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How to Book More Trivia Shows

How to Book More Trivia Shows




  • Are you looking to expand your range of work?
  • Are you seeking to grow your more business and give your employees more trivia shows?
  • Are you simply looking to build a more solid base and foundation for your trivia business?


There could be a whole host of reasons as to why a particular trivia hosts wants to book more shows at any one point and getting more shows is as much of a long term game plan as a short term one. Whether you are simply needing extra income or wanting to build a trivia empire, here are a few simple steps to ensuring you get more business and advice on how to book more trivia shows.


It goes without saying that above all else for this to work you need a quality product. If you are looking to get re-hired, build new business and get a good word of mouth spread about yourself then the actual product you are delivering and the quality of the trivia you deliver needs to be high.

There are a few areas we will consider here –

  • Have a dedicated web page featuring each service you provide.
  • Getting past clients to rebook you and hire you again.
  • Getting new business.
  • Building you word of mouth by getting referrals and recommendations.
  • Building your social media presence.


Book More Trivia Shows – Website Advising

Here is an interesting statistic:  Only 1 out of every 300 DigiGames customers has a dedicated web page on their site that A) Highlights their trivia services and B) Has pictures to showcase their system, past performances, etc.   This is a staggering low number, right?  Granted, some folks purchase wireless buzzers to satisfy only a specific account, and therefore web advertising isn’t required, but such a scenario is not common.  Having that dedicated web page with pictures of YOU having fun with game players who are smiling, laughing….whatever….it KEY to your success.  Be sure that this page is directly linkable from your home page…..In other words, don’t make people have to click through a maze of options and other pages to finally see your trivia page.

Your web page checklist:

  • Do you have a web page that discusses your game show system?
  • Do you have pictures on your page from past performances?
  • Are your pictures high quality?
  • Do your pictures show your game system clearly?
  • Do your pictures depict players having fun playing the game?
  • Does your page have a “Call to Action” with phrases like “Call us today to find out how we can make your next event a success!” or something similar.


Book More Trivia Shows – Initiating Word of Mouth

Initially, and I speak from experience here, a lot of business as a trivia host will come from repeat customers. People who have booked you before and enjoyed your shows will be more likely to use you again rather than take the risk on a new entertainer, but you have to make sure that you are being proactive about it. Waiting for them to come to you might be a long wait so you need to take action. If you are looking at how to get more bookings for trivia shows then one of your starting points needs to be:

  • Keeping in contact with people who have shown interest in your service.
  • Keep in contact with people who have previously hired you (annual corporate events, schools, bars/pubs, etc).
  • During your consultations get the caller’s email address.
  • Join client’s Facebook pages and use social media to your advantage.
  • Note past and potential client’s phone numbers from clients.


For more information on this topic see the article Getting Referrals and Recommendations and also Successful Trivia Nights – Referrals.

No buyer is going to like 10 emails a week telling them about your latest services but 1-2 emails a week to various contacts advertising any new games you are performing and any other trivia services will suffice. It keeps you fresh and relevant in their minds and means you are keeping the dialogue open! I promise you, speaking from experience, this works and sometimes it is far better use of your marketing time targeting people who have book you before then trying new avenues. In terms of getting new business we have covered this several times on the blog so far so you should already have a good idea on the issues of making a good first impression, ensuring you have a good sample, selling yourself, offering trials and showcasing new technology.


Book More Trivia Shows – Cold Calling

Nobody loves to cold call.  You don’t like it, I don’t like it.  But it is a successful proven method.  You should know this by now and if you are looking to boost your business then a short term focused push on the local area using the above strategies will help. Devote 1 solid week and focus on going around drumming up new business and at least making contacts. If they aren’t keen on trivia just yet, play the long game……take their contact details, get their information and keep in touch. So that when the situation does arise where they may have a need for trivia, you are the person they are going to turn to. Simple! Word of mouth we have also mentioned on the blog is key to making sure you can get good business. This is two fold – the word of mouth from the person who hired you is often overlooked. They will often be in online groups, Facebook groups and local meetings with similar businesses and hence if you can strike up a friendship, however real, with the person hiring you they may just spread the word to the local business community.


Book More Trivia Shows – Social Media

Ensure your customers know about your social media pages, give them a good experience and they will be more eager to spread the word! It is literally all about the quality….word of mouth can cripple your trivia night if it works against you, but working for you it can be a much more powerful device than any marketing materials you spend time and money putting together. I have spent hours on Facebook and twitter trawling through pages and pages listing pubs in the area, bars in town and possible trivia venues. I add them all, usually I am added back (using an account with a business name to make it more professional) and then I can keep in touch, advertise my services and before long business started coming in. At the end of the day, if you are looking at how to get yourself more trivia bookings and boost your business then you need to consider the facts above but I cannot simply stress enough that what you need to do is make sure the product you have is quality and then keep moving it forward. Why should someone come back and re-hire you?

If you are friends with 2 bars on Facebook, for example, where one bar hasn’t booked you and the other has.  Take pictures of the event that you did at the competing bar so that the bar that didn’t book you sees how much fun everyone had at their competitor’s establishment. This kind of mild ‘peer pressure’ has worked throughout mankind’s history. It can work to your advantage here too!


Book More Trivia Shows – Final Thoughts

Ask yourself that question over and over again and the answer should be that you provide the best service. From the moment you open talks with the prospective client to the moments after the trivia night, and everything in between, you should be providing a high quality service that is moving forward.

  • Always feature your trivia game system, embrace new technology and tell the venue managers and owners how great it is.
  • Get testimonials, flashy pictures, videos of you in action but above all else keep in touch.
  • Keep the contact quick, regular and productive.
  • Don’t engage in endless emails if it seems to be going no where.
  • If you use your time effectively and efficiently and above all else are producing a good product you should find yourself with no problems whatsoever building new business.
  • Patience is also vital, don’t loose heart if the business doesn’t come quick and fast, instead just play the long game and the results will come.

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