the same quiz in different venues on the same night then you have to consider the financial outlay. You will need equipment, marketing, planning and to hire a host. You then need to do all this and still make money so you need long term plans. Going multi-op is a long term plan and I didn’t start making money back until 6 months into it after the initial outlay. Keeping it simple is the best way to start….not too much technology, not too many gadgets.


In truth, the best way to do this is to run a basic quiz across 4-5 locations a week. Then the only real cost is to pay the host and printing marketing materials. If your quiz is strong enough this will work and companies have built up very good and very profitable businesses from doing it this way. However, if your quiz is very reliant on the likes of superb technology tools that DigiGames supplies the initial cost is going to be more.  But, you can charge more per event over a traditional pen and paper trivia host so this decision should be weighed carefully considering the pro’s and con’s.


Hiring Additional Entertainers/Going Multi Operational – Benefits

The obvious two benefits are money and security. If you are growing your business and your quizzes are being ran in more than one venue 4-5 times a week you can earn many more times what you would be doing alone. It gets your name out there and of course gives you the security of if you lose one booking there are more to fall back on.


Hiring Additional Entertainers/Going Multi Operational – Are you thinking too big?

I hate to remind you but before you plan any more….is this really for you? Are you thinking too big? Is planning and preparing for 5 quizzes per night going to hinder the quality of the product?  If your business skills need brushing up on then staying ‘single op’ will be most profitable for you and going multi-op may actually cost you money in the long run.  However, if you have good business management skills, then you will find that training in the right people will generate more funds for you, which leads us to……


Hiring Additional Entertainers/Going Multi Operational – Hiring the Right People

The one key fact about going multi operational is deciding on the best people to hire. You need a good interview process, go and see them in action and do not hire anyone you haven’t seen at work. Then it’s a trial process….make them aware of your aims, your ideals and your whole ethos. I sign my guys up to 4 week paid trials to see what they are like and I am there 2-3 times during that period. I get customer feedback and I also make sure I talk the venue owner and booker. Are they happy? Is business coming in? At the end of the day you have to consider the venue owner when making these decisions. Always have a reserve or a bank of people to call in as inevitably someone will call in sick at one time or another!


So there we have it then, I just want to recap the main point so they sink in fully –

  • Make a balanced decision on if the idea of taking your trivia business multi operational is going to work for you…is the plan feasible? Can you afford it? Is the business even out there?
  • Hiring the right people are key, they will reflect you so make sure you have someone who you are proud to employ.


Now, as I said at the out set of this post, the idea of taking your trivia business multi operational is not just something to take lightly and a run of the mill decision. It needs, thought, market research and planning and realistically you need to have been in the trivia game a long time to even think about it. I made plenty of mistakes when I first tried this and it was only due to experience, persistence and having some good financial backing from my savings that I was able to take the multi-op ideas to the next level. Without those in place I would have failed and I would hate to see the same happen to you.


So then folks, that is all for today. I hope you have enjoyed the blog post and even if its not something to consider straight away it is definitely something to look at long term, especially if you are trying to make a career out of this. I will be back throughout the week with more posts, keeping you fully updated on the trivia world, the latest tips and ideas and getting you into a position where you can make as much profit from your business as possible!

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