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Using Trivia for Class Reunions

Using Trivia for Class Reunions


Class reunions are becoming ever more popular and pretty much every week in every town a class is getting together to remember the old times. It has actually become a growing industry with companies offering to run the class reunion, provide DJ’s, venues and entertainment services. There is a lot of pressure on the organizer of the class reunion as they want to a) make sure people attend and b) ensure that people enjoy it. There is nothing more awkward than a class reunion with 6 people sitting in a bar with little to talk about. As a Trivia host this is where you can come in…..

Rehearsal Dinner Trivia

Hosting a Trivia night or game show experience at a class reunion could be one of the most lucrative, profitable and above all else fun occasions that you as a trivia host can participate in but you need to pitch it right. It will be unlike any other trivia event you have run before and you therefore need to approach it differently.

Trivia for class reunions

You have to remember above all else a class reunion is about old acquaintances, remembering a by gone era and nostalgia. This is not a serious test of general knowledge or a regular occasions, it’s a one off event which needs to be unique for every different class reunion gig you attend. What works for the class of 1992 may not work for the class of 1978 and you therefore need to do one major thing…..

Trivia for Class Reunions

Planning. The planning and preparation of a Class Reunion Trivia Night is where you will ensure the success of the event. You need to make sure you are making it interesting to the audience and ensuring that the people playing your trivia will be keen on what you are offering.

  • As I said, because the night is about nostalgia, you need to ensure this is reflected. The trivia questions you ask ideally, should all be concerned with the year in question.
  • If this is the class of 1978 then focus the questions on that era.
  • Your picture round could be famous people and faces from that era, the music round needs to be hits they have heard at school, sports clips from famous sporting clips and TV commercials from that decade.
  • It should all bring back memories.
  • Asking questions based on things not relevant to the era or just general knowledge won’t have that same appeal.


If you have browsed the DigiGames site you will have noticed customer game show systems. These are the systems based on TV Shows that you can customize to suit your audience. Now here is a novel idea……invest in these to make your class reunion trivia night even more unique. Remember we said about making it relevant to the time? What better way to enhance your audiences pleasure than running a trivia night using a system that replicates a game show of the era. Perfect! Even if you don’t like it, aren’t familiar with it or don’t usually use it, forget all that for now as it is their night. A trivia host using a game show format people know and are familiar with is always going to work better than a new format with rules and pen and paper. Get wireless buzzers involved, there is a great game called Clobber (see previous post) to use and above all else, as I keep saying time after time on this blog embrace the technology. If you do not do it somebody else will and they will end up getting the business that you could be getting.


Studies show that the average class reunion will occur 8 times in the 20 years after they leave school so if you can get involved in say 10-15 class reunion groups that means you are getting yourself a good range of gigs to supplement your income. It is therefore very much worth the initial investment in equipment and marketing to get your name out there as if you impress the first time you will be booked time after time.


All in all, you need to remember one thing….this is their night not yours. Forget about the usual questions, forget about the usual format and style and the need to make sure all age ranges are covered….this is a night for remembering, nostalgia and remembering an era that may be some time ago. It will take practice, preparation and time to make sure it works but in return you will produce an entertaining, innovative and fun night for all involved! Class Reunion trivia is a growing industry so do your best to get in there now!

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