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How to Network with other Trivia Entertainers

How to Network with other Trivia Entertainers

Although I have talked many times on this blog about the big bad world of trivia with its fierce competitions and local rivalries, behind this lies a community of individuals willing to lend a hand to each other. Blogs such as this are proof that trivia hosts tend to be decent people, willing to share information and ideas. As a trivia host you need to network and build up contacts and this has various advantages and can be done easily.


Why Network with other Trivia Entertainers?

  • Word of a mouth is a powerful tool. Networking can bring further demand to your services, colleagues may be able to pass work your way. Countless times I have been offered work in local bars for trivia that I simply cannot do, but rather than refuse it I have passed it on to people I know in the industry. I would expect the same back and have received it.
  • Going on holiday for 2 weeks? Networking can get you cover for your shift easily. Need new ideas or feedback on questions/suggestions? Networking buddies can help. Like in any industry, the opinion of the man on the street can help you form ideas and get feedback, but there is no feedback as valuable as from someone who has been there, done that and experienced what you have. Particularly if you are new to the industry then networking can help you make sure your trivia night is successful.
  • Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.  Ok, so other trivia entertainers in your market are technically not your enemies, but they are your competition.  A good way to avoid having a competitor become an enemy is to know and work with them and be a friend, if need be.  This will help prevent bad-mouthing too, where a competitor speaks ill of you unnecessarily for the purpose of making themselves look better.
  • Combining game show gear for a larger event is also possible.  Say you only have 5 wireless buzzers, but a client wants you to involve 10 simultaneous player.  Here’s where networking can save you from having to rush out and purchase more buzzers for a single event.


The first steps in doing networking successfully is your social media presence. Search out other hosts, get facebook groups established, maybe even a forum or a message board. Either way if you can get in touch with local or even national trivia hosts then it can boost your ideas, knowledge and work load. I am a member of countless groups on facebook with trivia hosts who share questions, will check question sets for free and advertise work. I have seen several times on these groups posts such as “Hey, is anyone free to do a trivia night in Boston on Thursday evenings?” or “I need someone to host Trivia at my wedding”. People gain a lot of work from just having the right kind of networking.


What I would suggest in doing this is don’t be a silent lurker. Make yourself known, reply to comments, share your trivia. People are much much more likely to give you opportunities, share information and chat to you if you’re a visible presence in the group. Above all else remember to be both a giver and a taker of information.


One massively under rated tool for Trivia hosts to network is via actually getting out there and attending each others events. On nights off head down to a local trivia bar and see how they operate, take part, have a beer with the host after…share ideas etc. Then they will return the favor. Trivia hosts often don’t like to attend other trivia events but I can tell you from experience it can be a massive learning tool and not only will you pick up ideas on formats, styles and pacing but you will also see the ways customers responded to different hosts which you can then incorporate into your act. The feedback you give and receive to other hosts can also be invaluable.

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Through social media I once arranged a local meeting of trivia hosts. It was easy to do, we found a night that was suitable, hired a free venue in a community hall and spent 2 hours drinking beer and discussing trivia. People brought along gadgets and systems them were using, business materials they devised and websites they were building. I got to see all types of innovative technology and buzzer systems etc that without the meeting I would not have been able to get my hands on. Sneakily as well, seeing what your rivals are doing can mean you enable yourself to stay that one step ahead of the competition.


In essence, networking is vital for both cross promotion, work gathering and sharing ideas. You will find that no matter where you go in your trivia career, the most successful and productive hosts are the ones who have large contact bases large networks, good social media presence and more importantly are a part of the local trivia community. Without networks you may be able to thrive but if you are thriving without these contact bases, imagine the possibilities if you built them up!

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