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How to Market Your First Ever Trivia Event

How to Market Your First Ever Trivia Event

“Taking the right steps to ensuring that you market your first trivia event correctly to create a good impression and long lasting business”

Welcome back to the blog. After yesterdays post on New Years Resolutions, I do hope you have made your own, and indeed for those of you that have already began the year with your trivia hosting then I hope all is going well.


As promised, the blog is back in its regular full swinging mode this year and today we are going to look at a different area than we have been and that is starting out. I realized that the blog was heavily focused on people who were already in the trivia industry and who were already established, but did very little to cater for those people looking to host their first ever


How to Market Your First Ever Trivia Event – Give Yourself Time, But Not Too Much

This is the question I often get asked. How far in advance should you advertise a new trivia night. My tip would be around 3-4 weeks. This is long enough to make sure plenty of people see it, but not too long that people will forget. It is always good to aim for the first day of the month or suchlike (or the first Monday etc depending on when you run the quiz).

How to Market Your First Ever Trivia Event – Social Media

Social Media is the key. 99% of trivia hosts will use exclusively social media to advertise their products and services so you have to put in some time and effort. Make sure the venue has it on their page, make sure its on your page, create an event and invite friends, get it listed on the feeds of local businesses etc and listings site and above all else get a reminder in the day before. Remember if you create an event on facebook and invite people, when they join they are given an automatic reminder so half your work is done for you!


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How to Market Your First Ever Trivia Event – Venues Posters

This sounds basic and simple but make sure the venue actually has a few posters up. I have hosted trivia nights before when I have asked the venue to do it and they just forget or won’t. Get down to the venue 3 weeks before and check, check the week before to see they are still there. I like the idea also of getting it printed on beer mats, which although cheap, not many bars have taken a shining too.

How to Market Your First Ever Trivia Event – Local Press

Many local papers will have a fee listings sections….simply use it! Some of your key target market may not use social media but they may very well browse the local press! Make sure they get the time, date and venue in there. If the bar manager is willing to pay, a small classified ad mentioning the big jackpot and the way in which it can be won would also be good ideas to keep things flowing.

How to Market Your First Ever Trivia Event – Big Jackpots

The first trivia night will need some kind of hook to convince people to take a chance on you. Something to rope them in….a big jackpot will help. Convince the bar manager or venue owner to pony up a $250 jackpot. If he wants it won, make an easy jackpot round, and if he doesn’t then make it too hard to even google…..that way the $250 bait works without paying out.  Make a mini tournament out of it.  Do 3-4 games and note the winner of each game.  Then at the end the 3-4 people play the final jackpot game.  This is an excellent way to keep patrons within the establishment, which means they will spend more money, which means the bar will easily make that $250 back again.

How to Market Your First Ever Trivia Event – Co-promotion

Some local trivia masters will help you out….for example if your quiz is on a Tuesday and you have a Friend who runs one each Monday, get them to mention your night and then you return the favor by mentioning there’s. Works a treat as you are essentially getting some free advertising to a local market who you know likes trivia.


So in essence we have looked at a few key points here –

  • Making sure you advertise the quiz in advance, but not too far in advance. 3-4 weeks in advance is good
  • Using social media to get word spread about the trivia event, advertise on as many sites as you can
  • Get posters displayed in the venue, make them attractive, stick to key selling points
  • Use local listings, often free
  • Convince the venue provider to offer a big jackpot for the first night
  • Get the help of other quiz people in the region
  • Make sure you set reminders for players who have shown interest


All in all, some of the hardest work you will ever do as a trivia host is getting the first event in a set venue advertised and promoted successfully.  Without the effort you will get no rewards. Don’t expect to run a quiz night and people just to magically turn up. Part of the payment the bar/venue is paying you is so that you can market the quiz effectively. If you don’t, you are not going to last very long. Get it right though and you will find yourself expanding on the bookings you have!


Thanks for reading today’s entry and hopefully it has been of some use. As mentioned, even for the experienced trivia hosts there have been some articles you have reported that you loved, but essentially this post was designed to help the people looking for their first ever event. It takes a long time to recover from a bad start so you have to make sure you get it right first time.


That’s it for today, check back in tomorrow when we are going to be looking at ways to make your TV rounds a little more inspiring and for the rest of the week when we will be taking a look at all other avenues of trivia hosting.


Remember if you have any thoughts, feedback or suggestions let us know and until then….happy trivia hosting!


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