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How to Sell Yourself – The Website

How to Sell Yourself – The Website


Today we are moving onto to a further round of help with regards to improving your Trivia business and over the next few days we are going to looking at the all-important issue of selling yourself. You may be the best trivia host with the best ideas and a great sense of how to create a good trivia night but unless you can sell yourself to a potential venue owner or other clients then you will find it a struggle to create business and get bookings. At the end of the day you need to a be an efficient well oiled machine that leaves companies begging for more and wanting to hire you on the spot. There should be no doubt, no caution, and above all else no chance of anyone else other than you being booked and we will start with one of the most vital tools of all, The Website.


How to Sell Yourself – The Website

The internet is the modern day marketplace and any business no matter if you are selling cleansing powder or running a trivia night your website needs to have content that shows you to be a professional, serious and competent company. Venue hirers will expect you have a website which they can browse to get a wider idea of what you are all about and they expect it to be professional, which means, you’ll need to work with a great wordpress hosting company. In this article I am going to briefly look at 5 key areas –


  • Presentation
  • Videos showcasing your talents
  • Summary of what you offer
  • Samples
  • Testimonials



How to Sell Yourself – The Website – Presentation

It goes without saying that in this modern day and age you need to have a website that is well put together and looks good. A shabby, out of date and broken website will only lead to putting customers off and even if you are a confident, great and professional host, if your website suggests otherwise then you have already lost the battle. First impressions count and without being able to create a good first impression you will struggle to attract business. You need a website with clear information, pictures, effects and above all else an easy way to contact you. A one button form is best so customers don’t have to log in several times before being able to send a message.



How to Sell Yourself – The Website – Videos

If you are taking the time and effort to make an effective website then you need to use it wisely and embrace what it can do. Have promotional videos that start when the site is accessed, have a little gallery and video guide showing clips for your services or simply a clip of you selling your ideas. Either way the more you embrace technology the better and videos can show a lot more about you than plain text.



How to Sell Yourself – Summary of Your Services


Somewhere on your site needs to be a nice summary of what you can do or have done in the past. Don’t just put “Trivia Host”….list some examples. Bar Trivia, Fundraisers, School events……whatever the kind of events we have mentioned on here before, even if you haven’t hosted them before, get them mentioned and it may just attract the people who have money to offer you. Don’t go overboard but a detailed bullet point list should easily be scanned and catch the eye of your viewers.


How to Sell Yourself – Samples

Some trivia hosts hate giving away free samples on websites but the simple fact of the matter is it can work! I am not talking about 100’s of questions or full sets….just a smattering of your finest trivia questions you use at an event. Make sure they are good, interesting, entertaining and get people thinking and you will be proving to them that you can do this and that your night may be worth attending after all.


How to Sell Yourself – Testimonials

This to me is vital…….word of mouth is important and the views of others are too. Testimonials can be viewed with suspicion but if you do it right and get them from the right people then they can work wonders and they should take a vital role on your website. We will talk more about gathering testimonials in a future post but essentially the advice I would give would be to gather them from the venue owners rather than the players.


“Daniel created a fun night, increased our customer base by 50% and continues to raise our profits with a good qulity trivia night” – Eddie Edwards, bar owner of The Sporting Man.


Is far better than….


“Good trivia night thanks” Billy


See what I mean? Get the balance right and the testimonials do the hard work for you.



In essence the website could be the be all and end all of you getting booked. If you aren’t getting booked maybe have a look at the site, does it reflect you?  Get friends and other trivia hosts to assess it and be open to candid critiques. There is a large chance that this is where you are falling down and don’t even know it. Invest time, effort, and money in making sure it is just right.  Above all else try and remember what the website is for. Chances are your players won’t come across your site very much, if at all, since your site is for attracting business (i.e. the venue owner) to look at it. That is who it needs to scream out to and the focus has to be on how you are going to raise them profits.


A good website will mean a professional image, more bookings and more interest from venue owners and managers. A bad one will have venue owners clicking off the screen faster than you can count. Other rivals will be doing great websites so you need to be on that level……if you don’t do it someone else will, that’s a golden rule of the trivia industry, and a vital part when thinking about development of your website.

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