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How to keep your audience coming back week after week


How to keep your audience coming back week after week

“Making sure your business stays strong by getting the customers coming back week after week”

In our continued series looking at how to ensure you boost your trivia business and have the venue owners queuing up to hire you we are going to look at one of the most important and vital elements of your business… to get your audience coming back week after week. It goes without saying that every trivia night will only survive if it has repeat business and if your customers attend once and never come back then you are doing something wrong and you will soon find your service surplus to requirements. In this post we are going to look at –

  • Ensuring your customers are informed about upcoming nights
  • Giving them the best experience
  • Varying the game-play
  • Jackpots


How to keep your audience coming back week after week – Keeping them informed

One vital tool in your arsenal is keeping your customers informed. This is crucial if your trivia event is only once every month or every week or every night. Even if you run the same event in the same venue week after week then you still need that extra push to get people to come. Take their email address (see yesterday’s approach of doing this by a jackpot round), get them to add you on Facebook, create a mailing list….social media is a huge weapon for you to keep in touch with your audience and any trivia host who fails to use it is eventually going to be left lagging!

The audience is more likely to attend if they know what is on, when, what the jackpot is and if there are any special rounds (see later in this post).

How to keep your audience coming back week after week – Giving them the best experience

Before we go any further it is worth stopping to say one thing…..yes, the advertising matters, the jackpot matters and the venue matters….of course it does. But at the end of the day the number 1 reason why people will return to any given trivia event anywhere in the world is if they have a fun, entertaining and involving night. Boring them, giving bad trivia, showing no enthusiasm and failing to entertain will drive customers away. They will soon find one of your rivals to take their business too and you and the venue owner will be left lurching. The time should be present producing a quiz that appeals to your audience. Quality = profits!


How to keep your audience coming back week after week – Making it varied

One sure fire way to keep customers coming back is variety. Using the same format, year after year, no matter how good it is may become stale over time. If people know what to expect each week and things never change then they are more likely to “give it a miss this week” and return next week. However, if you add elements of diversity to the show including theme rounds, varying up the pictures (maps, countries, flags, symbols, logos instead of celebs) and perhaps include jackpot rounds using game show system or one off raffle games of Clobber of such like they more they will feel they “cant miss it”. In essence, it is vital that you make your trivia night a “must not miss” event and people plan their social week around it. You can do this by making it varied, fun and giving the audience a sense of excitement as to what comes next.


How to keep your audience coming back week after week – Rolling Jackpot

The lure of a large cash prize may also be key to getting people back time after time. If the jackpot rolls on to $100-$200 dollars every few weeks people will want to return to win the Jackpot they have been paying into. To do this you need to set hard questions for a week, make it tough to win and set yourself a limit. For instance, when my jackpot gets to $200 I start to make it easier to increase the chances it gets won. People see others winning huge sums and are more inclined to come back. The jackpot, or in other words dangling the dollar in front of people, can be essential in getting them back to your quiz every week.


How to keep your audience coming back week after week – Build a Rapport

Finally, a subject we have already covered….it is vital to build a rapport with your customers so they feel they are coming to a friendly environment. If you get to know them, refer to them on first name terms and show an interest in them they are much more likely to re-attend than if they feel like strangers in the bar. You will see….any successful trivia host during the evening talks to his players. Get used to their team names, get ideas of how well they usually do so you can make comments an overall just make them feel like friends at a fun social event rather than a means to your business ends. Personal touches are the way to increase your profits and if customers feel “they will be missed” if they don’t attend one week they will be back for sure!

In essence therefore you can see how vital it is to get your customers coming back week after week and without this you won’t survive in the trivia world. By following the easy steps above you can ensure that you retain customers, impress businesses and keep the trivia night running smoothly. Failing to do so will be a disaster for you, your business and the venue owner so above all else you need to make sure the quality is there, the advertising is clear and the customers know they can expect a good night of entertaining trivia.

Stay tuned for the latest hints and tips from the world of trivia!



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