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Games You Can Play with a Remote Wireless Buzzer System

Games You Can Play with a Remote Wireless Buzzer System

“A look at the wide world of options opened up for your trivia night by the inclusion of a remote wireless buzzer system”


Throughout the weeks of composing his blog, I have several times mentioned the need for a trivia host to embrace new technology and stay ahead of the field to make sure they get the business and get booked. Well; today’s blog is coming at a different angle and we are looking at actual games you can play with the remote wireless buzzer system.


Games You Can Play with a Remote Wireless Buzzer System – Suggestions

One major aspect of the likes of the wireless systems you will buy from companies such as DigiGames are that they are endlessly customizable and you will find yourself able to do whatever you like in terms of the event itself. This is becoming something of a catchphrase for me on this blog but it remains true that the only limit to games you can play is your imagination!

Let us take a look at some of the options (I feel a sequel to this thread coming on already)….


Games You Can Play with a Remote Wireless Buzzer System  – Game Show Trivia

DigiGames offers a wide range of fully customizable game show systems which can enhance any trivia occasions by using the formats customers know and love to produce a memorable trivia experience. If you are a TV producer looking for a new game show trivia system or a trivia host looking to inject some spark into your trivia occasions, DigiGames game show systems can work for you! Bring the likes of Jeopardy, Family Feud and Who Wants to be a Millionaire into the whole experience.

  • Utilize tried and tested game show format to boost your business. Provide your customers with a memorable trivia experience in a format they will know and create.
  • Stand out from your local competition by creating a game show feel to your event.
  • Impress local venue owners by displaying your unique systems.
  • Boost customer retention and word of mouth by providing innovative and fun systems


Games You Can Play with a Remote Wireless Buzzer System – Think Outside the Box


Many entertainers find it best to stick with TV game show formats that people already know.  This is typically best because you don’t have to explain any rules, or it only takes a few seconds to remind people of the rules of the game.  However, if you come up with your own format, it can be exciting and fresh and memorable.  Only make sure that the rules are not complex to the extent you find yourself having to restate the rules frequently throughout the show because your players simply don’t get it.  There are a number of games I have played that only take a sentence or two to explain the rules, and are VERY fun to play:


Trivia-Ladder-Pro Trivia Game

DigiGames Version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire


Games You Can Play with a Remote Wireless Buzzer System  – Trivia Ladder Pro


Trivia Ladder PRO brings the fun, excitement and pace of a game show to your trivia night and provides a completely immersive and addictive experience. Trivia Ladder PRO presents your players with questions which they answer using their handheld devices. If they answer correctly they advance up the ladder. Answer incorrectly and they will fall. All with the intention of reaching the top of the ladder! A fun, frantic game of trivia will be the result!

As with all of the innovative products from DigiGames you can customize Trivia Ladder PRO until you have a game that suits your style and your event. For example:

  • Various ways of determining the winner (first to the top or who is highest after xxx number of questions).
  • Easy import of Excel questions from your own database.
  • Addition of features such as fastest finger first or audience polling giving your event that “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” feel.
  • Fully customizable presentation to make your trivia night a one-of-a-kind.
  • Easy incorporation of media including music and picture questions.
  • Free updates for life to ensure you have the very latest innovations.

Trivia Ladder PRO provides your player with a unique and interactive experience that you can tweak and adapt to suit whatever event you are hosting. Whether it is trivia in a bar, restaurant or corporate event… matter what the occasion may be, Trivia Ladder PRO delivers every time.


Trivia-Feud Software

DigiGames version of Family Feud


Games You Can Play with a Remote Wireless Buzzer System  – Trivia Feud


Based on America’s famous Feud show, Trivia Feud brings questions with surveyed responses to a new level. Trivia Feud software is included with hardware systems where the Party Pack of games is included. If you do not need any hardware and only want the Feud program you can purchase it here.


  • Questions or statements appear and players buzz in for the ‘Fast Finger’ question to guess at any answer on the board.
  • Players get the option to play or pass.
  • A ‘pot’ of points is tracked and the team with the most answers guessed wins the pot.
  • Wrong answers accumulate X’s. Careful! 3 X’s and the opposing team can steel the pot of points and potentially win the round.
  • The editor allows you to create your own custom questions and multiple answers and establish points for each answer.
  • Add team (family) or player names with ease.
  • Create as many rounds as you want within a single game and create as many games as you want.
  • Easily establish single, double and triple rounds.
  • Trivia Feud allows for hot key commands which means that you can use your computer’s keyboard to control the software or use a wireless keyboard similar to the gaming keyboard to control the software remotely which you can buy to some reliable websites like



There in lies just a handful of examples and as I said the options are endless. Using the systems as above may just be the starting point towards you developing an appealing, interesting and profitable system. Remember to make it work for your audience and ensure that everything is done with them in mind and you will not go far wrong. Make it relevant, make it fun and make it familiar and that gives you a great start to proceedings .


That is all for today, I feel a sequel to this thread coming on that will contain much more information, ideas and understanding of what to do in these situations but until then keep checking back daily for further updates and good luck at your next gig!

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