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Trivia Check List – Blog Highlights – Your Survival Kit

Trivia Check List – Blog Highlights – Your Survival Kit

“A recap of the past weeks of blog entries to remind, refresh and inform you”

Welcome back to the blog and I hope your week has started well. Today’s post is a tad different from some of the other posts we have looked at in recent weeks as what we have for you today is basically a recap of the past few weeks of blog posts. Every 25 posts what I am going to start doing on the blog is adding this kind of post just to give you a brief reminder of what you have talked about, suggestions of what posts may be worth looking back and just acting as a guide for new readers as to the sort of thing we cover here at the DigiGames blog!


I have looked at several different aspects in this very busy month so without further a do….

Trivia Check List – Blog Highlights – The Highlights

I have spoken this month a lot about different rounds and ideas to include in your quizzes and trivia events. What I have focused on is a key aspect of trivia hosting and that is variety….without variety your quiz will die out faster than you can ask the questions so we have looked at how to spice the rounds up, how to turn your rounds into more interactive occasions, how to devise a quiz that feels different every week. We also looked at the important joker rounds (double points for every questions in the round) and how you can really add these to your quiz to make sure you are serving your audience well. I mentioned that this can also help you really even your quiz out as if one team is weak in an area they can make up for it with the joker!


We looked at the all important issues of prizes and again my main topic was to stress the importance of making sure that you try and give everyone a prize, have prize rounds that are more about luck than knowledge and then everyone can join in and go away with a prize. I also mentioned the best way to carry out the jackpot round so that you have a rolling jackpot that attracts more people as it rises and rises. Don’t pay out a small jackpot every week….aimed for 5-6 week payouts and a triple figure jackpot sum.


I again mentioned several key issues in terms of selling yourself looking at how important it is to have a blog on your site and the need to update it every day, how to get gigs and just the other day we spoke about the need to ensure that you are reacting accordingly when you loose an account. In terms of keeping the gig I gave advice on how you should structure your quiz in a way where you aren’t boring your players but are making sure that they spend money at the bar…..extra table rounds, picture rounds and written questions for example. I gave advice on the all important up-selling of your services .


We looked at other ways in which you can make money as a trivia host and thinking “outside of the box” so to speak so that you are not only looking at bar venues but have made contacts in the fields of Bible Trivia and Graduation parties and such like. It all spends….and if you still have not taken the step of going down one of these roads yet, then I ask why not? Go back and re read the post and you will see how money can be easily made.


I spoke to you also about the need to include technology….but the RIGHT technology….in your trivia sets. It is not good buying cheap products that will break down on you after 3-4 uses. You need the trivia technology that will really make it easier for you to carry out what you wish to. Don’t settle for the rest, go for the products available through the DigiGames who have been doing this several years….nearly 20 years in fact.


I spoke to you about the key differences in running a quiz aimed at adults and one that has more focus on the teen market. The stress here being the teens have a bit of a shorter attention span so need to be kept entertained.


I also provided you with a number of example quizzes throughout this month (final one will be next month and then you are all on your own….). It was beneficial as it showed you several of the ideas I mentioned in the various blog posts about additional rounds.



Trivia Check List – Blog Highlights – The Highlights – Summary

So there we have it….I hope that you have enjoyed this post and it has reminded you of a few of the hints, tips and advice I have given over the past few weeks. If I had to provide a brief overview of the main points in the blog for the past month then I would say the following shine through

  • Always be professional, in whatever you do from the cold call, to losing an account to the blog you write. Treat it as a serious business and not just a hobby and you will laughing all the way to the bank!
  • Use technology….its affordable from DigiGames, easy to use and wont let you down. It will increase players and attract business
  • Add variety….it truly is the spice of life. Don’t rely on the same old format and get stuck pigeon holed in a box you can’t get out of….ensure you are adding new elements, keeping your players on their toes and really mixing things up for the sake of your business!


There is plenty more coming in the blog with plenty of the themes we started this month being put into practice so stay tuned, thanks always for reading and I look forward to passing on more advice, hints and tips from my trivia experience.