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Why Secure Sponsors for Your Trivia Show

Why Secure Sponsors for Your Trivia Show 

Adding a logo takes 10 seconds and that 10 seconds could be earning you around $100 a week!


As one business consultant publicly stated:  “The Route to your financial success may well be Sponsors. Increase your profits and standing in the trivia industry by attracting companies to sponsor you.”

Welcome back to the blog and we hope you are reaping the rewards of the daily advice, information and guidance being provided to you. Whatever your trivia hosting needs, gigs and styles, I am sure you will have found plenty of food for thought across the past month and we are here to stay so keep checking back for a daily update!


Why Secure Sponsors for Your Trivia Show

This blog entry is going to look at the often controversial  issue of sponsorship within a trivia event. This is very much a trivia issue were there are two distinct schools of thought. On the one hand are the pro-sponsorship people who contact local businesses, make more money and get free prizes for their events. The nay-sayers don’t like the corporate feel the idea of sponsorship gives to an event and feel it is a lot of effort of minimal reward.


The truth is you can almost double your income from using a sponsor. Let’s take a look at some of the issues relating to why securing a sponsor is a good idea and begin with the obvious…


Why Secure Sponsors for Your Trivia Show – Who and Where?

The first thing you have to consider if the nature of the sponsorship and check with the venue owners. If the person paying your wages does not want a sponsorship heavy trivia night then you can’t do it….it is that simple. Check everything you do with the venue host and make sure the sponsors are local, reputable and relevant.


Why Secure Sponsors for Your Trivia Show – The income….

Let us not beat about the bush here. The main reason you should be seeking sponsorship is to raise your profits. You have a marketable tool….you are a trivia host, running events to sometimes hundreds of players and therefore you will appeal to sponsors. Direct advertising is hard to get and some of the people playing your games may be hard to reach. If you run a quality trivia night sponsors will want to be associated with you to get exposure and be associated with something positive. You can have your game show software customized, answers sheets sponsored, the whole night “presented by xxxx”, individual rounds sponsored by companies and even with the likes of the game systems for DigiGames you can include logos on there.


And if you are asking yourself Why Secure Sponsors?……its all about the money. Even getting $10 a week means extra income but chances are you can land more than that. If you can convince the sponsor you are running a great night, advertising it well, show him your social media contacts and display how you can sponsor…$100 a show is not rare. Remember, you are getting the income from the bar owner or venue owner anyway. If it’s a weekly gig this will be supplemental incomes. If running a one off gig, then aim for more, explain how many thousand people will be there over the course of the sponsorship period and get a larger sum to boost your profits. After all you work hard to produce a trivia night and run it so you deserve the financial rewards. Great money for little effort…..just what the doctor ordered!!!


Why Secure Sponsors for Your Trivia Show – The Prizes….

We talked earlier in the blog about how and why to secure prizes from your trivia event and indeed this is where the sponsor can come in as well. If they are paying for sponsorship of event then they probably are more inclined to offer prizes for spot rounds or jackpots. Free samples may also be easy to wangle. So again, to answer the question of why to secure sponsors then look no further than the fact that it can enhance your trivia night in more ways than one.


Actually, thinking about it if you are getting a nice sponsorship deal you can even raise the prize money meaning more players and hence boosting your players even more.


Perhaps now you are starting to see why sponsors need to be secured!





Why Secure Sponsor for Your Trivia Show – The Word of Mouth….

Last but not least the sponsorship may help you spread names of your services. If a local firm sponsor your quiz, they may mention it on websites and social media etc which will then increase your business name and other companies may get in touch. You will be very surprised how appealing the trivia market is to local firms and many of the forms who cannot afford major advertising may just be willing to shell out for your services.



In essence, what you have in terms of securing sponsors is a chance to boost your income. It is often a case of a lot more money for a lot less work and you can find your weekly and annual earnings sky rocket from a little investment of time. As I mentioned in the very beginning, adding a logo to a sheet or your software games takes 10 seconds and that 10 seconds could be earning you around $100 a week! Trivia is a thriving and very competitive industry and you have to make sure that when you get a gig, you make as much profit as you can. Remember though no matter what happens with sponsorship, never ever let it cause your night to any less entertaining and always strives to give the best show. Also, consider the feelings and views of the people paying you to host the event as after all, if you annoy them and they stop booking you, you will be left with nothing to sponsor!


Keep checking back daily for more updates, hints and tips on the wide, whacky and often wonderful world of trivia. Standby for future posts about how to secure those sponsors, so keep an eye out for this important topic.


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