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Build a Rapport with Your Booking Client

Build a Rapport with Your Booking Client


“Ways and ideas on making sure you build a solid working relationship with the booking client”

Today we are going to look at a vital area of the trivia business and that is the relationship you build with the booking client! At the end of the day, you have to consider the fact that in any trivia related transaction you are perhaps only the third most important party…..the customers and the booking client come way before you and their considerations have to matter. Whether you can’t stand the client or have a generally favorable opinion of him/her, you need to ensure that a  rapport is built up as this will mean they will continue to book you and are unlikely to go elsewhere when in need or trivia services.


This is going to sound like brown nosing and “sucking up the boss” a little but at the end of the day…business is business  and you need to do what it takes to get the trivia edge….


Build a Rapport with Your Booking Client – Avoid the mundane

Although at the end of the day what you are essentially doing with your booking client is trying to make them pay you for your services. There is a sales pitch, an invoice and a cost so everything on the outside is business like transactions. But the rapport that goes with it needs to be strong. If you simply cash the cheque, collect the payment, turn up and leave all in quick succession at every trivia event without so much as a hello or asking how business is going etc then you will find the chances of you losing that job increase. If you can turn the business arrangement into something with a bit more of a rapport then you will find it is far less likely that your services will be discontinued and it will make potentially awkward business conversations much easier (for example you demanding a pay rise as you have been so great!).


Build a Rapport with Your Booking Client – Social Networking

Are you sick of me mentioning social media yet? Well, without sounding harsh, you better get used it and if you haven’t got any accounts yet, then now is the time. Social media comes into play with the rapport building as a simple add on facebook, a follow on instagram or a tweet here and there helps build that rapport.  A tag of a photo with “another successful trivia night by xxx at the xx pub” will get interest and above all else you will be able to communicate in all manner of ways and keep the dialogue open.  If you are a wedding DJ, for example, and the bride raves about you on social media how does that make you feel?  Well, that would only make your day!  This is a two-way street, remember.  If you highlight your client, the fun you and everyone in attendance had, the drink/food specials that people missed by not being there then your client is going to remember how you took the time to promote their establishment.  This is not a time consuming recommendation.  It is easy and only takes 60 seconds to do.  This type of acknowledgement will set you apart from other entertainers, DJ’s, and trivia hosts in the area.


Build a Rapport with Your Booking Client – Get to know them

Part of your social media skills will help with this category but then again you are going to need to back this up with the face to face dealings. Don’t let the manager be just a name or a job title. Make the effort to get to know them, do they have kids? Where do they live? Which sports teams do they follow? All this can be goldust in terms of building up that all important rapport. If you can have a chat to them about their favourite sports team or tease them when you know that team has just lost a vital match then it is all going to help build the rapport.




Build a Rapport with Your Booking Client – The Thank You

The venue owner takes a big decision in booking you. They probably have other options, they probably have other ideas but for some reason or another they have decided to choose you. They have not probably had chance to truly know you yet and therefore have not had chance to really get to understand how good your services are (because let’s face it….if you have taken all the hints and tips from this blog then your services ARE going to be brilliant aren’t they!). How about inviting the host out for dinner, or a coffee or even just a few drinks as a thank you. Perhaps send a card, write a letter or write an email….yes those forms work but what better way than to spend some time with the client and get the rapport going from the very first moment.


Build a Rapport with Your Booking Client – Treat it like a friendship

Finally, treat the client rapport like a friendships with all the values you normally would…, reliability, respect and honesty. These are the building blocks of any human relationship and therefore if you make them the building blocks of your relationship with your client then you will find an all round solid foundation on which to begin.

In essence therefore –

  • The rapport is a vital step – use it wisely
  • Don’t let the trivia transaction be too business like
  • Keep it friendly, honest and real
  • A thank you gesture can matter
  • Treat it as a friendship


What I keep trying to drill home with almost every blog entry is that the world of trivia and trivia hosting is very very competitive and if you drop below the line there is always someone there who can step up and take your place.  The minute you are off your game there will also be another option. Couple that with the fact that as well people will be offering cheaper, newer and different services that will tempt the eye of the venue owner looking to boost profits with a sponsor. This is where the rapport comes into play If indeed, you can be the one to build the rapport then all the offers of cheaper, newer and fresher services won’t matter (you should be delivering a quality product anyway) as the venue owner will have the rapport with you that sometimes can overcome and rule business decisions.


Until next time, keep the trivia coming thick and fast and keep reading the blog for more hints, tips and ideas of turning your trivia business into the success it deserves to be!


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