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Lead a potential Client to the proper conclusion



Welcome back to the blog, and having given our loyal readers some time to read and digest the various array of posts we already have on the site it is now time to start a new series of posts to carry us through to the end of the year. With plenty of topics planned ranging from the tips and ideas you are used to, down to the likes of this post that comes from a more business perspective, we are back to help and serve you, the loyal customer and budding trivia host.


Now, today’s topic is a little more difficult as we are coming from a more sales point of view. The simple point is, as much as you may love trivia and as much talent and knowledge you have in terms of ideas and writing the questions, the simple fact is that your business is going to struggle unless you have that extra bit of skill in being able to sell yourself effectively. Not everybody can do sales, some are great naturally and some people hate being forced to make people buy things but here are a few tips to help you lead a potential cliet to the proper conclusion. This being that you are the trivia host to hire.


Lead a potential Client to the proper conclusion – Have confidence in your format

Before you even start steering your customer to the correct conclusion you need to have confidence in the trivia format yourself. You need to be enthusiastic about it, drive its key selling points, highlight how your service will benefit the client and ensure you know what you are talking about it. Don’t try and sell something you aren’t happy with and wait until you have your product perfected until you sell it.  If your format centers around name that tune trivia, then highlight its virtues.  If your format includes multiple choice answer, then highlight it as a big deal to the players.  If you utilize wireless buzzers or a game show system, these are huge selling points to mention.


Lead a potential Client to the proper conclusion – Keep it brief

The worst thing you can do as a trivia host is go into a situation and chat with the potential customer for hours on end. Especially if you are going into a bar scenario then time is precious and many bar hosts will have limited time to see you so you need to appreciate that fact and ensure you are giving them a brief overview of what you do, not an essay. Think about your main selling points, what impression you want to give and how you intend to give it and you will on the right path to leading a potential client o the correct conclusion.


Lead a potential Client to the proper conclusion – Samples

We have mentioned on the blog several times about the importance of having a great sample set and having a set that reflects who you are and what you do. Your best questions should always be in the sample and the sample should be perfect, appeal to a range of people and make the potential customer think, smile and if you can laugh (in a good way of course)! Keep it updated and fresh to show that you take the whole deal seriously and keep in mind the worst thing you can do is have an outdated and scrappy sample. Show them the sample trivia game, lead them to conclusion that this is the standard they can expect every week. See my blog about sample trivia shows as well.


Lead a potential Client to the proper conclusion – Referrals and Testimonials

One key way I have found in turning the mind and heads of potential customers, particularly when it comes to the likes of bar customers, is having some referrals, testimonials and references on hand from people who have hired you before. This will just help tease and lead them that little bit more down the road of wanting to hire you and if they are in two minds prior to the conversation, having some great, tip top testimonials in there can be a great idea!


Keep in touch with past client


Lead a potential Client to the proper conclusion – Trial Nights                                    

If you can see the potential customer is undecided and you are running out of options, then one thing I have tended to try and do to lead the customer to the proper conclusion is offer a trial night. If you know the bar will work, the customers will come and that the client will make money from hiring you then what better way to sort this out than just to prove it by offering a trial night. For one night only offer your services for free and show the customer what you can do. Then if you pull in a major crowd, make lots of money and have everyone asking when the next trivia night is going to be, the sales pitch is done and heck, you may even find yourself being offered a larger fee in the long run!


All in all I hope this article has proven to be of use to your, I fully understand that the act of selling yourself in a crowded market is tough, tricky and intimidating to some people but the more you get used to it and the more you prove yourself the more you are going to be able to work out a deal that suits all and a way of approaching things that will make success.


Remember the key points we have covered here and you will certainly be leading your clients to the proper conclusions

  • Have confidence in your format
  • Make sure you don’t over kill the mood with excessive information
  • Always have quality samples
  • Have testimonials and references
  • Offer a trial night


Thanks for reading and this blog post marks the start of a new series of posts that will be coming thick and fast over the next few weeks so keep an eye on the blog and as always if you have any requests at all or want any further help or advice just get in touch with us. Always happy to help our customers and readers get as much out of their trivia hosting, in terms of finances and satisfaction as possible!


Until next time, happy trivia hosting!

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