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Enhancing a Show with a Projector and Screen

Enhancing a Show with a Projector and Screen

“Keep the customers coming in, give your event that professional touch all with the simple addition of a projector and screen”


Welcome back to the blog and I hope you all had a good, and of course profitable weekend, with your trivia hosting. What… aren’t hosting on a weekend yet? Give it time and follow the tips included in the blog here and you will soon see your bookings increase so that you do find yourself working weekends!


Today, we are going to look at one of the many issues I have covered relating to increasing your bookings, boosting your profits and giving your customers even more enjoyment that they are currently having. Again, this doesn’t require too much expense (especially considering the boost in profits it will bring) and it is something that you may have overlooked.

We are of course, going to look at the use of a projector and a screen!


Enhancing a Show with a Projector and Screen – Make it known….

I have walked into bars several times, or walked past them, and not realized that the quiz is actually on. If you have a big projector, colorful and well placed it will help draw people into the bar, they will see clearly there is trivia going on and even if they pop in for a quick drink and to see what the fuss is all about that’s is more people in the bar and hence you are doing your job!

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Enhancing a Show with a Projector and Screen – The Professional look

The main reason you want the projector and screen added to your armory (and hence the one I will stress more than ever) is that it gives your trivia services and your events a more professional touch.

  • The whole package is easier to sell to customers, it all flows better and the whole sales pitch and presentations for business will work much better if you are telling the venue what you are going to do that is different.
  • It makes you seem more professional, more keen and more interested in the trivia hosting. People who turn up with scraps of paper to pitches and presentations look shoddy and thus the more technology and gadgets you can afford the better (don’t worry, later in the post I mentioned how to make this money back!).
  • Your customers will have a better time as they will feel as if they are at a better trivia event itself. They will see the effort you make and providing you show good display, have a nice range of use of the projector and use it well then they will enjoy the night more as they will experience something different and hence want to come back!



Enhancing a Show with a Projector and Screen – Looking after the goods!

….before I go on. Can I make one point clear? You need to look after the gear. Yes, above I have said how the gear itself can give your trivia services a much more professional look but at the end of the day if you fail to do even the basic task of looking after it, after 3-4 uses it will start to have the opposite effect. A tatty broken screen, a dodgy out of focus projector will make you look shoddy and if you don’t care your customers wont care so will find yourself on a short path to loosing the booking. I know what it is like at the end of the night when you are in a rush to get home and get to bed but taking an extra 5 minutes to securely pack everything, tie the wires and check the goods will help you in the long run.

What do we recommend for projectors and screens?  We recommend this BenQ projector.  It is 3,200 lumens, which is great, and prices just a tad over $500.  It is an amazing projector.  Also, it is a ‘short throw’ meaning you can hug this projector much closer to the screen than a normal projector.  This is due to BenQ’s unique lens design.  If you can’t afford that exact one, no worries.  There are less expensive models.  Simply do a web search for “BenQ short throw projector”.  For projector screens, any ‘Da-Lite’ brand projector screen will do the trick for you.  For many years you will be able to open and close the screen without any issue and it literally takes less than 1 minute to set up.  An important feature of Da-Lite screens is their ability to fold down compactly for easy transport.  We ourselves use this specific Da-Lite Projector Screen, which is currently priced at around $275.  For for about $900 you are all set.  This is a small price to pay for the professional edge you will have at your events.


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Enhancing a Show with a Projector and Screen – Selling advertisements

We as trivia hosts are always looking at ways of maximizing profit, and indeed I may have mentioned this before, advertising is one way to do this. You are going to appeal much more to potential advertisers if you show them how you are projecting their logo, offers and details on a large screen rather than just on paper based quiz sheets. It will attract more interest and you can attract more money for your services!

This is where the snowball effect takes place.  When you have many bookings it is much easier to get sponsors for your shows.  See our blog about why to secure sponsors for your events and how to secure sponsors.


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Enhancing a Show with a Projector and Screen – Variety of questions

The screen also helps in your actual delivery as you can vary up the questions, use it for picture rounds and display score boards and such like. It makes your whole game unique and gives you chance to tackle things from a different perspective. Did I mention it will also help you stand out….a lot!



Enhancing a Show with a Projector and Screen – Open up more possibilities.

  • Instead of simply reading questions, use picture questions or video questions.  The pictures and videos then appear on the screen and makes the show much more lively and fun.
  • Use your screen for picture or video bingo.
  • Showcase a Jeopardy gameboard.
  • Display a leaderboard on the screen for players to know names and scores of all participants.
  • Play commercials from local businesses who pay to sponsor your events.
  • Recognize the company you are hosting the trivia for by showing their logo between trivia rounds.
  • Take funny random pictures of attendees prior to the start of your show and display them as a slide-show during your 5 minute break or while you are setting up for the next game.
  • Do trivia theme night rounds.
  • Host karaoke shows and contests, talent shows and contests, like America’s Got Talent, and American Idol.

…..and the list goes on and on.  With a projector and a screen only your imagination is the limitation.



Enhancing a Show with a Projector and Screen – Friends with benefits

…..and last but not least there is always the option to loan the equipment tor friends to help make the money back. They may be one-off hosts, rare trivia hosts or indeed just need the projector and screen for a short period. Now, I know friends are friends and such like but at the end of the day business is business and you need to make your money back on the outlay so even a small charge (say 5% of the fee) would suit your needs. Obviously, only do it to trusted friends and get some sort of agreement that if they trash it….they replace it. Make it known you have the equipment available and you will hear the phone ring with people wanting to rent!



Well, that’s it for another blog and I hope you have found the post today as enjoyable to read as I did writing it. Little things can make a difference and you are busy as a trivia host so its often good to have someone who has been there, got the t-shirt and asked 100000s of questions to take a little bit of the stress away.


We have a lot coming up this week so keep your eyes peeled daily for the latest updates!


Until next time, happy trivia hosting!

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