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How to Attract New Customers

How to Attract New Customers

“A range of hints, tips and advice on how you can attract new customers to your business and get more bookings to make sure that your business keeps on going strong”


Welcome back to the blog and the start of a two-episode blog post that is going to look at how to attract new customers and how to attract new players. These are issues we have covered in small doses on the blog before, but as both are so very vital to your business it is well worth spending some time looking at these two issues in a little more depth. The next blog update will look at how you can attract new players and the steps you can take to ensure that your quiz night is well attended. Today though, and before that in the process of your growing business, we are going to look at how you can attract new customers – in other words how you care going to get booked. Without bookings you have no quiz. You may have the finest array of trivia technology an gadgets bought from DigiGames and you may well have so many ideas and be the finest trivia host in the land but you need to ensure you are getting booked and at some point in your trivia career you are going to have to attract new customers.

Here is how you can do that with a few simple steps and you may also watch video of Joe Troyer here


How to Attract New Customers – Sample Trivia Shows

This is by far the most successful of all methods.  Therefore, don’t take this matter lightly.  DigiGames customers report back frequently about 90% success close rate for a new venue contracts by simply doing a free trivia show.  Is your close rate even close to 90%?  Without doing a sample show, it simply is not possible.  Granted, no one likes to work for free, but if it helps you land a contract for a regular trivia account and puts at least $5,000 annually in your pocket, then why not?  Be sure to read my previous blog on this matter regarding doing a sample free trivia night.

Now, once your reputation has been established throughout the community, you have referrals, you have testimonials, you have years of proven experience, then also rely on those when closing the deal.


How to Attract New Customers – Flyers and leaflets

One key method for getting your name out there is the old fashioned method of physically sending letters and leaflets out to local venues in your area. Posting them is one option but can be costly and it is more easily ignored by the potential customers. So what you need to do therefore is take them in by hand. Devote one night to hitting all the bars in your local area and get the leaflet and business cards and flyers out there……Hand them to the manager if you can or make sure at least someone gets them. Then what I would do is a follow up visit a week later to ask if there was interest and this also allows you to check if your leaflet got to the right person.

As with all the sections I am going to cover here you need to make sure the leaflet is up to date, not too heavy on the text and really gives the potential client an idea of what you are all about. Professionalism is key in the trivia industry so you need to make sure you are projecting a professional image of yourself.


How to Attract New Customers – Social media

In this day and age Social Media is the key to all successful business. If you do not have a presence on Social Media you are going to find yourself struggling with all manner of business issues. Having a strong twitter, website and Facebook will help your business sell itself. It is also a great and easy tool to contact businesses on mass. Sometimes businesses won’t have time to see you in person but leaving a Facebook message can be picked up anytime. Just remember the golden rules we have mentioned, always keep it professional and never let the side down with bad grammar or slang terms.


How to Attract New Customers – Word of mouth

If you already host one trivia night, get your owner to recommend you or give you a reference if you are seeking other work. Always make sure the reference comments on your reliability and the way in which your trivia business has boosted their business and the effect on profits.


How to Attract New Customers – Visiting the venue

Now, here I am talking about booking an appointment to see the manager and coming up with a sales pitch. Obviously if they have zero interest in a new trivia host or starting up a trivia night then this is not going to happen and they are only going to see you if they have a genuine interest in booking you so that is when you have to turn on the charm and make sure that sales pitch is as strong as it can be.


How to Attract New Customers – Cold Calling

One method I am not a huge fan of, but some people use to good effect, is cold calling companies. Companies will get so many cold calls its hard to make yourself stand out and this only really is an option, in my view, if you have no other options and you cant get out of the house to visit venues or need to phone venues a further distance away and don’t want to waste the travel time. But if you have a good budget, why not invest in a good quality business phone that you can use for cold calling. For further details, called EATEL Business now!

How to Attract New Customers – Thinking outside of the box

One thing you certainly need to do is think outside the box…..don’t just rely on bars as we have been discussing here. Instead have a good think about where else you can do trivia….this depends on your own situation, the level of writing you can do (or buy) in terms of the questions and the equipment you have at your disposal. I am talking about the likes of schools, training companies and such like….I am talking about getting into the lucrative corporate gigs and special parties and occasions (weddings etc).


So all in all you can see that when it comes to attracting new customers there is quite a lot of think about and you need to really start to think outside of the box. Deliver exceptional customer service by having your workforce engagement tools. And if you want to drive demand with products and services tailored to specific customer segments, you can discover more here.

It’s all about staying professional, if you can keep your professional approach and professional manner and make sure your message is clear and consistent, and then back it up with a stellar and solid trivia night and you will be laughing all the way to bank. What we have coming up next time is a look at attracting new customers in terms of the players themselves….