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Buzzer Style Quiz Questions #1

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Here’s a few fun questions for our UK customers.

Which English Costal Town, lying the 209 miles away from London, has the Motto “It’s So Bracing” and was the site of Billy Butlins first Holiday Camp?


Which service, provided by the BBC, ceased to exist from the 24th October 2012 after 38 years of broadcast? It was launched in 1974 as the world’s first teletext information service.


Formed as “Atomic Mass”, which band from Sheffield achieved fame with their second album “High N Dry”, a single from which entitled “Bringing on the Heartbreak” was one of the first metal videos played on MTV.  In 1983 their single “photograph” from the album “Pyromania” turned them into a household name and they scored their first and only US No.1 with “Love Bites” in 1989. Name the band that features Joe Eliot on lead vocals and Rick Allen as a now one armed drummer?

Def Leppard

This British City lost its city status in 1888 but was re-granted it by Queen Elizabeth in 1994. Based in Pembrokeshire and lying on the River Alun, what is the smallest city in Britain in terms of both size and population?


“I have always depended on the kindness of strangers” is the famous last line of which literary character?

Blanche Dubois

His victory at the Battle of Lewes was a complete reversal of affairs in England and saw the capture of Henry III. However, in the following year he was defeated at Evesham by the future Edward I. Name this baron leader?

Simon De Monfort

Which boxer of the 1930’s was at the time the heaviest man ever to have held the World Heavywight Championship. A record he held until Nikolai Valuev won the world title in 2005. He was the first ever Italian World Heavyweight Champion and nicknamed “The Ambling Alp”?

Primo Carnera

Which French President uttered the famous quote “politics is too important to be left to the politicians”. He served as a general in World War 2 before become the 1st President of the Fifth Republic in 1959, a post which he held until his resignation in 1969?

Charles De Gaulle

A statue of this person appears in St. Martins Place in London and at the outbreak of World War 1 is quoted as saying “at a time like this I am needed more than ever”.  A state funeral was held in their remembrance at Westminster Abbey in 1919, 4 years after execution by the Germans. The quotation “patriotism is not enough – I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone” is most associated with which British nurse?

Edith Cavell

Originally coined by British art critic Laurence Alloway, this art movement celebrated the post-war consumer boom and the materialism of Americans.  Identify, this school of art whose most notable proponent was Andy Warhol?


Pop Art



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