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Making Movie Trivia Unique

Making Movie Trivia Unique

“Tips, advice and guidance on making sure your questions on movies are unique and make you stand out from the ground”


I guess I have to initiate this blog by saying a Merry Xmas to everyone reading. I appreciate this will be a busy time of year for all trivia hosts, what with Xmas parties and Xmas quizzes to run, so if you are reading this after the big event I hope it was a good one!


2015 has been a productive year, I hope, for you as a quiz setter and certainly if you have followed the tips and information on the blog throughout the months we have been active then I am sure you will have gained some knowledge and useful tips to help you in your trivia hosting.


I am going onto to a much requested issue today, and that is how to make your trivia unique. This can be hard due to a number of factors including time, knowledge and the level of competition meaning that coming up with something unique is difficult.


We have already looked at Sports Trivia in this series and this series will continue into the new year as we look at some of the other very common subjects for quizzes. Today it is the turn of movies


Making Movie Trivia Unique – The problem?

I know full well the issue you may be having with movie questions….as many trivia masters do I was once stuck in a rut of asking the same basic questions about recent movies, actors, real names, sequels, tag lines and the chestnut of all chestnuts….awards.


Now, movies are something that most, if not all of your players, may be able to have a good guess at if they don’t know the right answers so getting the movie round correct could make the big difference between you having a good trivia night, and a great one.


Making Movie Trivia Unique – The Solutions

Making movie trivia unique – Picture Rounds

Rather than asking the bog standard movie questions how about some pictures. Stills from movies always works, identify this character or you can even theme it each week so one week it could be villains, one week could be cars from movies and other weeks it could be directors and things like “Name 2 movies directed by this man….”?. Rather than asking bog standard questions about Oscars show a picture of someone recipient here award and ask for the year. Mix all these into one sheet and give your players a truly diverse occasion.


Making movie trivia unique – Media and Audio

We have discussed some time ago on the blog the use of media and audio and this can come into the film round in many ways. If you have the ability to use screens then it makes your quiz even more interactive. Think about what you can do? Play clips from movie, identify the film, what line comes next. Play trailers for films and say “guess the year”. The options are endless.


If you are stuck just with the use of audio for your trivia event then soundtracks, audio clips, guess the next line….all works. Even trailers work by playing just the audio. Don’t overdo this though….2-3 per round will usually suffice.


Making movie trivia unique – List Rounds

One thing quizzers tend to really love is list rounds as it gets them thinking outside of the box….”List the last 5 films nominated for an Oscar for best picture with a city or country in the title”….List the 5 films in which Brad Pitt has starred alongside Angelina Jolie”. Anything like this works as chances are they will get stuck on at least 1-2 and its something they can really think about and keep referring back to during the quiz.


Making movie trivia unique – Varying up the Usual….

I know what you are thinking by this point but yes, there is room for the usual array of tagline, which movie starred…. And such like style questions will work but don’t over do it. How about this style for your 5 movie question round….


  1. Standard question about a recent movie
  2. Audio question (clip from film)
  3. Standard Question about tagline
  4. Audio question (music from film)
  5. List Question


My biggest tip off all is mix it up. If you have decided that your movie round is going to be ten questions then have a couple of normal ones, an audio clip, a media clip and a picture….just keep it diverse.


Never ever underestimate what people know as even if quizzers don’t think they are good, they end up knowing the most obscure facts about movies!


Making Movie Trivia Unique – Summary

In essence, when we have looked at making movie trivia you will have noticed the general theme here –


  • Make it as diverse as possible
  • Vary it up week to week
  • Think outside of the box
  • Make sure you listen to feedback
  • Make use of media and audio style questions
  • Ensure that list question are used


It is not hard to come up with new ideas and there is nothing wrong with trying something once, and if it fails, going back to the drawing. I myself have often tried 3-4 different ideas that have failed before hitting on something that works well. Test it out on family, friends and other quiz hosts (just be careful they don’t steal your idea). You also need to be patient as introducing some new elements into any quiz is not necessarily going to have immediate results and it may take time for word to spread. You will be able to tell by your players reaction if something is or isn’t working.


Thanks again for taking the time to read todays entry and I very much look forward to hearing from you. We will be hitting the blog hard over the next few weeks to give you plenty to read during the Xmas break.


Until then, I wish you all a very merry Xmas and a profitable, and fun 2016.


Happy Trivia Hosting!


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