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Choosing the right trivia wireless buzzer product

Choosing the Right Wireless Buzzer Product “Technology is essential to your trivia business and here we present a rough guide on how to choose equipment that will ease, and not hinder, your hosting experience”   Welcome back to the DigiGames blog. I hope you are having a good week and are enjoying the new range

Me First – 1 extra player P.A.D. for Me First v.2 wireless buzzer system

Add-on player P.A.D.s (Private Answer Domes) for the NEW Me First v.2 wireless buzzer systems They are sold individually — order just the number you want Need to BE PAIRED WITH A Me 1st FACILITATOR REMOTE, SOLD SEPARATELY. These are Add-on player P.A.D.s (Individual Answer Domes) for the NEW v.2 Me 1st v.two wireless buzzer

Me First v.2 wireless game buzzers – Small Group Set (4 users)

Involve Each student with this dynamite audience participation tool. This five-piece starter kit contains 4 light-up wireless player P.A.D.s (batteries incorporated) 1 facilitator handle unit (batteries incorporated) Total weight: much less than two pounds. RF range is 80 feet. Facilitator remote can block out these who have already answered Give absolutely everyone a possibility to

Who’s First? Wireless Buzzer System w/ light tower, USB port

Stand-alone “buzz-in” gameshow buzzer method that will add excitement to a Q&A game! Identifies very first and second location respondents with snazzy lights, a loud buzzer 6 color-coded touch pads that announce who came in very first — and second! Operates via radio frequency signals touch pads can be placed as far as 80 ft

Educational Insights 7880 Eggspert

Each player has a diverse colored Answer Button on a four ft cord. Demands AC Adapter (not integrated) or 4 AA batteries (not integrated). two modes of play (see Product Description) Spice up classroom management and practice math facts, spelling, history, science terms anything in your curriculum with this clever, motivating answer program. Powered by