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Using Trivia at Rehearsal Dinners

Using Trivia at Rehearsal Dinners

As you continue to read the blog, which I hope you are enjoying by the way, you will have began to notice that trivia has a lot more uses that you first imagined. As a trivia host and if you are looking to launch a trivia business then sticking to just traditional venues and traditional trivia nights may hamper your progress but if you open your eyes to one of the many prospects of trivia you have not yet considered, the world is your oyster!


Performing trivia at Rehearsal Dinners is one of those areas. This indeed is an issue I have faced on a few occasions and I myself was very worried and anxious the first time I did Trivia at a Rehearsal Dinner as I did not know what to expect. It took time to plan and prepare the event and I wish I had a tool such as this blog to help me along the way. Well, lucky for you, here is a brief guide to some of the issues to consider when carrying out trivia at a Rehearsal Dinner.

Rehearsal Dinner Trivia

First, using a buzzer game system comes in handy for rehearsal dinner trivia.  There are also other rehearsal dinner games out there that are very effective.

What is a Rehearsal Dinner I hear you ask? It is usually either the night or two nights before the wedding when couples and families get together to go through the events of the big day. The planning is just about done by now and everything just needs that one final run through. It is usually a special occasion as only the main family members will be involved. It is not a case of the issue of bridal wedding trivia as we mentioned before where every uncle and person every met is involved. It is much more relaxed.


Indeed that is the key word I am going to use throughout this post is relaxed. The kind of Trivia you need be running at a Rehearsal Dinner is very different to the normal circumstance which you may find yourself in. This is the night before the wedding, everything is done and ready and this is a final chance to get together before the big day. The bride and groom, and indeed their families, will want a chance to take their mind off things and unwind before the biggest day of their lives. Chances are if they are having a Rehearsal Dinner and they have booked trivia for it then there is a big budget wedding taking place so you need to play your part as an effective and fun trivia host.


The first thing with any trivia like this is you need to know what THEY want. Forget your experience, your tastes and your ideas initially. The bride and groom will have booked you months in advance and you should have had chance to meet them at least once in the run up so you can plan your night. If they want a specific game show style format then do it, if they want a test of the knowledge of each other do it….whatever they want, by all means offer suggestions, but they are employing you for the night so adapt your style as needed.


If they leave it up to you and give you a free reign with the brief to “entertain us” then there are a few key aspects to consider. For starters do not take yourself too seriously, it is not your night, its theirs and their families night. Secondly, they are unlikely to want a brain busting workout on their night before their wedding so avoid the usual quiz style general knowledge trivia questions. Dress appropriately (they are likely to be formal) and ensure that you have a good game plan with plenty of research.

Rehearsal Dinner Quiz Show

What works? Well, familiar shows and concepts work best as you don’t want to spent time arranging rules and teams etc. Family feud style games with fun, interesting questions (make wise selections of choices) with one family against another, bride vs groom. Catchphrase style games work well also. Anything where the fun comes before brain power and that is going to create laughs from the audience because remember you may have only 8 people playing but another 20 watching and all need to enjoy it.  Here’s where the magic REALLY comes in.  If there are 28 people, for example, at the rehearsal dinner, that’s 28 people you already know well.  So, when you go to the wedding reception the following night, you will be greeted by close friends and family of the bride and groom as if you are old friends.  As you organize the wedding party for the introduction, perform the garter auction, bouquet toss, and other games, you have already established report with these important people and it will have a significant impact on your overall performance.  How?  This previously established bond will affect other attendees to the wedding reception.  People will subconsciously reason “The DJ/Entertainer sure is close with the bride and groom and their families.”  This makes you one with the entire crowd, and makes you more approachable as people come up with song requests, but most importantly you will have gained the entire respect from the entire audience. This respect translates into referrals, but they will also do what you say to do.  “Everyone stand up and find such-and-such item for the scavenger hunt.”  Who will say no?  They can’t!  You are already friends with the most important people present and their close relatives.  I cannot emphasize the magic that happens at the wedding reception, all thanks to doing trivia at the rehearsal dinner.


In essence, Rehearsal Dinner trivia can be intimidating at first but once you understand the key ethos behind the night, and therefore the ethos that needs to be behind your trivia, you will have no problems in impressing the bride and groom and giving them a fun and memorable night before their big day.

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