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Topics for Trivia – Additional Rounds to Add

Topics for Trivia –Additional Rounds to Add

“An idea of several rounds to include to make sure your trivia night does not become boring or stale”

Welcome back to the blog and we are continuing today in our series of posts on topics for trivia and how to improve the quality and variety of your quiz. As we have said time after time on this the site the one big key to being a successful trivia host, alongside the usual, are making sure that you have quality questions and quality set up. Without these you are going to struggle big time.  It is important to make sure that you aren’t just all flashy lights and good technology.  When it comes down to it, if the quality of the trivia is poor if only one thing is going to happen….and that will be the players leaving in their droves!


We have looked over the past few weeks, and will continue to look more deeply into the individual rounds and how you can really spice things up and add variety to things such as movie rounds and picture rounds. But today I am going to look at a few more additional style rounds you can add into any quiz to avoid variety. These are ones I have commonly used myself and often have worked well.


Without further a do, let us being….


Topics for Trivia –Additional Rounds to Add – The Connection Round

We will start off with a round you have probably played, or even written before, and it’s a connection round. The idea of the connection round is just to add more thinking and working out into the round that just your normal quiz. What happens is usually, and I would always say the best amount, is ask 4-5 questions that are all linked in some way. Not only do the players score one point for each correct answer but they can then go back and work out the others if they known the connection from one or two rounds. Do it right and it will not only be fun for the players but it will be the highlight of the night. In one of my quizzes I have a personal battle with one team who I try to outfox and the series stands at 44-42 in my favor! The connection can be anything……names, dates, cities….but make I fun. Don’t just do Paris, Rome, London, Madrid and then have “European Capitals” as the connection. Make something where people will think and even if they don’t get the connection then they should be saying “ahhhhhhh” when you do reveal it.


Topics for Trivia –Additional Rounds to Add – Trivial Ladder Round

Another good idea you may have seen used is Trivial Ladder or Trivial Train round. This is where the answers link in some way. There are three main ways I do this….

The first on is that the answers in the round form the Alphabet. So for example I will have a round of 10 with the following answers.

  1. Hydrogen
  2. Iceland
  3. Jasper Johns
  4. Kilometer
  5. Lima
  6. Manchester
  7. Norway
  8. Orange
  9. Pyro
  10. Queen


I wont tell the player where I am starting the Alphabet at, they will have to work it out. The idea with this sort of round is make questions 1-3 hardest and 4-6 easier and then medium for 7-8 and end with two hard ones. It means they won’t be able to get the letter straight away and will have to work backwards through the round adding a bit of challenge and diversity to the quiz.

The other way to do this is to do…the next answer begins with the last letter of the previous one. For example this could be a set of answers.

  1. Beer
  2. Rebus
  3. Sausage
  4. Easter
  5. Rhine
  6. Eagle
  7. Evergreen
  8. Norway
  9. Yogurt
  10. Turkey

See how the questions end with the letter the next one begins with?

A littler hard to monitor I know and a little harder to set and play. The first way is much much better but I guess thus at least gives you the option of having something different,

The other way I have seen, and no necessarily used, is having a round where the answers go up in length…stars with 2 word answer, 3 word answer all the way up to 9. It gets harder to set as weeks go on but as a bonus it might be fun to throw in there from time to time.


Topics for Trivia –Additional Rounds to Add – Who Am I Round?

One quiz I run ends with a 10 point round…..its a Who Am I round where I give increasingly easy clues about a celebrity, famous person, city, historical figure, football team, TV show etc…..It starts with something obscure and works the way down. The idea is that teams who get it earlier earn more points….so if you come in after 2 clues and get it right you get 9 points. Come in and get it wrong though and you are out of the round. One guess only. Give the teams little slips of paper, give about 20 seconds between each clue and you will see a very good response. The tip here would be to ensure you read the scores of the quiz out before you do this round to encourage team to gamble.


I hope you have enjoyed this post today and this installment in our series of posts on topics for trivia. I have covered 3 keys areas here and hopefully gave you a good few examples to get yourself stuck into when you are next devising a way of jazzing up your quiz.

Much more to come this week including a whole array of posts on marketing ideas, tips for setting and ideas of boosting your sales via up-selling so stay tuned and until next time. Happy Trivia hosting!

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