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Keeping in Touch with Past Clients

Keeping in Touch with Past Clients


“Steps to success when dealing with former clients…..they have booked you before, stay in touch to make sure they book you again”


Today’s blog entry is going to look at the importance of keeping in touch with clients who have used your services before. After all they have had the need for trivia once, so chances are they will need it again. You can bet that for the average trivia host, the vast majority of their income comes from previous clients who they have worked with before.  Let us take a quick look at some of the key ways in which you can keep in touch with clients from days gone past….


I am in no way going over the top when I saw that the art of keeping in touch with your past clients could very well be the difference between you being a success or a failure as a trivia host.



Keeping in Touch with Past Clients – Facebook

Let us start with the obvious place and that is the wide, wonderful yet often wacky world of Facebook. Not only is it a fun social tool but the business benefits are wide reaching. With every single client you get, add them to Facebook. If you cant find the page….ask someone. Add the manager personally, get the staff added…..if you are working in a bar make sure you make friends with every single member of staff you come across and then you have their details. They will see your posts, they can see your services and be reminded of you so the next time they have a need for trivia who are they going to ask? You of course!


Keeping in Touch with Past Clients – Twitter

See above but this time Tweet like crazy. Mentioned the pubs, retweet them, reply to their posts and do everything you can to make sure that place does not forget your name or the great job you did for them. Follow the company and staff and make sure you keep the account active as you never know when they may be looking.


Keeping in Touch with Past Clients – LinkedIn

You may never have used LinkedIn but now is the time to start. As well as all the social and communal benefits of Facebook etc, you also will be needing to get yourself on Linked in as it’s a much more business and professional focused social networking medium that you are going to be to use to promote your services and as we said stay in contact with past clients.


Keeping in Touch with Past Clients – Email

Email is also a very underrated tool. I would first consider, if you are going down the route of using email a lot in your business ideas, getting a .com address. Usually very cheap and easy to use and it means you have the professional touch.,, etc email address rings of unprofessionalism.


When you have it set up you need to make sure you are looking clients details. Get their email address, add it to your mailing list and get a monthly newsletter going. The key here is not to spam….if you send 27 messages a week they won’t read them and you will put your past clients off every bothering to use your services again. Make it timely and short, nice and brief and simple and you will have success with the power of email.  When I say timely, I am referring to reaching out to past clients close to a holiday or a major sporting event, like the superbowl.  Usually 2-3 months before a holiday or sporting event bar/pub owners start planning out their entertainment and other services.  This is a good time to send out a newsletter.


Keeping in Touch with Past Clients – Phone Calls and Texts

One step here is the old fashioned way of picking up the phone. You will know your clients better than anyone and know how to treat them with respect and who handles what situation better than others. But there is something a tad more personal, a little more friendly and a lot more profitable about someone picking up the phone and talking to a person. Quick, direct and personal. Again try not to hassle your previous customers but instead make it friendly and polite and you will reap the rewards



Keeping in Touch with Past Clients – Visits

…..and to go one step further why not call in? Obviously you have to play this a little more cleverly  as you don’t want to call in at peak time on a Friday. Play it clever, go whens it quiet and sell sell sell your trivia package and just keep the contact open.


Keeping in Touch with Past Clients –Mailshot

Cheap and easy to do these days and much better than email as its not as easily ignored. Devise a little letter, leaflet or pamphlet and send it round with a program like Mail Merge. Yes, it costs but 1-2 jobs out of it means profit profit profit!


In essence then, we have looked at how to:

  • Stay in touch with previous clients but I want to briefly mention why.
  • At the end of the day, if you aren’t doing it someone else will be and you need to make the client think of your first.
  • Build up a bond, make an impression and the fact is you want them to feel guilty and bad for passing the work to someone else.
  • Make it personal and don’t spam, over ride or over do anything. Keep it as clear and simple as possible and make sure you base it on the “personal touch” rather than the hard sales approach.


After all, as well as keeping in touch with clients, it would be much much easier if the client stayed in touch with you so to ensure this works correctly, how about making the relationship a good one to begin with and go from there. Even if you detest the person and every time they speak to you you loose interest, think of the profit and the bookings rather than your personal views.


Until next time, happy trivia hosting and remember if you have any further ideas, information or requests please get in touch!


Coming up next this week….more hints and tips from the world of trivia hosting.


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