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How to Incorporate Prizes into Your Trivia Events?

How to Incorporate Prizes into Your Trivia Events?

Although the majority of players at your Trivia event will be primarily concerned with having a good time, a few beers and taking on some quality trivia (which of course you are providing!) it does help to have a selection of prizes on offers. Look around your local area and you will see that the trivia nights with the highest attendance, largest number of teams and thus most profit, are the ones which offer a range of prizes.


Incorporating prizes into your Trivia nights can be tricky though as if you stick to the old format of simply awarding prizes for the team that wins and maybe the runners up, then you will alienate the vast majority of your teams who are never near the top. The same teams will win the prizes week in week out and although you will still continue to run a successful night, some players may feel a little demotivated that they make the effort to come to your Trivia night every week without the hope of winning a prize.


But, alas, we are here to help on the subject of incorporating prizes into your Trivia nights as with a wide range of experience there are a lot of things that can be done.


The Winner – Ultimately no matter what system of prizes you use, the teams that finish in the Top 3 should be rewarded. After all the whole aim is to score points by answering trivia questions correctly so the teams that are best at doing this should be rewarded accordingly. However you go about incorporating prizes into your Trivia nights always remember the winners need a good prize as by nature quizzers are competitive people and want something to aim for.


The ‘Booby Prize’  – One unique way is to offer a prize for the team that comes exactly half way in the quiz standings or the team that finished second last. This gives all those teams something else to play for other than victory. It is virtually impossible to play tactically to finish 10th or 20 teams or 19th so no one will know who wins the prize until the end. Make the prize worthwhile, a bottle of wine, free beer vouchers, a small cash amount etc and by logic, teams who attend all year will at least pick up a few prizes. This is one of the best ways of incorporating prizes into your Trivia nights as it gives every team, no matter the size, the ability of what kind of night they are having the chance at taking something home.


On the spot prizes – Here is a little unique and fun way of incorporating prizes into your Trivia nights. In between rounds or on 3-4 occasions during your trivia night offer a spot prize. Simply issue each player with a slip of paper or wireless buzzer before the trivia night and have some prizes set aside. Again 2 x beer vouchers will do! Ask a questions that needs guesswork…a date, a number, a year, an amount…..give your players 60 seconds (to eliminate cheating) to hand it in and the nearest the total wins.  Simple! It again gives every person the chance to win relying on very little knowledge and who doesn’t love the chance to win a free beer.


In essence the idea of incorporating prizes into your Trivia nights needs to be thought of along the lines of how to best spread the prizes out. If the team of the professionals in the corner still have their glory to aim for a prize to win by doing so they will be happy, but it will make your trivia night much more successful if you can incorporate opportunities for anyone to win prizes! The best quizzes are when each week different people leave with a prize!


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