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Expanding Your DJ Services with Trivia

Expanding Your DJ Services with Trivia

Incorporating Trivia into your DJ Services to ensure more bookings, more income and more customer satisfaction”


Welcome back to the blog and after yesterdays look at the various types of fun trivia themes you could use at your next event, we are looking today at another side of the coin and that is the link between DJ Services and Trivia itself. Trivia as we know is a far reaching, universal and widely enjoyed activity….as is DJ’ing. The combination of the two therefore can lead to more successful services and we will look at how you can do this.


Expanding Your DJ Services with Trivia – Diversifying your services


Now, in reading this you may currently be a DJ plying your trade on weekends and looking to add some extra income into the bank account. Trivia could be your route into doing this. Have you ever considered it? if you think about it long and hard it makes a lot of sense. As a DJ you probably already have a lot of the tools you are going to need…..sound systems and microphones, communication skills, contacts, social networking presence and the bookings at bars. So why not utilize them to the full possible potential and get those bookings coming in.


Allow me to make a little prediction here if indeed you are a DJ at present…….your bookings will be mainly weekends right? Friday-Sunday you will be up until 2am partying, giving out requests and taking your stuff on the road to the latest booking. Spending your weeknights in front of the computer promoting and getting ready for the weekend ? Well, the main nights for Trivia are the exact opposite of what you are working. Monday-Thursday when the bar isn’t as busy is when they look to run trivia to get people in and get the bar full of punters looking to spend money and have a good time. This is where you come in….



Expanding Your DJ Services with Trivia – Know the game


Firstly, what you need to do is get out there and see what others are doing. You can sit and read items like this blog etc and put your thoughts into practice.  However, if you want to get the best of this industry and make the most money you can, you need to make a good job of this and therefore you need to get out there and look at what rivals are doing, get an idea of what works and what doesn’t and use that knowledge to expand your services. I would suggest perhaps going to around 7-10 different trivia nights just to soak it all up. There is nothing worse than a trivia host who lacks in the knowledge and experience to run a good night but there is a good few shortcuts.


Expanding Your DJ Services with Trivia – Competing with your rivals


I say this time and time and time again on the blog but I cannot stress it enough.  The trivia and DJ industry is a competitive one and you need to stay involved with the current trends and I can tell you for a fact now that a lot of the current DJ’s around the city center bars etc also offer trivia services. Don’t get left behind….look at the kind of systems offered by companies like DigiGames, look at what people are buying, playing and doing to entertain themselves and use that to craft your services into something more appealing. Don’t loose your DJ gigs to someone who offers a more complete entertainment package. The ideal for me is getting a gig in the same venue on the Thursday to run a trivia night and the Friday to storm the DJ Decks.



Expanding Your DJ Services with Trivia – Combining the two       


And we will end this discussion on another issues altogether and that is, rather than adding a whole trivia night to go alongside the services you currently offer could be the route to your getting booked over your rivals. Have spot prizes on the hour every hour where you call three people up on the dance floor to answer trivia questions, or one person to sing the next line of a song, or identify a year in which a particular song was in the charts…..don’t get your people sitting down with pen and paper as they are there to dance. Instead, ensure that they are active, involved and that you are getting everyone in the room watching. Something that takes no more than 2 minutes but that keeps people in the bar…..a chance to win a round of shots. I have seen DJ’s reward the “best” dancer with a chance to play a trivia game to win a free round for their table. Keeping it simple, keeping it fun and keeping the questions easy is the way to go otherwise you could find this will have the opposite affect than you intend.


At the end of the day therefore we have discussed three main issues here –

  • Keeping ahead of the trends and keeping up with rivals
  • Adding trivia nights to your repertoire
  • Placing trivia into your current DJ services to mix it up


Reading the above will give you a great insight but you cannot compete or beat actual experience so getting out there and being able to put your ideas into practice, finding out what works and what doesn’t is the best sure fire way to success.


So there we are for another day, we will be back tomorrow and during the week with further tips, information and advice to aid you.


Remember to keep reading and until next time, happy trivia hosting!


P.S. If anyone every has any request or ideas for topics please get in touch and we will put something together to help you. As I keep saying… helps to know what the customer wants and that would help us create an even more fun and useful blog for all you fantastic readers!

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