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Choosing the right company to buy trivia products from



Choosing the right company to buy trivia products from


“Tips, help and advice on making sure you spend your hard earned money wisely and ensure that you have the tools to make your quizzing experience right”


Welcome back to the blog and I hope you are having a merry festive season. With the winter night support us and Santa Claus on his way we are carrying out a series of blog posts between now and the new year to give you trivia hosts something to read whilst the kids are playing around with their new toys, or whilst you are waiting for that turkey to cook.



Today we are looking at a slightly different subject than yesterday, and trying to help you make a wise purchasing decision. Throughout this blog I have stressed time and time again, nearly in every single post possible, about the need to use trivia products that are modern, fresh and unique and a lot of the time this requires buying them from a specialist service. Digigames as a leading and experienced player in the trivia market knows a thing or two about what makes a good product, and I hope to share that with you to help you make the right decision.




Choosing the right company to buy trivia products from – Why buy trivia products at all?


I know immediately upon reading the title of this post what some of you are thinking and that is the fact that you are wondering why is there a need to buy trivia products at all? Won’t a pen and paper and microphone do? That is where you are mistaken. The trivia market is crowded, pubs and venues are ever increasing in their expectations of what is wanted and if you don’t stay on track with the trivia market, the trivia market will simply pass you buy in the flick of an eye and you will find yourself with no work. Even buying in questions is sometimes a good idea to increase your ideas and improve your nights.


So what we are going to look at therefore is a rough guide to the most important features and factors to consider when you are making a decision of which company to go for.




Choosing the right company to buy trivia products from – General Information


Its Not all About the Price!

If all you care about is getting the cheapest product available then go onto ebay now, sort them into price order and buy it. The one thing I can guarantee doing it this way is that you are going to get a poor quality item that you will not be able to return and that you will have to replace in a matter of days. Is that what you want? I guess not….Yes, you need to have a realistic budget but going cheap will not impress. You are in a competitive market so quality, appeal and USP’s count far more than the price. If a $40 buzzer kit breaks after 5 uses it will have cost you more long term than if you have a $400 kit for 3 years.


…..But how do I know this?

Well, there are several various indicators to how to know which products to go for. One of the first things you should  take a long hard look at is the company. How long have they been around? What reviews do their products get? If you are dealing with someone like Digigames who has been around for years and has vast experience in the field and is always updating and innovating the products you know they can be trusted. This is a hard business and most new companies struggle to make so you can take the knowledge that a company that has been established as long as Digigames is a company to trust.



Can you contact them?

This is a biggie for me…If I contact a company and they take days to reply or even have to be re-contacted before I get my answer then I know I am not going to do business with them as if I develop a problem they won’t be quick to sort out. Send them an email, phone them up and check out their social media status. Is it all updated and in check? Did you get a reply and did the pick up the phone? If the answer is yes to all these you have found your company and I can assure you, if you put Digigames through this test you will get your positive results.


Customer Feedback and Reviews

Always important….ask around, look at product reviews and testimonials. If it’s a large purchase don’t just rely on testimonials online, find out answers on forums and message boards. Do as much research as is humanly possible



You need to also think about what else the company offers….in terms of free upgrades, software support, warranties and tech support. The more the better!


Essentially, I guess what I am trying to say is you need to take your time to invest wisely and try and always stick to reputable companies who have been around a while. Trust me, bad companies don’t last long in the trivia world and if you have someone as established as Digi Games then you would be a fool to go elsewhere.



Choosing the right company to buy trivia products from – Summary


So, to summarise what we have looked at here is the key factors you should consider –


  • Take time choosing the right supplier
  • Listen to reviews
  • Talk to other customers
  • Speak to the company
  • Check the level of support
  • Check how easy you can contact them
  • Will they help promote your quiz as well?



If the company you have chosen ticks all those boxes, as Digigames foes, then you know you are onto a winner. I cannot repeat enough the basic bit of advice you will get when buying anything from anyone. Don’t impulse buy and don’t be fooled by cheap ebay rip offs as you will only be forced to replace broken and poor items which in the long run is going to cost you a lot of money.


Always go for an established and trusted source like Digigames and always think long and hard before making the purchase.


I hope today’s post has been some use to you, and on issues such as this I am always open to ideas and questions o if you have anything to ask please feel free to ask. Until then, keep an eye on the blog for upcoming information and tips and you know what I am going to say next….


Happy Trivia Hosting!




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