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Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

A sure fire way to ensuring trivia night success, customer satisfaction and business bookings galore!

Throughout this blog so far we have delved into all manner of ideas of how to spice up your quiz night ranging from the initial approach of getting booked to the technology used to the way you market yourself so now I think it is important to give some advice that is essential to ensuring success and making sure you achieve the results you desire and many times is all about keeping it simple.


Yes, the simple approach is indeed the best one to take and the moment you start to go beyond that, the more your chances of failure increase. Trivia nights work best when they are simple and the most successful trivia hosts are the ones who have simple games, simple materials, simple sales pitches and a simple night. Do not for one minute mean that simple means bad quality or that simple means cheap and nasty……quality comes when you keep it simple so here again are a few tips and hints to consider to ensure you are keeping it as simple as can be.


Keeping it Simple – The Sales Pitch

It all begins with the pitch. When you are initially selling yourself and trying to drum up business then what you should consider is:

  • A slick, straight forward and “to the point” business pitch that will give the venue owner all the information they need without confusing them or leading them astray. You have to retain their interest throughout this pitch and the way to do this is to keep it as simple as you can.
  • Get across you main selling points, give the outline of your plans and ideas and sell yourself and how you are going to boost their business and then leave it at that.
  • Do not overly explain concepts, do not run through entire trivia events you have done in the past and do not give them too much to take it as it will soon put them off.


The venue owner has to leave the initial interaction with a firm knowledge of what you are offering and the only way to manage this successfully is to keep it simple.


Keeping it Simple – Marketing Materials

Hence all your marketing needs to be simple for this purpose and of course to attract your customers.

  • Fliers and leaflets need only brief information. You know yourself that when you get a leaflet or flier for any business you maybe only spend a few seconds going through it and seeing the general idea of what is on there. If there is too much text or the information is presented in a overly complex manner then it is going to do nothing other than put you off. Therefore your handouts need to be simple….if advertising particular night the location, time and prize will usually do with any information that is vital (such as team size rules etc) and if it’s a card advertising your services to local business keep it simple bullet points with a range of ideas on what you offer.
  • Leave the in-depth discussions for later.
  • Give both your customers and potential clients just enough to make a decision.


Keeping it Simple – Your Website

The same goes for your website.

  • It is awful logging onto to a website that is crammed with information, has confusing layouts and simply has no clear information. As a trivia host yours needs to be simple and direct…the bare minimum. Especially the front page….by all means have “Click here to see more” links but the initial presentation needs to be simple otherwise as soon as people click on they will click off.
  • Nowadays, you can have a 5 page website professionally built for you for less than $500.  A 10 page site is recommended.  Instead of having massive pages with tons of information, cut them down and make them smaller.  Sure, you can definitely do it yourself, but are you up to speed on SEO techniques?  If you don’t know what that is, then don’t make your own website!  If you do know what SEO means, it is unlikely you spend hours per week keeping up with SEO techniques, so don’t make your own website anyways.  Your time is valuable, leave the web design and SEO work to the pros. It is easy to hire a web designer, so focus on what you do best and have the pro’s do the web work for you.


Keeping it Simple – Your Trivia Parties

What about the trivia night itself?

  • If your game has too many rules and your contest is governed by people having to know these rules then you are doing it wrong. You know it is a bad trivia game if the rules sheet is longer than the question sheet so what you need to do is find simple, involving and effective games that people can join in without much thought. After all this is supposed to be an entertaining affair not a serious-rule bound contest.
  • Any technology used should be of a wireless buzzer style, simple and user friendly and if you try and have them fiddling around too much without a bunch of wires and complicated setups.  People who aren’t so experienced with technology will be put off and you will find yourself losing customers if you are seen fumbling around with wires and other lengthy setup procedures.
  • Customers and players need to know what they are doing, what they have to do and how the night works and they will fine. Add any confusion or lack of knowledge and it ruins the night. If they have to ask you a question about the rules or the game then you have failed! People only have a set amount of patience and if they lose that, they will lose interests and the worst thing of all….you have just lost customers.
  • Also whatever trivia you are hosting make sure you keep it simple…tone it down, don’t go over the top, don’t be too wacky, too outrageous or too chatty. You are there to facilitate the night and let others enjoy themselves. If you are too “in your face” or “too” anything then you are failing their golden role of keeping it simple.


In essence, you have to keep in the forefront of your mind that 9 times out of 10 you will be running a trivia night purely for the entertainment and enjoyment of a crowd in front of you. Keeping it simple is the way to please them and keeping it simple is also the only way you are going to make a living from this. Even the most complicated ideas and game show systems can be made to be very simple and you have endless customization options with the likes of the DigiGames products so it is simply one of those issues where you will have to put the time and effort into preparing to ensure your trivia night is as simple and straight forward as it can be to ensure enjoyment, profitability and repeat business.




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