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High Energy Trivia Shows

High Energy Trivia Shows

“Keep the crowd entertained with a high paced, high energy and high quality trivia show and watch the profits roll in”

Well, it is good to see the blog has returned to strength this week and long may it continue. I hope this weeks array of posts on all matters trivia have been useful and interesting to you and with the blog back on form there is plenty more to come on going. Today we are going to move a little bit away from the kind of posts we have been doing during the week and take a look at another kind of trivia show altogether, the high energy show.


Now let us make something clear here. We are not talking about a mass participation standard run of the mill pub trivia event here….oh no….instead we are talking about a one off show where maybe only 3-4 people take part and everyone else is an audience members. Does this work I hear you ask? Why not get everyone involved I hear you please? Well its quite simple….millions and millions of people watch TV quiz shows such as Jeopardy, The Chase, Who Wants to be  Millionaire but they don’t go to trivia nights. In actual fact, the market for people who actually play trivia in real life is merely a fraction of the TV audiences some of these shows get. So why not target these people? Get these people into bars and venues to watch live trivia taking place.


High Energy Trivia Shows – Professionalism and Class

The first thing you have to consider if you are going to go down this route is whether or not you have the tools and finances to start it off. You can easily buy several quality and professional systems from DigiGames with the lights, microphones and all the backing you need. But the thing is you cannot, and I repeat this again, you cannot go into this with a half baked approach. If you are going to have a high energy trivia show going then you need reliable, quality and plentiful resources to do it. You are trying to get people not only to play but also to watch the product you are putting together and thus you really need to focus on presentation ranging from the backdrop to the lights to the booths or screens you use. Every little thing has to be every little bit right without question.


High Energy Trivia Shows – Keep the pace going!

…..this goes without saying. The pace has to kept up. If you are presenting something you are expecting people to stick around and watch then you need to keep them hooked, entertained and engaged. If either of this things fail then I am afraid to say that your night is going to fail and you are going to end up wishing you have went that little bit quicker. You of course need a fine balance here as you do not want to have a show that whizzes by so quickly that your audience don’t know what has happened but you also don’t want a show that drags on so slowly the audience are watching the clock. Short, high energy bursts will work and make sure its all managed well and you will have no problems at all in this department.

High Energy DJ Show

High Energy Trivia Shows – Target your audience

Make sure the trivia night you are putting together is suited for the audience. We have talked about this several times on the blog but one of the key aspects of being a good and successful trivia host is to be able to present a product that not only impresses but entertains all and therefore you need to do your usual market research before starting the gig to make sure you know the audience, what they are like and what will work best. Worst thing is presenting a show that people end up leaving during!


High Energy Trivia Shows – Duration

….and speaking of duration this cannot really be pitched at a usual 1-2 hour trivia night. What you need to be doing  is making it short and simple. Perhaps a 10 minute high energy trivia event at 7,8,9 and 10? Perhaps a 30 minute slot just as happy hour ends….however you pitch this you need to make sure you are not driving your audience to tears.


High Energy Trivia Shows – Audience participation

In saying some of the above, your audience don’t have to just sit and watch throughout. Use Who Wants to be a Millionaire style “ask the audience” games, use voting and audience polling and have the audience doing something. Even if you invite them to play along with every questions then they don’t have to and the ones that do will enjoy it more.


DigiGames Wireless Buzzers


High Energy Trivia Shows – Game Show Systems  

And finally to end it on a subject we keep on coming back to on the blog. Game show systems…..why not run your high energy trivia show with a game show system to replicate what is on TV. Choose your favorite style, what suits the audience bets and with a simple purchase it will be yours. Your audience will love playing a game show system they know and love and you will certainly see the effect.

So there you have a few simple yet honest truths about hosting the type of high energy trivia shows you may be keen on doing. You have to go into this field with the right frame of mind, thinking that its not your normal pub trivia but instead what you are putting together is a show for people to watch and a show that is intended to entertain them. If your show fails any of these criteria it is going to be a hard struggle to make it a success.  Follow the steps above however and you are half on your way to a rip roaring success.


Until next time my friends….happy trivia hosting!


Remember to get in touch if you have any queries, questions or topic ideas you want me to cover!

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