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DEX 3.4 – Enhance your DJ set with multimedia and broadcast potential

Granted, this blog site is everything trivia, but we have something really exciting to share with you. An amazing piece of technology that is a must have for al mobile DJ’s – It name is DEX 3.4 and it may be one of the best and most innovative products on the market.


Coming with new features, advanced technologies and upgrades to ensure a better customer experience, DEX 3.4 is created to ensure that DJ’s who wish to provide their audience with a unique multimedia experience can do so easily, effectively and with business boosting results.


DEX 3.4 is a major update and overhaul of the system and not merely a minimal update other products and suppliers often provided. The new BPM detection system is a ahead of its time and will help make your multimedia experience like no other. The improved Auto-Cue ensures the whole mixing experience at the heart of DEX is strengthened. Ice cast is now supported allowing a DJ to broadcast mixes to a wider audience via internet radio…a revolutionary idea you must agree!


A team have experts have ploughed time, resources and creativity into ensuring the product is suitable for any DJ looking to enhance his business package and the results with please, entertain and instil that “wow” factor within your customer base. Everyone who has been at an event ran by DEX 3.4 will feel part of something unique and appealing and will be eager to return. What you get with DEX 3.4 is the best mixing software package on the market with a robust system and plenty of features to enhance your events.


Here is exactly what innovations have been made in DEX 3.4 –


  • Advanced and innovative BPM detection system with the highest performance to date
  • Support for Icecast to broadcast you set to millions
  • Automatic detection of mix in and mix out cue points
  • Refactoring of the FX Engine
  • Reworking of the Auto-Cue systems to ensure efficiency and reliability
  • A novel and unique loop “slip” mode setting
  • Improvements to the Graphic’s rendering
  • Support for Denon MC-6000 Mk2 added
  • Advancements in the sampler play modes, recoding features and monitoring aspects


Are you looking for that cutting edge product? That chance to make your DJ night the best in town? In essence, what you have with DEX 3.4 is enough innovation and creativity to enhance you experience! What are you waiting for…..order DEX 3.4 TODAY!


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