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Bridal Trivia

Bridal Trivia – Using Trivia for Weddings

Ah…..who doesn’t love a good wedding. The tradition, the happiness, the gathering of families. Add one more thing to that last…the Bridal Trivia! Oh yes, I am talking about the happiest day and perhaps most important day in the lives of two people  with their families gathered all around and bridal trivia combined. Worst thing is….you are the host? The pressure you will feel if you are ever asked to do wedding trivia is beyond anything you are likely to have felt elsewhere in your trivia career. Your performance could make or break the day. Mess it up and you will ruin memories and have families baying for your blood. Pull it off and people will be queuing up to buy you a drink. The balancing act is tricky but the rewards are worth it. Based on experience and knowledge here are some useful ideas on using Trivia at weddings.


Bridal Trivia – Gathering Information

STOP PRESS – This is not your normal trivia night. Not one single question in your database can be used. No questions you have ever used before will be suitable. This is not general knowledge trivia its trivia based on people and a family.


Hence the preparation work will take time. If a bride and groom are looking to include trivia as part of the day then chances are they will book you well in advance…6 months, a year maybe more!  Your job from the minute you are booked is to make sure that you are providing a service suitable to them and therefore you need to start with the research. You need to get details of them and their family. Make contact with relatives, school teachers they have had, co-workers. Meet the bridge and groom several times together and individually. Create a folder of facts, information and embarrassing stories about the couple and base your trivia on that.


Check out the bride and groom’s social media posts….you can find out anything you want very quickly from their social media accounts.  Pictures speak volumes and downloading pictures from their social media and using them in a trivia game only takes minutes to do, and adds not only a personal touch, but also can lend to some very funny moments.


The style here is important. I think what you need to remember above all else is that the day belongs to the bride and groom and they should be central to your trivia. What should also be central is WHAT they want. If they specially say “No pictures of my with my dad” it may be because of a valid reason and don’t go against their word or it will ruin their big day. No matter how clever, smart or funny and idea is you should always ask yourself “Will they like it?”. You should know these answers eventually as you get to know the couple but always go with caution.

Bridal Trivia

It needs to be fun and isn’t a competition. I have seen one trivia entertainer host a Mr and Mrs style game “what is Sues favorite color?” etc that was not only boring but resulted in the players not getting any questions right making the bride and groom look as it they didn’t hardly know each other. Avoid this…Mr and Mrs questions and be good but basically you need to ask interesting answers that are going to cause laughs, “That’s how well I know you” and not embarrassment or anger.


Here is a complete and exhaustive list of bridal trivia questions you can use in a questionnaire.  If, like most people, your time is limited, then the VERY LEAST you can do is put some of your favorite questions into a document and interview the bride and groom.  This can be in person or over the phone.  Some entertainers will email the document and expect the bride and groom to email it back.  They are very busy people.  It simply won’t happen.  The best solution is to call her and ask for 10 minutes of her time.  Then ask the questions and note the answers in your form.  The best questions are ones that lead to follow up questions.  So instead of asking “How many pets do you have?” then asking “What is your father’s name?”, now you have a disjointed flow.  If you ask “How many pets do you have?” and the bride says “3”, then ask more questions about it.  What kind of pets?  What are their names?  How long has she had them? and so forth.  Where questions lead to more questions on the same matter, then you will have a fantastic and successful bridal trivia show.

Here is another excellent source for great bridal trivia questions.  You can also order premade bridal trivia cards, which are very professional and ready to go for your questionnaires.  This adds yet another level of professionalism to your planning and preparation.


There are many formats that can be followed, but the best format I have found is to have the bridesmaids answer questions about the bride, then have the groomsmen answer questions about the groom.  The team with the most points wins!  Another option is to have the complete wedding party buzz in with a buzzer and answer questions that pertain to both the bride and groom.  The side with the most points wins.

For other ideas for good formats, simply go to YouTube and type in ‘Bride and Groom Trivia’.  There are some excellent videos out there with great format ideas.  Here is a good example of Bride and Groom Trivia on Youtube.


The result you are aiming for should be laughing, the loved up couple smiling and the guest entertained. Easier said than done but with time and effort you can secure the wedding trivia success that they are craving. Dress appropriately too….sounds like an obvious tip but I have seen and heard some shocking things in my time.


What happens if a game ends in a tie?  You can only hope for that!  Do a simple physical challenge as a tie breaker to add significantly to the value of your event.

One final tip, check out the venue. Are there going to be screens where you can show loving photos and use baby pictures? Is there a TV where you can running videos of the couple? Is there a music system in place that will allow you to play the couples favorite songs. Every piece of bridal trivia needs to be different and every event needs to be unique to the people. Remember that too! You need to take time to get to know the people and get inside their minds. Understand what they would and wouldn’t like and craft your trivia based on them and them alone.


In essence, if you remember that the day is about the bride and the groom and that you are playing one cog in a large wheel then you are half way to success. This is unique bridal trivia unlike any other event you will ever do and wedding trivia can be a lucrative business so get it right on the first go and you could see yourself rocket up in earnings and bookings. Get it wrong and ignore the advice above and you are unlikely to be asked to do weddings ever again.

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