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Creating a “Wow” Factor for Your Trivia Night!

Creating a “Wow” Factor for Your Trivia Night!

“Hints and tips on creating the wow factor of your trivia night to ensure your customers feel encouraged to play and impressed”


Happy Friday and a warm welcome back to the blog. I hope you found yesterdays ideas on Social Media bookings useful and I have much more to say on the subject so stay tuned for future updates on attracting more business via social media!

Today we are going to look at a different kind of situation altogether and that is the need to create the wow factor at your event. I have said on this very blog time and time again that perhaps the biggest challenge you face as a trivia host is the competition of other rivals and the fact that there are many many trivia hosts but not as many venues to have everyone working as much as they would like. So to ensure that you are not the one to miss out and that you are the one who gets all the bookings what you need to do is make sure your night stands out and what you are aiming for is that “Wow” factor.


Why create the wow factor?

At the end of the day, the presentation of the quiz is all important. If you are using little scraps of paper, tired old pens, torn answer sheets and a dodgy microphone then it doesn’t say a great deal about you! You need something that’s inviting, exciting and makes people want to play. It will help impress the managers of the venue, help get you bookings and make your customers come back.


Plus, if you are thinking of ways to attract new players, then people who maybe enjoy the fun element more than the content of the trivia being asked will be much more drawn towards something with flashy lights and banners. It also makes people aware from outside that the bar is hosting trivia and makes for great youtube videos and social media pictures.


What to use?

Banners are always useful or some sort of stand to have your details on. Maybe your name, company name “John Smith – Smiths Pub Quiz” and some contact details will do. Don’t overload it, keep it simple, invest wisely and get something that looks professional. You can buy cheap items like this from Ebay but you will only end up buying them again in the long run so find out a professional company and get something useful.


I always also find TV displays good to use. If the bar has a lot of screens ask to have your logo displayed, powerpoints, you can play clips for question, you can have the picture round displayed there for extra viewing…all manner of things. Make use of everything that’s available and if the TV;s are already there this is not going to cost you a thing!


I am not the biggest fan of lights and LED lights but I feel they do have there place in large venues and at major events. In a small pub no, in a well lit bar in the middle of the day then they are not worth it but if you are hosting something that’s akin to a game show event and it is in a large location the it is something to go for. Always consider the venue and whether the initial investment in the goods is going to eb worth it for you in the long run.


And cheap and easy….wear a branded t-shirt with your name and company name on. Simple, effective and looks professional. A nice quality, washed polo shirt does the trick for me and then at least everyone knows you. I have “Add me on Twitter” on mine with my @ username!

Essential Tips

A few key factors to consider here therefore. First and foremost, take time and preparation in planning your set up. Don’t order stuff without thinking and always use reputable buyers. The worst thing you can do is buy cheap products as you will only end up having to replace them in a matter of weeks so stick to companies like Digigames, who have been in the business years.


Also think about the kind of venue you are running the trivia in. Forget about the products initially and think what will look good in the venue. Is there space for a huge banner? Will lighting be effective? It all matters as the last thing you want to do is spend your valuable budget on goods that end up not being any use.


Keep it neat and tidy. The items you are going to invest in will not be cheap if you are buying the right style of good, quality products so what you need to do is make sure you are treating them with care otherwise you are going to have the opposite effect of what you intended. Scraggy banners will make you look unprofessional and uncaring. A nice neat banner is what you want so keep them in good condition. You may save money in the short term with a cheap banner, but it will be much more expensive in the long run.  A good banner will pay for itself right away.


So in essence we have looked at a few key factors in this posts on Creating that wow factor you need to impress customers and keep the bookings coming in. At the end of the day you are a professional and you need to appear professional. Remember the key elements of what we have discussed –


  • Making sure you invest to earn, don’t buy cheap or you will buy again
  • Ensure that you keep your items in good condition
  • Take time to set them up
  • Take pictures, use them to the full extent especially on social media


Thanks for taking the time to read the blog today and hopefully you have found some use in this post. Creating the wow factor can be useful to your business and expanding your income rapidly. It shows professionalism and commitment and these two factors will be vital to your future progress


Stay tuned for more updates throughout the week and we will be sure to answer any questions, feedback or information requests you have.


Until then, happy trivia hosting….

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