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How to make sure every player enjoys your trivia night?

How to make sure every player enjoys your trivia night?

“Tips, advice and guidance on ensuring your trivia night is carried out to suit every player in the room”


Welcome back to the blog and I hope you are all well and enjoying a productive week filled with Trivia hosting. Yesterday’s blog about the jackpot round seemed to gain a great response and one reader commented on how the ideas will help him make sure every player in the room enjoys the trivia night. Which brings us straight onto the next subject……How to make sure every player enjoys your trivia night?


This is something I struggled with at first. To give you a tad of background on myself, I am quite a serious trivia player as well as a host so the kind of quiz I would prefer to play in isn’t necessarily the kind of quiz I need to run. This is the first thing you have to consider… to your audience. This is not necessarily something you can do from the off so you need to learn on the job. That first quiz in a new venue is always the toughest but after 3-4 weeks you should have no excuses and should be making sure that everyone is enjoying the quiz.


It goes without saying that you never ever ever should be making a quiz based on your interests and what you think the players will enjoy. It has to be aimed at the players, for the players and taking them into consideration at every single step of the way,

How to make sure every player enjoys your trivia night – What to consider and the Problem?

Now, to begin with before I propose some ideas, the idea is to come up with a list of the factors that you need to consider that will determine people’s enjoyment but there are two I would consider.

Age – You need to assess your crowd. If the crowd is mostly under 30 or mostly over 50 then it makes it an easier night run as you know where to pitch it. Mixed ages means problems!

Ability/Seriousness – You may have people in your quiz who are experts and some who can’t identify a simple question. How do you balance this? Rad on to find out more


How to make sure every player enjoys your trivia night – Ideas and suggestions

Okay, let us look at tackling this problem then. The first issue I raised was age. What you need to do is make sure the rounds reflect you have a mixture of ages. If the team has a young player in, then they will enjoy the quiz far more if there are questions they know others wont. So add in the odd reality star in the picture round or the latest chart topper in the music round. No quiz is fun if a player cannot answer a single questions. Also to not alienate the younger players, if the question is going to be about 1960s culture or 1970s history for example at least make sure the answer is something they will have heard, or the fact is interesting enough to keep them intrigued.


If you have an older crowd and you yourself are a young host, then its going to take time to research accurate and testing questions for your players. Something you may think is hard about 1960s TV for example will be easy to an older player who had it as part of their culture.


The other tricky part you have is the range of players in the room in terms of ability, quizzing experience and seriousness. If all your teams are pitched at the same level then running the event would be so very easy but you are never going to get that. In every single quiz I have ever ran you will see the same range of people going from an older crowd of regulars to a young student team mainly looking for a laugh. You therefore have to make sure the quiz isn’t too easy as it won’t please the regular teams but not too hard to put people off. Building up the difficulty is always a good idea. S0 if you’re doing 10 rounds of 10 questions in your quiz….make the first 50 at a level where the lowest score should be around 38-40 and the highest 45-46. That means when you read out the half time score it should all be close motivating players to stay and try harder! Then when the beers have kicked in and you have the final scores, people wont care as much. If they only score 5 out of 50 they are more likely to leave before its all over and what you need to remember above all is your job is get people into the quiz and make them stay and the only way to achieve that is if you make sure everyone enjoys it.


I cannot stress enough though the key point is to cater for the players. Don’t just cater for you, or your ideas, make sure the quiz, in all elements, suits the players in the room, always adapt and be prepared to change otherwise find yourself a new role!




So, in essence I hope you have enjoyed the tips and hints. If you are a new trivia host then some of the above may be things you have not experienced before or considered but having learned them myself from hosting vast amounts of quizzes I am confident that you should be able to gain something from the above information.


Remember the key steps –

  • Plan and prepare for your audience
  • Never tailor a quiz that only suits you, play to the audience
  • Consider all the factors….ability, ages, seriousness, time
  • Don’t be afraid of change

Until next time, happy trivia hosting. Keep the comments, feedbacks and suggestions coming . Keep checking back on the blog and site for daily updates and I hope todays instalment has helped you.

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