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Book More Trivia Shows – Cold Calling

Book More Trivia Shows  – Cold Calling

You may not enjoy it, like it or want to do it, but Cold Calling is a must to boost your trivia businesses and to getting more Trivia Shows booked”


Welcome back to the blog and today we are going to look at an area that not many trivia host enjoy doing and that is cold calling. We are back on the theme of boosting your business and getting more shows booked and you can have a fancy website, make a good impression, spread word of mouth etc but some of the best ways of getting people interested in your services is good old fashioned cold calling.  In this blog post I am going to give you some basic tips on getting the most of out cold calling and making sure you are making the most of the time you have available!


Book More Trivia Shows  – Cold Calling – Visiting Businesses

The key way to cold call and by far the most effective in my experience is the visit. Forget phones, emails, texts or letters, get yourself out there and get visiting the businesses you want to employ you. Its more personal, gives you a better chance to present yourself and allows you to show off your materials . This is much better than a standard sales call or mass marketed letter. Get in there and get your best smile on and get that quiz sold!


Book More Trivia Shows  – Cold Calling – Visiting Businesses – Choosing a Time

You have to be clever about it though and ensure you go at a good time. Check the opening hours and don’t go just before closing or at peak times. Head in either on a free night when you intend to run the trivia, to highlight how empty it is and the difference you can make, or during a weekday when the manager may have the time to put aside to sit and chat to you and really go through things. Walk in at a busy time and they will see you as nothing but a nuisance! And people don’t hire nuisances!


Book More Trivia Shows  – Cold Calling – Visiting Businesses – Choosing a Place

You also need to make sure you are making the most of your time so avoid places with long established trivia nights or places where trivia wouldn’t suit. Pick places you thing are the kind that would hire you or places where they might need trivia. Do a small bit of research otherwise you would only be wasting your own time getting prepared.  This research can be something as simple as checking out the facility’s social media accounts.  Do they have weekly activities like a band, DJ, Karaoke, or other fun nights?  If so, discuss with them how you can add value to their existing entertainment lineups. As in your quiz work careful planning is the only sure fire way of getting where you want to go.


Book More Trivia Shows  – Cold Calling – Visiting Businesses – What to take?

You need to turn up well prepared. Don’t go in there with nothing or with “I will send you one” type ideas. Get in there with your documents all ready, fliers, business cards, sample sets, a few wireless buzzers, etc. The more you take the more professional you are going to appear. At the end of the day, who is going to hire an underprepared quizmaster? Exactly…..


Book More Trivia Shows  – Cold Calling – Visiting Businesses – Overly businessmen-like or friendly friendly?

How do you approach this whole business I hear you ask? Well my one key tip would not to be too “salesman like”. Yes you are selling a product but ultimately you want to build a relationship with these potential clients and they will sure be sick of over-the-top salesman doing the same routine. Make yours different, get them onboard as a friend and you sure will be on your way!


Book More Trivia Shows  – Cold Calling – The Cold Email?

This has worked for me time and time again. Type up and put together one template then once a month hit the local businesses with your ideas. Careful not to spam, but an email is sometimes better as its less hassle for the person at the other end…you can include all sorts from samples such as testimonials, referrals and recommendations, etc, but remember to keep it short and sweet. A long email will put businesses off but a nice short concise piece with key words and phrases involved will turn heads no doubt about it.


Book More Trivia Shows  – Cold Calling – The Phone Call!

Not my most favorite or the most effective method but sometimes it can help to simply pick up the phone! Using a listings directory etc and going through local venues you feel are suited to you. Most of the time you will get “Can you email me the details?” or if you are lucky “Yeah, pop down and we can have a chat”. If you are choosing to do phone cold calling, which I wouldn’t recommend, try to choose the time wisely as mentioned above and try not to make it sound like a pushy sales call. Be relaxed, take the friendly approach and get yourself a good straight forward pitch!


Well my friends, that sums it up for today. Cold Calling is something a lot of trivia masters like to put off and only use and the last minute but it can be a very very useful tool in your Arsenal to help you build a business base. Do not just wait until you are running out of businesses before Cold Calling….start as soon as you can and making sure you do it correctly will bring the business in and keep the money flowing! It’s a shoe in !


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and took something useful from it, we will be back soon with another update but until then….happy trivia hosting!


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